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Several new locations are mentioned in The Infernal City and Lord of Souls.

The Char Bucket
An inn in the small town of Sathil on Solstheim.
Restaurant / Servery in Lilmoth. Taig Hoïnart offers to bring supper from there so that Annaïg doesn't have to cook.
The Crown's Hammer
A tavern in the Imperial City's Market District where Colin meets an old friend.
Dogtrot Ford
The site of one of Attrebus' "battles". The bards claim that the odds were ten to one against him, but in reality he faced half his number and they were not insurgents but rather criminals that were told that they'd be set free if they survived.
Ensleth Valley
A valley near Sathil Manor on Solstheim. The hunter, Fruth, tells Attrebus that the hunting is good there; elk, deer, and muskrey can be found there, because there's a salt lick near the stream.
The Foaming Flask
A tavern in the Imperial City, where Letine Arese often went to drink with her sister and friends.
The Gaping Frog
A tavern in Water's Edge where Prince Attrebus is ambushed.
Hereguard Plantation
A farm in Black Marsh mostly run by Bretons. Annaïg sees many people and creatures fleeing from something, and assumes that this is where they are heading.
A town in Cyrodiil named after Captain Tertius Ione; its location is not known exactly but it seems to be in the eastern reaches of the West Weald, not too far south of Pell's Gate and Sardavar Leed. It was built shortly after an Oblivion gate opened in the location; Captain Tertius Ione entered the gate and closed it, and the town sprang up around the gate's ruins. The buildings of the town are built from wood, stone, and/or brick, and the town also contains a town square (where the gate's ruins are found) and a chapel of Dibella. Attrebus has a large hunting lodge just outside of town, inherited from his uncle.
Ancient stepped pyramid in Lilmoth. Most of it has sunk into the ground, leaving only the topmost layer visible, but the An-Xileel have excavated it and used spells to keep the water from returning.
Lank Fellow Inn
An Inn in Chorrol; Sul is staying here when he awakes from his nightmare.
Little Orsinium Tavern
A tavern. Riente reports to Captain Larsus that some matter there is cleaned up.
Moesring Mountains
A mountain range on Solstheim. Fruth and Lord Sathil claim that a Frost Giant lives in them.
A Colovian town with willows and a river; presumably the former Mortal Camp. Colin speaks with a ghost from there.
Mountain Watch
A village of about ten houses near Cheydinhal, inhabited by farmers and hunters. Sariah is the charter-holder and therefore more or less the leader of the town. Mazgar's squad orders the villagers to evacuate, as Umbriel's dead army is half a day away, and they escort them to Cheydinhal.
Oliis Bay
The bay in Lilmoth.
Old Imperial Quarter
A quarter of Lilmoth containing the crumbling villas looted by An-Xileel.
Oleer Mar
A location on Solstheim; the owner of the Char Bucket in Sathil ask if Attrebus and Sul came from there.
A district in Lilmoth, described by Mere-Glim as "one of the dodgiest parts of town". It was the original part of the town, and Lilmoth has grown around it. Nowadays, its inhabitants are only the poorest and most desperate, political enemies of the An-Xileel, and criminals.
A village on the coast of Solstheim, named after the nearby castle of the same name. Attrebus and Sul spend the night at the inn, which is named the Char Bucket.
Scathing Bay
The crater of water where Vivec City used to exist; all that remains of the city after the Red Year. The waters of the bay are boiling, and the surrounding land is charred.
The place Colin is assigned for lodging.
The Tonenaka
A shrine in Rimmen built by the Akaviri, said to hold ten thousand statues.
The Tsonashap
The ship that Annaïg's father arranges to have her sent to Cyrodiil on. Its name translates to "Swimming Frog", and it is captained by an old Argonian.
The Undertow
An inn in Anvil that serves dark beer.
A floating city, making its way from Lilmoth to Vvardenfell, fueled by the Ingenium and the souls it harvests from the lands it passes.
The Wind Oracle
A ship owned by Mere-Glim's cousin Ixtah-Nasha. It sailed from Anvil to Lilmoth and spotted Umbriel on the way.
A place in Black Marsh where Annaïg and Mere-Glim used to sit on the levee and Mere-Glim dove for trogfish.