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King Orgnum's Coffer

King Orgnum's Coffer is a legendary magical chest, small and ordinary-looking but almost weightless, once owned by King Orgnum of Pyandonea.[1]:128 Once per day a random number of gold coins appear within the Coffer,[2] though in Orgnum's possession it was an unlimited supply.[1]:128

King Orgnum lost his Coffer at sea, in a battle against Emperor Antiochus Septim during the War of the Isle. With the loss of this source of endless wealth, Orgnum could not afford a fleet as great as he had had, leading to Pyandonea losing its status as a world power.[3][1]:128 It is said that when found the Coffer always disappears again, but not before producing enormous wealth for its owner.[1]:128 Where and why it vanishes is a mystery. It was last seen in the hands of the Eternal Champion.[2]

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