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Location Outside Necrom
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly Class Warden
Other Information
Follower The Double Edge

Sharp-as-Night is more than a mysterious mercenary with a forgotten past. With your help, he's learning what it means to look out for others. Call this companion to your side when you need to get the job done with a hardened survivalist watching your back.

Sharp-as-Night is an Argonian Warden and Companion who can be recruited. He initially can be found just west of the gates of Necrom.

Related Quests[edit]

Companion Data[edit]

Racial Skill Survivalist: Increases Physical and Spell Resistance by 3% and healing done by 3%.
Companion Perk Sharp's Patience: Fish bite at an increased rate and have a higher chance of being trophy fish. Note that this does not reduce your chance to hook special items.
Default Gear Medium Armor, 2 Axes Default Style Hazardous Alchemy armor, Argonian 3 weapons Default Mount Midnight Steed
Rapport Status
Cordial Sharp thinks working with you is a good use of his time. Allied Sharp enjoys being in your company. Wary Sharp wonders why he still bothers working with you.
Friendly Sharp would rather work with you than work alone. Companion Sharp trusts you completely. Irritated Sharp doesn't like most people, but with you, it's personal.
Close Sharp likes looking out for you. Likes and Dislikes Disdainful Sharp wishes he never met you.
ON-icon-keepsake-Sharp's Handmade Fishing Lure.png A nightwood fishing lure in the shape of a minnow, decorated with a black feather. The illusion enchantment activates with bait and water, enticing fish with writhing flashes of color.
Permanently grants the passive "Sharp's Patience" to the bearer.
Sharp's Handmade Fishing Lure

Class Skill Lines[edit]


Name Line Rank Cast Time Target Range Radius Duration Cost
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Gore.png Gore 20 0.1 seconds Enemy 28 meters 200 Ultimate
Sharp-as-Night provokes a spectral kagouti to charge and toss the enemy for 9450 Physical Damage, stunning them for 3 seconds.
This ability deals 150% more damage to enemies below 25% Health.

Beasts of the Hunt[edit]

Name Line Rank Cast Time Target Range Radius Duration Cooldown
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Swoop.png Swoop 1 0.1 seconds Enemy 28 meters 12 seconds
Sharp-as-Night commands a cliff racer to dive bomb an enemy, dealing 3150 Magic Damage. If they are more than 7 meters away from the target, they set them Off Balance for 7 seconds.
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Char.png Char 2 0.5 seconds Self 0.2 seconds 16 seconds
Sharp-as-Night unearths a group of fiery shalk that attack dealing 1575 Magic Damage to enemies in front of them.
After the shalk complete their attack, they burrow underground for 3 seconds and resurface again, dealing 1575 Magic Damage to enemies in front of them.
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Infest.png Infest 11 0.4 seconds Enemy 28 meters 8 seconds 12 seconds
Sharp-as-Night provokes a cloud of fetcherflies to swarm an enemy, dealing 4720 Magic Damage over 8 seconds.
The fetcherflies rip through the enemy's flesh, afflicting them with Minor Vulnerability for the duration, increasing their damage taken by 5%.

Verdant Growth[edit]

Name Line Rank Cast Time Target Range Radius Duration Cooldown
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Fungal Forage.png Fungal Forage 1 0.4 seconds Area 20 meters 12 seconds
Sharp-as-Night musters a cluster of mushrooms, healing you and your allies for 3245 Health.
Heals for 50% more on allies that are within 8 meters of Sharp-as-Night.
Used when Sharp-as-Night or an ally is below 75% Health.
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Perennial Bloom.png Perennial Bloom 8 0.4 seconds Area 28 meters 8 meters 12 seconds
Sharp-as-Night summons a field of blooming flowers, healing you and nearby allies for 649 Health every 2 seconds over 8 seconds.
Used when Sharp-as-Night or an ally is below 75% Health.
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Petals of the Hunter.png Petals of the Hunter 17 0.5 seconds Area 28 meters 8 seconds 16 seconds
Sharp-as-Night calls on the essence of a carnivorous bloom, causing their Light Attacks to restore 1351 Health to themselves or up to 2 nearby allies for 8 seconds.

