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Thieves Guild
Location Abah's Landing
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Thieves Guild
Quen at Magnifica Falorah's wedding

Quen is a novice Altmer thief. You will first meet her when she requests your help in pulling off a heist at Fulstrom Homestead. Afterwards she will join the Thieves Guild at the same time as you do.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Partners in Crime[edit]

You can find her in any Outlaws Refuge. Talking to her, she'll say:

"Are you here about the job? To forestall any confusion - yes, we split the proceeds equally. And no, I will not budge on that point."
Job? What job?
"You mean... you aren't here about the notice? Allow me to explain! I need a partner for a difficult job. It pays well, but it involves travel, and there is some danger. Does that sound like the sort of thing that might interest you."
Sounds good. I'm in.
"I'm so glad you came along! I've chartered a ship - when you're ready, meet me there. Here, I'll mark your map. Bring some lockpicks. They sell them here, if you don't have any. Oh, and wear something warm!"
Why are you surprised I took the job?
"I've never had a partner. I mean, on all the other big jobs I've done - which I did alone. Quite successfully. And most people I interviewed thought the rendezvous was too far away."
You marked the Woodhearth docks on my map. Why Greenshade? Why not leave directly from here? (if in the Aldmeri Dominion)
"Well, I paid for a ship in advance. I didn't realize how far I'd have to look to find a suitable partner. For the job, I mean. But we can talk about this at the docks!"
Where are we headed, exactly?
"Let's talk details when we rendezvous. It's not that I don't trust you! I'm just... I don't think I've made a good impression in this place. That is, if you're still interested. You are, right? Of course you are, I'm only joking."

further dialogue missing

A Double Life[edit]

"There's something you need to know about why I'm in Abah's Landing. When we first met, I said I needed a partner to steal the Giovessen Skull. I never explained why. Not really."
Why did you want to steal it?
"I used to think my father was a merchant. When he vanished this year, I left my academy to find him. It seems I knew very little of my father's profession. His time away was spent in Abah's Landing... working with the Thieves Guild."
What does this have to do with the Giovessen Skull?
"In his travels, my father brought notices to every Outlaws Refuge in Tamriel; bounties for old relics wanted by the Thieves Guild. I realized I couldn't just ask them for his whereabouts. My plan was to steal the Giovessen Skull, then trade it for information."
Does anyone in the Thieves Guild know where your father is?
"Nobody recognized his name or description. Zeira suspects he worked with one of the thieves who died in the dowry heist. They used to keep guild associates secret - it seems only Nicolas knew how all the pieces fit together. Rotten luck."
Could the Iron Wheel have seen the same notice?
"They must have seen it. The last relic sought by the Thieves Guild would make a tempting target. The Iron Wheel simply had to wait. I didn't think anyone get hurt. And I didn't mean to put you in their sights."
All right. What do you need?
"Walks-Softly remember the Thieves Guild sold many relics to Lady Sulima of Abah's Landing. My father must have been the one to broker the sales. I want to break into her mansion and pick up on his trail. What do you say... partner?"'
Count me in.
"Meet me by Lady Sulima's mansion when you're ready. I'm not religious, but I said a prayer to Auri-El this morning. If we find nothing, I have no idea what to do next. This is the only trail leading anywhere near my father."
What do you know about Lady Sulima?
"The last time I asked around, the Iron Wheel set a trap for us in Fulstrom Homestead. This time, I listened. Lady Sulima rarely leave sher estate, and has a connection to one of the merchant lords. Must be why the city's guards patrol her estate. That's all I know."

Meet her outside the manor:

"I have no idea what we're going to find inside. After Fulstrom Homestead, I keep thinking the Iron Wheel is around every corner. There I go, jumping at shadows. Are you ready?"
Ready. Let's go.
"All right. Give me a moment to unbar the gate."

She'll open the gate and say: "All right, it's open. Come on in." After exploring the upper floor of the manor for clues, you'll find a bookcase. When you retrieve the book from it, Quen will say: "My father gave me that book when I was a child! At his last visit, he took it to have it re-bound. Why is it in this woman's home?" Continuing the search, a large jewelry box will have Saroldo's Portrait in. Quen will exclaim: "I gave that to my father after a holiday in Skywatch. He kept it with him for luck. What is it doing here?" She will then say, "I found something too - a necklace with an old key. My father wore this wherever he went! And if there's a key, there must be a lock..."

The quest marker will point towards a suspicious item of furniture. Using that will take to a secret room, with the very person they're looking for.

Quen: "You! Why do you have my father's things?"
Lady Sulima: "Tu'whacca's breath! Saroldo's daughter stands before me. Why are you in Abah's Landing instead of your academy?"
Quen: "I'm looking for my father! Why do you know who I am?"
Lady Sulima: "My dear child... he's gone. When the Iron Wheel came for him, he fled to the rooftops. They gave chase and he fell. I'm so sorry."
Quen: "You're lying!"
Lady Sulima: "No, child. I grieve for him every day. He was the only person I've ever loved."

Quen will then speak with you: "My father, dead? Before that, together with Lady Sulima? Please, see what she has to say. I need a moment to think."

After talking to Lady Sulima, Quen mutter, "I'll be outside."

Quen is waiting outside, evidently shaken by the unexpected news. Talk to her to give her the ledger:

"What's wrong with me? I'm a High Elf, I'm not supposed to cry."
Lady Sulima wanted you to have this ledger.
"It must be important if the Iron Wheel wants it. Father did love his puzzles. I should see if it means anything. Thank you for this. It's not the answer I wanted, but I'm glad you were by my side."'

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