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High King Hjalmer
Race Nord Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Reign 1E 221-
1E 222
Previous Ruler Harald
Next Ruler Vrage
Resided in Windhelm

King Hjalmer was the High King of Skyrim[1]:5 and the fourteenth monarch descended from Ysgramor and his line.[2] He lived a very short reign of one year, from 1E 221 to 1E 222 until his passing. He was preceded by Harald and succeeded by Vrage,[1]:5 both of whom are more remembered for their contributions to history than Hjalmer.[2]


  • Hjalmer's relationship with Harald and Vrage is not explicit. The Daggerfall Chronicles claims that Vrage was his youngest son, however, the King Edward historical fiction says Vrage was Harald's second son.[3] If Hjalmer was actually his brother, it would corroborate the fact that three of Harald's sons managed to outlive him, with the other two known sons being Vrage[2][3] and Olmgerd.[4]