Winter's Bite[edit]

Name Line Rank Cast Time Target Range Radius Duration Cooldown
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Sleetmail.png Sleetmail 1 0.2 seconds Area 12 meters 8 seconds
Sharp-as-Night conjures ice armor for themselves and their grouped allies which grants Major Resolve, increasing Physical and Spell Resistance by 90 for 5 seconds.
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Cold Snap.png Cold Snap 5 0.6 seconds Area 10 meters 8 seconds 12 seconds
Sharp-as-Night encircles themselves with ice shards to skewer enemies in the area, immobilizing them for 3 seconds and dealing 1098 Frost Damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.
Damage done is based on Sharp-as-Night's Max Health.
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Snow Squall.png Snow Squall 14 0.5 seconds Self 8 seconds 16 seconds
Sharp-as-Night envelops themselves in winter winds, instantly healing for 5656 Health and an additional 1413 Health every 2 seconds over 8 seconds. This ability scales off their Max Health.
Used when Sharp-as-Night is below 75% Health.

Likes and Dislikes[edit]

Ways for Sharp-as-Night to lose or gain rapport
Amount Action Cooldown
Actions that give Positive Rapport
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +500 Returning his companion quests Once
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +125 Returning Daily Boss quest offered by Ordinator Nelyn in Necrom Daily
ON-icon-Rapport+5.png +125 Completing an Ashlander daily quest offered by Huntmaster Sorim-Nakar or Numani-Rasi in Vvardenfell Daily
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 Obtain monster trophy 10 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 Visiting a Hist tree[verification needed — see talk page] 10 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+3.png +10 Talking to M'aiq the Liar (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Eat a meal 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 Craft a poison 1 hour
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 / ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Find Treasure Map Chest No cooldown
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 / ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Find Heavy Sack No cooldown
ON-icon-Rapport+2.png +5 / ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Catch a rare fish (green or better) 1 hour/No cooldown
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a Ghost 5 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Kill a Fabricant or Dwarven Construct 5 minutes
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Repair Gear (Can be done at a merchant as well as repair kit) Daily
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Recharge Weapon with Soul Gem (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Travel via Wayshrine[verification needed — see talk page] (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Using soul gem to resurrect someone (?)
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Go fishing 10 minutes[verification needed — see talk page]
ON-icon-Rapport+1.png +1 Harvest plant-based material 1 hour
Actions that give Negative Rapport
ON-icon-Rapport-3.png -10 Pay a Bounty to a guard (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-2.png -5 Destroy Item of multiple Items of the same type at once in Inventory worth over 20 gold >5min
ON-icon-Rapport-2.png -5 Pickpocket a beggar, laborer, or fisher (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-1.png -1 Let your gear break (?)
ON-icon-Rapport-1.png -1 Use an outfitting station (Rapport decreases even if the outfit is not changed) (?)

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Double Edge[edit]

Outside the gates of Necrom, an assassin appears from nowhere and lunges at the Argonian:

Sharp-as-Night: "Hands off or I'll gut you like the rest!"
Sharp-as-Night: "What? Never seen an assassin get put out of work before?"

Speak to him and he'll note that this is not an unusual occurrence for him:

"You … You're not with these third-rate assassins. I can tell.
But if you or anyone else puts a hand on me, I'm answering with my axes."
What's going on here?
"I've been cutting down these mercenaries for the better part of the day. I'm guessing my target knows I'm on to her and has started sending them my way.
My associate Harn Orenvi might know something about it, but I can't bring this heat to him."
Do you need someone to relay a message?
"More like gather information. And if you're offering, I can pay you.
Harn usually holds court in the Outlaws Refuge. He'll be the only one there with bodyguards. Ask him if Reynila Treviri's been through recently. Got it?"
I'll ask Harn Orenvi about Reynila for you.

This starts the quest The Double Edge. He can be talked to further before continuing, though.

