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Ennbjof (ennbjof)
Home City Vivec Telvanni Canton
Location The Lizard's Head
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 4 Class Commoner
Other Information
Health 73 Magicka 66
Alarm 0 Fight 30

Ennbjof is a fatally ill Nord commoner who can be found in The Lizard's Head tavern in the Telvanni canton in Vivec. Before he leaves Morrowind to die of mazte-poisoning in his homeland, Skyrim, he wants one more bottle of mazte and a drinking companion to talk to about an ancient Nordic burial chamber. He is wearing a common shirt with matching pants, shoes and belt. Aside from his natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield himself, and a natural frost damage spell, he knows no spells.


  • Greetings:
    • "Eh, there, kipper? Buy an old reaver a jug of mazte, tell you a little secret?"
  • little secret:
    • "Can you spare a jug of mazte for an [sic] tired old sea reaver?"
      • Sorry, old-timer.: "Oh, well."
      • Don't have any. But I can get some.: "You do that."
      • Sure. Here.: "Thanks for the mazte. Such generosity should be repaid. You know the Nord once ruled this land, don't you? Back when these Dark Elves were squatting around campfires in nix skins? Back in the First Age when the sons of Harald Hand-Free ruled the northern coasts of Tamriel, during the Skyrim Conquests? Well, I bet you didn't know Olmgerd the Outlaw, Harald's bastard, was buried as befits a Nord lord's son, in his ship, in a tomb deep in the mother rock." Continue "And of course they buried Stormkiss with him. Stormkiss was Olmgerd's enchanted battle-axe. And you see this old key? See what it says on it? 'Stormkiss.' Here. Take it. Healer says the mazte is killing me. I'm going home to Skyrim to die. You, you got your life ahead of you. Go ahead. Take it." Continue "They say they buried Olmgerd in the bottom of an ancient Dunmer tomb. From the skald's telling, the burial was on a long finger of land on the southeast coast of Vvardenfell, on a little island close to shore on the west coast of the peninsula. Figure it's somewhere on the stretch between the Daedric ruins at Zaintiraris and Tel Branora. Gods be with you. And thanks for the mazte." [Mazte has been removed from your inventory. Rusty Old Key has been added to your inventory.]
    • "Gods be with you, %PCName. And thanks for the mazte."

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  • After telling you his "little secret", Ennbjof will be gone the next time you visit The Lizard's Head, presumably having returned to Skyrim.