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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Ascadian Isles
Appears in Morrowind, ESO
Suran circa 3E 427

Suran was a medium-sized town situated on the eastern coast of Lake Masobi, within the Ascadian Isles. The town was built by the Hlaalu Construction Syndic in the mid-Second Era, having been contracted by House Redoran.[1]

Architecturally, Suran resembled a typical Hlaalu market town, complete with a watchtower and a small temple. House Redoran originally controlled the town,[1] but it was later taken over by House Hlaalu.[2]

Suran circa 2E 582


First Era[edit]

Suran's early history and founding are unknown. The town appeared in genealogical records circa 1E 1056 when Faren Imbel was buried near it.[3]

Second Era[edit]

By the time of the Three Banners War in 2E 582, the legendary Scarlet Judge was a constant topic in the town of Suran, their identity a source of speculation. While some believed the Judge was connected to the city, most did not realize that the Judge walked among them as an ordinary citizen.[4][5][6]

Concurrently, problematic activity in Suran caught the attention of the Scarlet Judge who came to investigate the town. He had suspicions that the enforcers of Suran's justice system had become corrupt, arresting and imprisoning people without cause. During these investigations, he met the Vestige who offered their assistance in gathering proof of this corruption.[7] With proof of the Marshal Hlaren's corruption, the vigilante asked the Vestige to attack the nearby Iron Hounds camp, as to preempt the mercenaries in assisting their corrupt ally. During this, the Scarlet Judge was captured and brought to the town's prison, where he was tortured. His kneecaps were broken among his other injuries, effectively ending Melar Sadus' activities as the Scarlet Judge. However, he offered the Vestige to take his place. While donning the regalia, the Vestige tracked down Marshal Hlaren and her co-conspirators, and either killed or captured them.[7]

Third Era[edit]

During the late Third Era, it was an agricultural village, and it served as the northern headquarters for Hlaalu slavers doing business with nearby plantations.[8] Suran also functioned as a stopover for pilgrims and adventurers heading northeast into the Molag Amur region and Mount Kand.[citation needed]

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