"Fair warning, Harn might ask you for a favor in return for information.
I can pay you back, but you don't get paid until I get paid, and I don't get paid until I find Reynila. Make sure you get something good. I'll find you after you're done."
I have some questions.
"Well, make it quick, before more of those mercenaries decide to show up.
I just can't figure out where I slipped up. Reynila shouldn't know I was after her. My catches never do."
Catches? / What did you mean when you said your catches never see you coming?
"Targets. Bounties. Got fishing on the mind, I suppose. I was planning a trip when I got put on this job. High priority, and the pay was nothing I could pass up.
Lucky for the fish."
Why are you after Reynila? What do you do, and what does she do?
"I'm a mercenary. Bounty hunter. Assassin. Whatever gets me paid.
Reynila stole something. Was told I'd know it when I saw it. Research notes to try and gain favor with some rival Telvanni magister, maybe. Tale as old as time in these parts."
Does that mean the client is a Telvanni magister?
"I think so? I don't know. I was handed the job by my job broker.
He let slip that Reynila used to work for the client, but I didn't stick around to hear much else."
You didn't ask for more details?
"It is a time-sensitive job, and I was told to stop Reynila at any cost. Thought it'd be better to get on her trail sooner rather than later.
I don't need to know all the fancy details and motivations. I just need to know enough to get paid."
You said I can find Harn Orenvi in the Outlaws Refuge. Is he a thief?
"He's one of Necrom's only crime lords. Big fish in a small pond. And he knows everybody, so I'm certain he knows Reynila.
I've worked for him before. We're not on bad terms. But I wouldn't go to him if I had any other choice."
Why not?
"He's chatty. Too friendly for my taste. Lures people in just so he can get them under his thumb and in his debt.
Last time we did business, we … didn't see eye to eye on something. Let's leave it at that."
What's your story?
"What? My story? I tell you to make it quick, and that's what you decide to ask me?
Try again, or get moving."

As you leave, he'll add:

Sharp-as-Night: "And listen, don't mention me to Harn. It probably won't do you any favors."

Enter Deredrien's apartment and he'll be right on your heels:

Sharp-as-Night: "Hey. Told you I'd find you."
Sharp-as-Night: "Reynila was here, huh? Let's have a look around."

Speak to him directly and he'll tell you:

"What? I said I'd find you after you were done with Harn. Your trail led here.
Would have caught up sooner, but I had to shake off another mercenary after you left."

Investigate the room and he'll comment on the items you find.

Sharp-as-Night: "Looks like debt collection notices. Not helpful to us."


Sharp-as-Night: "Blegh, rotmeth! Makes me wish I was born without nostrils. Can't understand how anyone drinks the stuff."

Letter to Deredrien:

Sharp-as-Night: "Is this Deredrien's place? Seems like a wanted woman, whoever she is."

Speak to him:

"Let me see that letter.
So, Reynila came by, pestering this Deredrien for help. Why?"
Deredrien is a fence who moves specialty items. Harn said she and Reynila used to be friends.
"Great. Well, maybe they patched things up and Deredrien went to go help her.
Though that doesn't explain why she'd leave behind a note that says exactly where she's gone. Especially if she's trying to hide from this Reformer that Reynila mentioned."
Is the Reformer the one who hired you to find Reynila, then?
"Maybe. My job broker told me to track down Reynila and take back what she stole for an important client.
He didn't give other details, and that's usually fine with me. No memory of my past makes no answers an easy pill for me to swallow."
No memories of your past? You have amnesia?
"I woke up a few years back in the middle of Valenwood with a nasty headache and no memory except my name.
But that doesn't have anything to do with the job. Let's get to that campsite. I'll scout ahead and see if we can take Reynila by surprise."
All right. I'll meet you at Reynila's campsite.
"Great. If all goes well, then we can both get paid and … go our separate ways, I guess."

Asking him more about his loss of memory:

Can I ask you more about your amnesia?
"I already told you most everything I know.
I came to in Valenwood. Middle of nowhere. Blood on my claws. Someone was screaming. Didn't see who. My head felt like it was split in half, so they got away."
Then what happened?
"Well, I was in the middle of the forest. Had to hunt and track so I didn't starve to death.
At one point, I started heading towards this huge tree in the distance. Elden Root. Civilization. Sometimes I wonder if I should've just stayed in the woods."
Did you try to find out information on where you might have come from?
"Sure. A bit.
Look, I didn't know if I'd killed someone, or someone had tried to kill me. I kept my head down. Took any job to get by. And now I guess I'm here."
You aren't curious about who you were before? Someone could be looking for you.
"If someone somewhere cares I'm gone, they're keeping awfully quiet about it. Either nobody misses me enough to go looking for me, or I was a loner before, just like I'm a loner now.
I'm not trying to find answers on my past. You shouldn't either."
Let's head to Reynila's campsite, then.
Sharp-as-Night: "Meet you there. And don't go blundering in without me."

If you find other players who are on this quest while searching Reynila's campsite (located northwest of the Fungal Lowlands Wayshrine), their version of Sharp-as-Night will show up on your end as a mercenary.

