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ON-qico-Group Area.png Release an undead Nedic priest from his curse.
Zone: Craglorn
Quest Giver: Nhalan
Location(s): Shada's Tear
Concurrent Quest: Waters Run Foul, The Fallen City of Shada
Reward: Yokudan Coffer of Merit
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5762
Required Level: 50
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Group Group Size: 4 (Recommended)
Witness a pact made long ago between Shada and Zal'ik
Within the burial grounds of Shada's Tear, I encountered an undead Nede named Nhalan, who told me about the curse Shada placed on the waters of the city.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Nhalan.
  2. Watch the visions from the past.
  3. Find a way past the poison barrier.
  4. Awaken and defeat Zal'ik.
  5. Return to the camp with Nhalan's tome.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Help the Undead Nedic Priest[edit]

In the western part of Shada's Tear you will meet an undead Nedic priest called Nhalan. He warns you of the cursed water in the city.

"I thought I heard the tell-tale sounds of the living outside these doors.
Be warned: the once-refreshing waters of this place run rancid with an unholy magic—a curse that grants great strength and unnatural long life, but for a price."
What is the price?
"Those who drink the waters become unstoppable, it's true. And then their flesh whithers, along with their minds, and they become thralls to the one called Shada, the Nereid sorceress who first "blessed" the waters."
Who are you? How do you know so much about the curse?
"You may call me Nhalan. I was a priest of the cult of the stars in this city when it came under attack by Yokudans from across the sea.
It was then that we made our unholy bargain: we forsook the stars and pledged ourselves to the Nereids, to Shada."
Why aren't you a thrall like the others?
"I protested against the bargain. I did not trust the salvation Shada promised.
For my troubles, Shada cursed me twice. I was forced to drink the water, but to remain conscious, watching as my people slowly went mad under Shada's influence."

Continue talking to Nhalan to find out more about the curse. He offers to help you, but for a favor.

Is there any way to reverse the effects of the curse?
"I have thought long on whether and how the effects of the curse can be reversed.
For those whose flesh has rotted, there is no cure. But for those still in the early stages, I believe I have an answer, but I require something in return."
What is that?
"My own freedom. When I spoke out against this unholy bargain, my soul was bound to that of Zal'ik, the general who gave our people over to the Nereids.
To free me, you must defeat him. But be careful. He has sealed the way with a cloud of poison."
A cloud of poison?
"This place is haunted by the visions of the past, my own memories of the events leading up to this curse.
Watch the visions to learn our fate. They will show the way to disperse the cloud of poison and reach Zal'ik."
I'll see what I can do.
The city's protection comes at a cost

The Visions[edit]

Watch the visions as you proceed through the rooms. There will also be a few groups of skeletons, bone colossi, Nedic warriors and mages that you need to fight. To the west, the area is blocked by a big poison cloud, which you need to disable by fighting the abomination in the northern room. The abomination is a big flesh atronach called Debruz. There will be a couple of Nedic warriors assisting it during the fight.

Speak to Nhalan who is waiting for you at the nearby stairs.

"That flesh abomination killed thousands of Yokudans as they assaulted this place. That you took it down so easily—could Zal'ik's magic be weakening?
In any case, the cloud of poison has begun to move."
Move? It didn't go away?
"Zal'ik was a smart man, and he went to great lengths to prevent the city from falling to the Yokudans. He would not have let his work be undone so easily.
Still, it should now be possible to move ahead, so long as you avoid the cloud of poison."
Any advice?
"Wait for the barrier to move and follow closely behind. When an opening appears, do not hesitate.
Zal'ik's resting chambers are right around this hall. Not far to go, now."
How will killing Zal'ik free you?
"When Shada cursed me, she bound me to Zal'ik's soul. She trusted that the barrier would hold against any invaders, keeping Zal'ik well-defended.
If Zal'ik falls, so too does any spell that binds me. It is as simple as that."

Awaken and Defeat Zal'ik[edit]

Continue towards Zal'ik's burial chamber by following the poison cloud that is now slowly moving. There will be occasional skeletons attacking you on the way.

When you arrive to the chamber you will see a vision of the past, showing how Zal'ik and Shada made the pact to protect the city from Yokudans. To awaken Zal'ik, use the Soul Shard Chests around the burial chamber. This will summon the caged spirits of the Nedic residents that were offered as part of the deal with Shada. Among the summoned mobs there will be both wraiths and Nedic mages and warriors. Once all mobs are defeated, Zal'ik will awaken and engage you directly.

Speak to Nhalan and Return to the Camp[edit]

When Zal'ik is defeated, speak to Nhalan.

"You have done what the Yokudans could not. You have slain Zal'ik. You have given me my freedom.
And yet, forgive me if I feel no joy. Zal'ik was a brave man. He only wanted to save his people."
So did you.
"Even so, I have no right to gloat. If Zal'ik had taken my counsel, our people would have been slaughtered by the Yokudans."
You promised to tell me everything you knew about the curse.
"Indeed, I did. I have recorded all of my centuries of learning here in this book. I believe there may even be a way to cure someone who is still in the early stages of the madness.
Let it help you and your people, if it can. It is too late for mine."

Bring the Nedic tome to Tishi at the camp. He is about to give up hope of curing his fellow researcher.

"Our friend is losing all the things that make her her.
I have tried every known cure for madness, delirium, and memory loss I know. I am afraid all is lost!"
This book may help.
""Speculations on a Cure for the Dreadful Corruption, Imposed by Shada on the City of Water, On the Eve of the Invasion of Tarish-Zi"?
This is Nedic! How did you? No, I don't care. This may be just what we need to help the afflicted. Many thanks!"


  • Despite being accessible beforehand, Zal'ik's dormant skeleton won't exist on the altar before reaching the related objective.
  • Nhalan's Journal cannot be read when seen in your quest items.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Reason We Fight
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should talk to Nhalan to learn more about him and the curse.
Objective: Talk to Nhalan
Nadan told me that he opposed the bargain the Nedes made with Shada and was punished for it. His spirit can't rest until Zal'ik, the general who made the deal with Shada, is slain. I should try to find Zal'ik.
Objective: Watch Visions to Find Zal'ik
I saw a vision of Zal'ik creating a barrier in the crypt to keep the Yokudan invaders out. The barrier is defended by a flesh atronach. I should defeat the flesh atronach.
Objective: Destroy the Abomination Protecting the Curse.
I defeated the flesh atronach that protected Zal'ik's barrier. I should speak to Nhalan before proceeding deeper into the Burial grounds.
Objective: Talk to Nhalan
Nhalan told me to find Zal'ik and defeat him in order to release Nhalan from his imprisonment.
Objective: Find Zal'ik's Crypt
I found Zal'ik within the crypt. I should find a way to awaken Zal'ik and defeat him.
Objective: Awaken and Defeat Zal'ik
I defeated Zal'ik. I should speak to Nhalan and determine if there is anything else I need to do.
Objective: Talk to Nhalan
Finishes quest☑ Before he left, Nhalan gave me a book that he believes contains a way to reverse the effects of the water in its early stages. I should go back to the researchers' camp and see if anyone can use it to help the afflicted researchers.
Objective: Bring Nhalan's Journal Back to Camp
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