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King Cruethys
Race Chimer Gender Male
Died 1st Era
Previous Ruler Kronin
Next Ruler Moraelyn
Resided in Ebonheart

Cruethys was a Chimer[nb 1] noble from the early First Era. In life, he was the King of Ebonheart and a member of the Ra'athim Clan. He was succeeded by his younger brother, Moraelyn.[1][2] He is featured in the historical fiction novel King Edward


Cruethys was born sometime in the early First Era by his father Kronin of Ebonheart and his mother. His half-brother was S'ephen[2] of Mournhold[3] and his younger brother was Moraelyn.[4] When the Skyrim Conquests took place in the third century of the First Era, the Nords of Skyrim invaded ancient Morrowind and took over an abundance of land, including Ebonheart. Since then, Cruethys and his family became raiders across occupied Morrowind but returned to their homes after the land was liberated[1] in 1E 416.[5]

Cruethys assumed the title of King of Ebonheart years afterward. At some point, he paid a visit to the King of Blacklight and brought Moraelyn along with him. He gave him a pouch of money and his knife to have it mended by a blacksmith. Through circumstance, Moraelyn met his longtime friend, Mith.[4] Cruethys and his mother's death would come when the Ebonheart council chamber collapsed onto them.[2] In his stead, Moraelyn became his successor and his clan continued to rule for years.[2][6]


  • ^  The book King Edward was written before the introduction of the Chimer in later game entries. The Chimer would not become Dunmer until around 1E 700, which is after the timeline of the book.