At Reynila's campsite, he'll spot you:

Sharp-as-Night: "Hey, Merc. Over here."[verification needed — exact wording]

Speak with him:

"I scouted ahead. That campsite is crawling with the mercenaries that attacked me. Seems like they're searching or waiting for … something.
But that got me thinking. Why would those mercenaries be after both me and Reynila?"
I thought you said Reynila was the one sending mercenaries after you.
"I thought about that on the way over, too. If Reynila could afford to hire mercenaries, she wouldn't be desperate for Deredrien's help, like she was in that note we found. Right?
Something else is going on here."
What should we do?
"That campsite is the only lead we have on finding Reynila. If we can get there, maybe we can find something to keep us on her trail.
I'm not used to looking out for others. Can you handle yourself if we run into trouble?"
I can handle myself in a fight. Let's go.

If you speak with him again after finishing his dialogue:

"Stay ready, all right? Those mercs don't let up easy."

You'll reach the body of a dead mercenary:

Sharp-as-Night: "This one was dead when we got here, right? Check around. Maybe we'll find something useful."

When you read the Organization Notes in Reynila's campsite:

Sharp-as-Night: "Wait. Those lanterns …. This is Reynila's signal? I think I've seen it before."

After examining the lanterns, Sharp will notice something:

Sharp-as-Night: "Look! Someone left a trail. Crouch down and you'll see it."

Speaking to him before following the trail:

"Let's keep following this trail. We can't be too far behind."

As you follow the tracks, Sharp will comment on the progress:

Sharp-as-Night: "From the tracks, it looks like two fleeing, two in pursuit."
Sharp-as-Night: "They couldn't have gone too far."

Following the trail takes you to Deredrien's corpse and a Letter from the Reformer.

Sharp-as-Night: "Looks like Reynila and one other got awau. Got rid of her tail, and managed to hide her prints from here with magic."

Speaking to him before reading the letter:

"The trail ends here. I'm guessing the two who escaped managed to hide their tracks from here with magic."

You can tell Sharp what the letter says.

"Well, if Deredrien came here to help Reynila, it doesn't seem like she did a very good job. And no other sign of Reynila, or the one she was traveling with.
What are those notes? What did you find out?"
Deredrien betrayed Reynila. She sold her out to the Reformer and led mercenaries to the campsite.
"Right. She threw in with the Reformer … who told her to prioritize my capture over Reynila's? What?
And he's the one who hired me? Without knowing it? This is the last time I ever find work through a job broker."
And you really don't know what you were hired to take back from Reynila?
"No, but we can piece it together. The fence moving specialty items. The two-lantern signal. The list of operatives. This person called Dim who the Reformer wants back alive.
Reynila isn't traveling alone with some trinket. She's freeing a slave."
Then why is the Reformer after you, too?
"I don't want to think about that right now.
This can't be all there is. There has to be someone who can give us answers. There was another name I saw—Mevei. In Ald Isra, right? That's not far. If we can find her, maybe she can tell us more."
Let's find Mevei in Ald Isra, then.

He'll end the conversation there, but you can speak with him after he sends you off.

Sharp-as-Night: "I'll meet you there. I just need a minute."

Speaking to him to ask further questions:

"Ald Isra is on the west side of the peninsula. Home to the Mouths of the Telvanni Council.
Let's hope our Mevei isn't one of them. I can only do with so much talking in one day."
I have some questions before we head to Ald Isra.
"You and me both.
Well, go ahead. Guess it's the least I can do, since this is a bit beyond what I initially hired you for."
You recognized Reynila's signal back at the campsite. Had you seen it before?
"After losing my memories, the place I came to in Valenwood is crystal clear in my mind. There was a campsite. Small fire, provisions, one cot. Two lanterns.
Thinking back, I've seen them other places too."
What other places?
"Cottages. Taverns. Sign posts.
The only time I've ever been caught on a job was by a Khajiit house slave. We didn't speak. He pointed to the two lamps in the window. I showed him my two axes. He left me alone. Guess I wasn't who he was waiting for."
Does that mean you were a slave too?
"I don't know, all right? And I don't remember. And I don't want to think about what it means if I'm….
Look. Let's not form any solid theories until we find this Mevei, all right? Let's just get some answers first."
Why would your job broker put you on a job like this?
"He wouldn't. At least, I thought he wouldn't.
But you saw that note on that body. Three times promised pay just to bring me in. I guess I can't blame him for selling me out, if that's what he's done."
Couldn't there be some other explanation?
"Who cares? He was a trusted associate, and now he's in the pocket of this…Reformer. Whoever that is.
No point in figuring out why or what happened. Not like we can patch things up after this, anyway."
Why is this Reformer so interested in you?
"No idea. Obviously.
But my gut starts churning whenever I think about it. Maybe we should just get moving."

