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Sapphire geode

Sapphire is a kind of blue crystal often incorporated into various jewelry, such as amulets,[1] rings,[2][3] circlets,[4] and necklaces.[5] They are also used for tempering armor[6] and in alchemy with them commonly having the trait of spell reflection.[7] Star sapphire is known to have been used in equipment redolent of the Celestials.[8]

Sapphires are sometimes found alongside other ores.[9] On Solstheim, they also appear as geodes.[10] The hills of Yokuda are said to have been filled with "nests" of sapphires, among other gems. The ancient Yokudans adorned themselves with anklets, necklaces, and bangles of sapphire and decorated their ancestral blades with the gem, prizing it for its color and luster.[11]

In the Iliac Bay, temples are often an intermediary point for the smuggling of sapphires and other precious stones. Typically, the smuggler attaches the gem to a religious talisman and tasks a courier with delivering the talisman to a temple under guise of a returning an item on loan. At the temple, the gem is removed from the talisman and then discreetly taken to its true destination.[12]


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