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Count Andel Indarys
OB-npc-Count Andel Indarys.jpg
Count Andel Indarys
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Resided in Morrowind
Appears in Oblivion

Count Andel Indarys was a member of House Hlaalu of Morrowind who went on to become the Count of Cheydinhal in Cyrodiil.[1] He married his wife, Lady Llathasa Indarys, around 3E 413, and they had one son, Farwil Indarys. He was the only Dunmer count in Cyrodiil at the close of the Third Era. It's speculated that the Queen Mother of Morrowind, Barenziah, wielded her influence to put him on the throne.[2]

Andel's wife died shortly before the Oblivion Crisis, and rumors circulated that the philandering Count was involved in her fall down some stairs. He was also rumored to have been cooperative with the Dark Brotherhood, who had a secret sanctuary in his city. During the Crisis, he was a staunch supporter of High Chancellor Ocato.[2] The rescue of His Lordship's son from Oblivion by the Hero of Kvatch was widely publicized (and exaggerated).[3]

Circa 4E 48, the Knights of the Thorn were led by Andel's descendant, Ilver Indarys.[4]

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