When meeting Mevei:

Sharp-as-Night: "See that? Two lanterns—that's got to be Mevei."
Mevei Andros: "Sharp-as-Night? By Azura, after all these years, is it really you?"
Sharp-as-Night: "I was afraid you'd say something like that."

He can be spoken to before you speak with Mevei:

"You talk to Mevei. She's just as much a stranger to me as she is to you. You seem better at that sort of thing, anyway."

Mevei explains the situation, and asks for help.

Mevei Andros: "Sharp, Reynila would say that you're under no obligation to help. But, please—"
Sharp-as-Night: "I'm on my way. Where are these smuggler's tunnels you mentioned?"
Mevei Andros: "I think there's a secret entrance in the southwest tunnels. I'll follow shortly. Please—hurry!"

Speaking with Sharp after, he'll be unwilling to dwell on what you've just learned:

"I don't want to talk about what we just heard from Mevei. After so long knowing nothing about who I used to be, it's a lot to take in.
Stopping those mercenaries is more important anyway. I'm heading to Gorne."

Meeting him in Gorne:

"You're here after all. I was about to reel in this piece of my past without you.
I thought maybe you decided to move on."
Why'd you think that?
"This is far beyond what I hired you for. Isn't it?
Maybe you're like me, and you never pass up a payday. But I probably wouldn't even have stopped to help someone like me in the first place."
Well, I'm here. Are you ready to find Reynila?
"Gorne is packed to the brim with mad wizards. Doesn't make it too different from rest of the peninsula, but I've heard worse things have moved in recently.
I guess what I'm saying is I'll watch your back in there so long as you're watching mine."
Let's get going and find Reynila.

As you travel, you can speak briefly with him.

"Let's keep moving. Reynila and the one she's freed can't be too far ahead."

He'll comment as you make your way through Gorne.

Sharp-as-Night: "Maybe Reynila and the one she's with sneaked through instead of fighting? Can't imagine a fight going well for them."

Before fighting the mercenaries confronting Reynila:

"I'm not used to having someone around all the time. Chatty, aren't you?"

Confronting the mercenaries assaulting Reynila:

Reynila Treviri: "I won't let you take her back!"
Sharp-as-Night: "They've got her cornered. Hey, fetchers! Looking for me?"
Reynila Treviri: "Sharp? Help us, please!"

Once the mercenaries are defeated, Sharp follows after her.

Sharp-as-Night: "Reynila went through that door. She looked hurt. Bad."

After heading through, each party has something to say:

Reynila Treviri: "Sharp, please. Help her."
Dimik-ei: "Kaj-kujei? What are you doing here?"
Sharp-as-Night: "What did you just call me?"
Mevei Andros: "Reynila, I'm here. Just stay still."

Speaking to Sharp before Reynila, he'll comment on Dimik-ei's name for him:

"That thing she called me. Kaj-kujei. I'm her brother? Why do I know what that means?
See if you can help Reynila. I need to think."

Once you've spoken to Reynila and she's passed, he'll be pensive.

"Reynila knew me. I don't remember her at all.
Just give me a moment. This is a lot to happen so suddenly."

Once you've spoken to Dimik-ei, you can relay what she told you to to him.

"We were too late.
I thought something might come back to me, seeing Reynila. She knew me. And now she's just gone.'
Dimik-ei remembers you. She says she's your sister. Apparently you grew up together.
"I don't feel any memories stirring when I look at her, either. Just … nothing.
I gave up on finding answers about my past a long time ago. I don't understand why this had to happen now."
Are you going to help Dimik-ei?
"Help her? I'm a mercenary. I don't know how to look out for someone like her.
And if this Reformer is as powerful and dangerous as everyone's said, there's not a place in Tamriel that is going to be safe for her anyway."
But the Reformer is after you, too.
"He's more than after me. He's obsessed with me. But that I can do something about. If I could just track him down ….
That's what I have to do. Find the Reformer, and be his end. But you heard Reynila. If I try to do it alone, I'll end up like her."
Are you asking for my help?
"Going after the Reformer is a different job for a different day. Hunting my hunter is going to take time and patience.
For now, take your payment. And if you'd like me watching your back wherever you're headed next, send for me. I'll be there."

