Oblivion:Cheydinhal Heir Saved!

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Value 0 Weight 0.1
Related to The Wayward Knight
Found in the following locations:
  • From any Imperial publican except those in Cheydinhal
  • One copy is upstairs in the Black Horse Courier offices. This one copy is always available, even before you have done the quest
Sir Farwil and Companions Close Gate Threatening City!
A newspaper article on the rescue of Farwil Indarys

Farwil Indarys, son and heir of His Lordship Andel Indarys, Count of Cheydinhal, has been delivered from the sulfurous torments of Oblivion by a questing hero. The count's courageous son and his boon companions, the Knights of the Thorn, had boldly entered an Oblivion Gate threatening Cheydinhal, intent on slaying its monstrous horrors and protecting the city and its citizens.

Sources report that the Knights were outnumbered a hundred to one, and only the dauntless courage and strength of arms of Farwil and one other brave soul managed to hold them at bay. Thanks to an allied adventurer who entered the gate to offer his aid, the Knights of the Thorn, led by the noble Sir Farwil, were able to assault the main citadel and shut the gate forever. Cheydinhal and its people are forever in the debt of Sir Farwil and his brave companions.