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The Great Orrery
Type Landmark
Continent Tamriel
Province Summerset Isles
Region Auridon
Settlement Firsthold
Appears in Legends
The Summerset Orrery (Legends)

The Great Orrery (also called the Summerset Orrery[1] and the Orrery of Firsthold)[2] is an orrery built in Firsthold, a significant city in the province of the Summerset Isles.[3] It is overseen by the Varmaster[2] and it is the centerpiece of a large dome structure with an open ceiling revealing the sky and images of the thirteen constellations around it.[1]

The orrery is the lasting legacy of the Sunbirds of Alinor, pioneer explorers of Aetherius and the void of Oblivion. It is also made of celestial materials gathered by these Merethic Era explorers.[3]

In 2E 235, High Kinlord Rilis XII asked the Varmaster of the Orrery to predict his future. When he was informed that the Orrery did not possess divination, he dismissed the Varmaster and had the Great Orrery disassembled. At the time, it was a massive scandal in the scholarly world across Tamriel. The pieces were carefully put into storage, and by 2E 582, well into Rilis XIII's reign, it was believed to still be beneath Firsthold Castle.[2]

This, however, would contradict other information as supposedly, when Princess Ayrenn disappeared from the Summerset Isles in 2E 573, the Sapiarchs reported many strange signs and portents like the Great Orrery spinning backward.[4]


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