If you exit out of the conversation and talk to him again before completing the quest:

"Nothing about this job went the way I expected it to. But you stuck around anyway. I didn't expect that."
What's next, Sharp? (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

With that, Sharp will give you some gold, and can now be summoned as a companion. Mevei will speak up.

Mevei Andros: "Dimik-ei, Reynila got you this far. I'll take you the rest of the way. And then I'm never coming back to Morrowind."
Sharp-as-Night: "Where are you taking her?"
Mevei Andros: "You've made your path clear, Sharp. If you fail at taking out the Reformer and fall under his control again, it's better if you don't know."

Sharp will begin walking away to leave, prompting Dimik-ei to plead with him.

Dimik-ei: "Sharp, please come with us. You don't have to be alone."
Sharp-as-Night: "I'm not going to be alone. And I'm not going to fail."

Between a Rock and a Whetstone[edit]

After you have reached Friendly rapport with Sharp-as-Night, he'll want to discuss something he's been thinking about:

"I need to tell you something. You're the only one I know who's nosy enough to care.
It's about my former job broker, Federo. I've been wanting to have a word with him ever since everything went tail-up on my last job. You know, the one where we met."
I remember. You didn't tell me much about Federo before.
"He hired me and paid me on time. That's all you need to know.
But I haven't heard from him since the Reynila job. I figured he had some connection to the Reformer and my forgotten past. I was thinking we ought to pay him a visit."
Where can we find Federo?
"He has this little place in Sadrith Mora. If he's there, we can shake him down for information, then get lost before the Reformer's mercenaries show up.
Whatever happens, I know I'll fare better with you there. Any chance you'd like to tag along?"
Sure, I'll go with you to Federo's place in Sadrith Mora.

Sharp will also answer a few other questions, if you want:

"Probably better that I don't go to the seat of House Telvanni in Vvardenfell alone when there's someone in the higher ranks obsessed with my capture.
I know I don't say it a lot, but I appreciate you sticking with me."
I have some questions before we find Federo.
"I figured you would.
I hate Sadrith Mora, so I'm not in any hurry to get there. Ask away."
Have you spent a lot of time in Sadrith Mora?
"I used to have to go to Federo's place to get paid before I convinced him to start utilizing dead drops.
Tried to teach him how to fish once or twice. It didn't take. He always tried to get me to go drinking with him instead. Can't imagine why."
Do you think he wanted to be friends?
"How should I know? We weren't close. He was just someone I worked for.
So there's no reason to hold back if we need to shake him down for information when we find him. Especially if it's clear he's decided to keep working for the Reformer."
Do you think that's what he's done?
"He'd be stupid not to. You remember the Reformer was offering three times the promised rate to his mercenaries for my capture, right?
All Federo ever wanted was to get rich and climb ranks within House Telvanni. Turning me over would get him both."
Then why do you think he hasn't found you yet?
"Well, I'm not working for him anymore, am I? I keep a low profile when I'm not spending time with you.
Maybe he's set up a trap for me at his place. Or maybe the Reformer made him disappear. I don't know. Guess we'll find out."
Are you worried about a trap being set for you at Federo's place?
"I'd be more concerned if Federo had written acting like nothing was wrong. Asking to put me on another job or something. It's not like him to not write.
It's the other stuff that worries me more."
What are you most concerned about?
"It's not the threat of danger so much. I know we can handle whatever comes our way.
It's the Reformer, I suppose. The note we found where he mentioned me by name. I try not to think about the way he talked about me. How unsettling it was."
I remember. He seemed fixated on you.
"Me, of all people. Guess that's how we know he's crazy.
I guess that's what has me so unnerved. I mean, I've done awful things for money, but what's he doing them for? And what do I have to do with any of it?"
Maybe Federo will give us some answers to that.
"Some part of me wonders if I'd be better off not knowing the answers. But I guess we'll have to see."
Have you heard from Mevei or Dimik-ei since we saw them last?
"Mevei? The one who made it clear I was a dangerous liability because I was choosing to go after the Reformer? The one who likely blames me for the death of her wife? That Mevei?
No. I haven't."
What about Dimik-ei?
"I don't know how to find her, and she couldn't find me if she tried.
Probably for the best that it stays that way. You saw how disappointed she was when she realized I wasn't her kaj-kujei. The brother she knew from before."
Do you really think that Mevei blames you for Reynila's death?
"Why not? It's probably how I'd feel, if it were me.
I can't replace Reynila. But I can try and fix things my way. Our way, if you're still with me."

