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King Kronin
Race Chimer Gender Male
Died 1st Era
Next Ruler Cruethys
Resided in Ebonheart

Kronin was a Chimer[nb 1] noble from the early First Era.[1] In life, he was the King of Ebonheart and a member of the Ra'athim Clan.[1] Kronin had two sons, Cruethys and Moraelyn, and a stepson, Ephen.[1] When the Nordic Empire drove Kronin and his sons from Ebonheart, the Chimer family took to raiding with intense campaigns of guerrilla warfare to attempt to take their land back.[1] Eventually they succeeded and upon his passing, Kronin was succeeded as king of Ebonheart by his eldest son Cruethys who was later succeeded by Moraelyn. His stepson Ephen, would go on to be worshiped as a god of sorts. A special ebony blade, that would eventually be attached to a dragon's tooth and be known by the name 'Tooth' passed from the hands of Kronin, to Cruethys, to Moraelyn, and finally to Moraelyn's protégée, Edward.[2]


  • ^  The book King Edward was written before the introduction of the Chimer in later game entries. The Chimer would not become Dunmer until around 1E 700, which is after the timeline of the book.


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