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Menta Na
MW-creature-Menta Na.jpg
Menta Na (Morrowind)
Race Daedroth Gender (no gender)
Appears in Morrowind, ESO

Menta Na, also known as the Daedroth of Kora-Dur or the Terror of Kora-Dur,[1] is a daedroth monarch in the service of Molag Bal. He is tasked by the Prince to cause havoc and terror in Tamriel. The caverns of Kora-Dur in northern Vvardenfell act as his lair.[2] He is associated with a powerful Daedric mace known as the Mace of Menta Na.[3]


During the time of the Planemeld, Menta Na was Molag Bal's most favored daedroth, and served as one of his generals.[4] At some point he was recalled to Coldharbour, and in 2E 582, he was transported back to Tamriel to protect a Dark Anchor. However, he was quickly banished by the Fighters Guild and the Anchor was lifted.[5] After his defeat, his mace was recovered from the Dark Anchor he defended.[3]

By 3E 427, Menta Na had returned to Tamriel, but had grown lazy and retreated to Kora-Dur, refusing to do Molag Bal's bidding. The Nerevarine was sent by the Prince to banish the daedroth and send his soul to the Outer Realms to be punished. In return for this service, the Nerevarine was given the Mace of Molag Bal.[2]



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