Sadrith Mora[edit]

When you arrive in Sadrith Mora, he comments:

Sharp-as-Night: "Bet I'm not the only one who wishes this place would sink into the sea."

Federo's place is just east of the Fighter's Guild. The bard, Tiras Alvor, performs in front of it. As you get near it, Sharp says:

Sharp-as-Night: "Nice little place right on the water, and get this—Federo doesn't even like to fish. What a waste."

Entering the house, Sharp observes:

Sharp-as-Night: "Door unlocked. Place looks abandoned. We're off to a great start."

If you speak to him inside the house, he'll say:

"Federo's a lot more tidy than this. If someone's living here, it's not him."

Two items in the room can be examined. Sharp's remarks about the clothing:

Sharp-as-Night: "Those are rags by Federo's standards. Not his style at all. I hate that I know that."

When you examine the wine bottle, he says:

Sharp-as-Night: "Federo only drinks sugary Sujamma cocktails. The wine bottles can't be his."

After you've examined both objects in the room, a drunk female wood elf staggers in and confronts you.

Ganthelen: "Hey! Who are you?"
Sharp-as-Night: "Here's our wine drinker. I can smell it on her. Where's Federo? Who are you?"
Ganthelen: "I'm … Federo's betrothed! Leave now, before I call the guards!"
Sharp-as-Night: "Right. And I'm Lady Mara, here to bless your union. Who are you really?"

Speaking to Sharp before questioning Ganthelen, he is already skeptical:

"She's lying. She's not Federo's type.
And again, I hate that I know that much about him."

Talking with Ganthelen, you manage to parse Federo told her to tell everyone that Sharp killed him and mercenaries came to ask questions earlier. Federo has actually gone to Tinkerer Tobin's Workshop in Eastmarch to meet with someone.

Sharp has a few things to say about Ganthelen, too. And Federo:

"So, Federo's not just a coward, but a liar, too. As if I cared about him enough to track him down and kill him. He should be so lucky.
The Elf is too drunk for me to understand most of her story. What'd you get out of her?"
She said Federo was headed to Eastmarch to meet someone.
"Right. But who? And why Eastmarch, of all places?
Federo wasn't stupid—he'd know I'd see through a cover story as fake as this wine-drinker being his betrothed. And he knows how good a tracker I am. Why leave such an obvious loose end?"
Maybe the cover story wasn't meant to fool you. Maybe he's running from the Reformer.
"I suppose he'd be in trouble if he didn't make every effort to hand me over to the Reformer. I just can't imagine why he'd do that for me.
The place the Elf mentioned is west of Cragwallow. Right on the hot springs. Ugh."
Let's see if Federo is still there.

After that, he'll just tell you what he thinks of Skyrim and especially Eastmarch:

"Eastmarch, of all places. The armpit of Skyrim.
Federo must really be desperate to hole up at this Tinkerer Tobin's place. I'm sure he's just miserable."
You don't like Skyrim?
"I don't mind endless tracts of ice and snow, but Eastmarch has that rotten egg smell from all the hot springs. Makes me want to gag.
Besides that, the Nords of Windhelm are a bit chipper for my taste. Otherwise, no strong opinions."
It's been a while since Federo fled. Do you think he'll still be there?
"I'd be surprised if he were. Like you said, he was meeting someone. If we have to do more tracking, that's fine by me. I'm good at that.
I can't picture him staying in the wilds of Skyrim for long, though. He's what I'd call an indoor Elf."
You seem to know a bit more about him than you let on before.
"When I say he asked me to drink with him once or twice, I might have agreed. Once or twice.
Easier to think of him not as a friend, if he happened to sell me out to the Reformer."
You think he'd do that?
"I did. But I'm beginning to rethink that theory. I'm not going to say I was wrong until I actually am. And probably not even then.
Are you done with the questions? We have an armpit to get to."


