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Find out more about the former guild rackets a new merchant lord has his eyes on.
Faction: Thieves Guild
Quest Giver: Andarri, Thrag
Location(s): Abah's Landing, No Shira Citadel, Iron Wheel Headquarters
Prerequisites: Thieves Guild Rank 3
Prerequisite Quest: Cleaning House
Next Quest: A Flawless Plan
Reward: Unidentified Bahraha's Curse Leg Armor
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold
10 Thieves Guild RepReputation
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 5532
Eavesdrop on people in Abah's Landing to investigate the blackmailing
Zeira has concerns about an ambitious merchant lord named Cosh. She wants to learn if his interests overlap with those of the Thieves Guild.
Percius Loche, an esteemed tailor, will help you get into No Shira Citadel undetected
What is Cosh planning?
Cosh is meeting with Chief Inspector Rhanbiq

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Zeira in the Thieves Den.
  2. Meet Walks-Softly at the harbor in Abah's Landing.
  3. Investigate the captain of The Dreamsnake.
  4. Meet with Quen.
  5. Investigate the Imperial client of a local dockyard boss.
  6. Find Velsa at Spotless Goods Shipping Concern.
  7. Obtain a disguise from Percius Loche or steal it from Sailor's Rest.
  8. Head to the merchant camp outside No Shira Citadel.
  9. Gain access to the Iron Wheel Headquarters.
  10. Find out how Cosh is connected to the Iron Wheel.
  11. Escape the Iron Wheel Headquarters and return to the Thieves Den.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

When you click on the Iron Wheel Headquarters door and are asked for the passphrase, use the following:

  • What is the fate of the lawbreaker: A ring of iron around them.
  • What is the fate of the unrepentant: We burn our truth upon their canvas.
  • What of those who would deny their fate: The Wheel turns ever onward.

When you are tasked with escaping from the Iron Wheel, you can teleport to the Abah's Landing wayshrine instead.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Long Game
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should speak with Zeira and see what she plans to do.
Objective: Talk to Zeira
Zeira sent the others ahead to see what they could learn. Walks-Softly is waiting for me nearby—I should speak with him first. I can find him at the Abah's Landing harbor.
Objective: Meet Walks-Softly at the Harbor
Walks-Softly thinks the captain of the Dreamsnake may be a candidate for Cosh's blackmail. To confirm this, I should spy on her meeting in Abah's Landing or try to steal Captain Evani's log.
Complete one: Eavesdrop on Captain Evani or Steal Captain Evani's Log
I should speak with Quen and see what she turned up. I can find her at the Abah's Landing harbor.
Objective: Meet Quen at the Harbor
Quen suspects a dockyard boss may be a candidate for Cosh's blackmail. To confirm this, I could spy on a meeting he called with "the Imperial client," or search the Imperial's private room at the Serpent and Senche.
Complete one: Eavesdrop on the Imperial Client or Search Ventilias Proximus's Private Room
Velsa went to Silver-Claw's shop. I should speak with her there.
Objective: Meet Velsa at Silver-Claw's Shop
Silver-Claw seems distressed. I should speak with him and see what's wrong.
Objective: Talk to Silver-Claw
Silver-Claw says Velsa headed to No-Shira Citadel, the Iron Wheel's headquarters! Before I follow her, he insisted I procure a disguise for my own protection. I should speak with Percius Loche at the Diamond Thimble.
Objective: Meet Percius Loche at the Diamond Thimble
Percius Loche crafted an outfit for a servant who works in No Shira Citadel, but was never paid for the trouble. He suggested I recover it for my own use. Alternatively, he will sell me a similar outfit.
Complete one: Steal Servant's Outfit or Purchase Servant's Outfit
I should speak with Velsa about why she's at No Shira Citadel, far south of Abah's Landing.
Objective: Meet Velsa Outside No Shira Citadel
Velsa learned Cosh is currently inside the Iron Wheel's headquarters. She wants me to find out his connection to the Iron Wheel and steal his blackmail. For her plan to work, I need to learn the pass-phrase needed to gain access.
Objective: Learn the Iron Wheel Headquarters Pass-Phrase: 0/3
Velsa wants me to learn more about Cosh's plans. If I have the chance, I should steal whatever blackmail material he has at hand.
Objective: Learn Cosh's Plans
Objective Hint: Steal Cosh's "Evidence"
Objective Hint: Eavesdrop on Cosh
Cosh is meeting with Chief Inspector Rhanbiq! I should spy on them and learn Cosh's connection to the Iron Wheel.
Objective: Spy on Chief Inspector Rhanbiq and Cosh
Cosh made a deal with Chief Inspector Rhanbiq to recover a missing dowry. I should escape from Iron Wheel Headquarters.
Objective: Escape Iron Wheel Headquarters
☑Finishes quest I should bring what I've found to Zeira. Perhaps she can make sense of it.
Objective: Meet Zeira at the Thieves Den
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