Daggerfall:Curse of Daggerfall

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Controls Lysandus' spectral army until his ghost is put to rest.
Location(s): Daggerfall City
Prerequisite Quest: Privateer's Hold
Reward: None
ID: S0000977
Concept art of Lysandus' Shade


This quest runs in the background and is triggered from within _BRISIEN as soon as you exit from Privateer's Hold. The purpose of this questfile is to set up and control Lysandus' spectral army which haunts the City of Daggerfall until his ghost is put to rest.

This quest ends once Lord Woodborne is killed or his diary is given to one of the following persons during the quest Lysandus' Revenge:


Daily from 19:01 to 04:59 while in the streets of Daggerfall City and Lysandus' ghost is not yet put to rest:

  • One Ghost every 31 in-game minutes (50% chance)
  • One Wraith every 21 in-game minutes (50% chance)

DF-creature-Ghost.gif DF-creature-Wraith.gif

Additional Dialogue[edit]

After you have accepted this quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "Ghosts are haunting the streets of Daggerfall."
  • "Don't walk the streets of Daggerfall at night."
  • "The ghost of King Lysandus haunts his old capital at night. No one knows why."