Head to the Tinkerer Tobin's Workshop crafting set area in Eastmarch, and you will find an afraid Federo, who is shocked to see Sharp:

Federo Endril: "Hello? Who's there? Please don't be another bear!"
Sharp-as-Night: "Well, look who it is. Federo. I thought one of your mercs took you out."
Federo Endril: "Sharp? Sharp! What are you doing here?!"

If you talk to Sharp before Federo, he will say:

"You should talk to him. I can smell his anxious panic from here."

Federo will explain he never would have put Sharp on the previous job if he knew anything about Sharp's past. He is now running from the Reformer after collecting blackmail about them, but he won't reveal where they are unless you help Federo create a new identity. Speaking with some more, warns you about the Reformer's obsession with Sharp.

After you have spoken with Federo, Sharp will chime in:

Sharp-as-Night: "New clothes? You're shameless."
Federo Endril: "Come on, Sharp. I've been good to you, haven't I? If you can't find something nice, at least make sure it's warm."

Sharp has a few things to say after you've spoken to Federo:

"Federo ran instead of trying to turn me over to the Reformer. I didn't expect that from anyone. Let alone someone like him.
We'll see how reliable this forger is in Adept's Retreat. As for clothing, I have no idea what we're going to do."
Do you trust Federo to give us the information we're after?
"It's probably not going to be much. He gave up on using it as blackmail, after all.
He's clearly scared for his life. Maybe helping him isn't the worst thing. But I say we don't go out of our way to set him up for a life of luxury."
You sure there is someone who can get us what Federo wants at the Adept's Retreat?
"It wouldn't have been my first place to look either. But I guess a truly skilled forger could hide in plain sight.
If that's what Federo heard, let's follow his lead. He's been here longer than we have, I suppose. It's the clothes I'm worried about."
Are you worried you'll disappoint Federo with your selection?
"Please. Like I care.
But I owe him for not giving me up when he could have. I'll leave the selecting to you, since you clearly have more particular tastes than I do. Federo will probably appreciate your judgment better than mine."
If you say so. Let's get going, then.

You can head north to Windhelm and find the Adept's Retreat to meet the forger, and are very surprised to find a familiar face! Almost as surprised as she is to see us:

Mevei Andros: "Sharp? Stranger …. What are you doing here?"
Sharp-as-Night: "I could ask you the same—oh, no. You're the forgery expert, aren't you?"
Mevei Andros: "Keep your voice down!"

Speaking with Mevei, she will explain she had been drifting after Reynila's death but regains a spark when she learns the identity is for Federo Endril. She had been convinced Federo was a lost cause but Reynila had still believed. Mevei will create the Courier's Permit and leave it on the table, Sharp will ask Mevei a question:

Sharp-as-Night: "Our contact wanted new clothing, too. Any idea where we might find something easy on the coin purse?"
Mevei Andros: "There's a tailor in the armorer's place across town. Standard prices, though. I'd help, if I had coin to spare."

Talking with Sharp, he admits he feels relief:

"Federo and I were complicit in Reynila's death, but Mevei doesn't seem to be holding it against us.
I'm relieved, even if part of me still feels like she should hold it against us."

After you have collected the forged document, you will have to do some shopping which Sharp is dreading the next bit:

"Now to the hard part. Clothes shopping.
Let's make this quick. And spend as little coin as we can. Federo's really in no position to be fussy."

Head across the city and outside the The Sober Nord Tavern, you will find Herkgrig trying to get rid of someone unwanted items:

Herkgrig: "Clothing here! Free to anyone who can take it off my hands!"
Sharp-as-Night: "Doesn't get cheaper than free. Let's take a look."

Speak with Herkgrig, to learn why he getting rid of the clothes and accept the offer. You can then take the Clothing from the chest behind him, from Sharp's reaction they stink:

Sharp-as-Night: "Blegh! You carry that. I'll try to keep upwind of you."

Speaking with Sharp after picking up the clothes:

"Yeah, Federo's going to whine about the clothes, but I don't really care.
If his information pays off in some way, I'll make sure he's paid off appropriately. But I want to see what he gives us first."

You can then enter the Refuge to find Federo (who is near Zharahn), Sharp will ponder:

Sharp-as-Night: "Windhelm Outlaws Refuge … do I have anyone here who wants to kill me? I don't think so."

When Federo notices you, he will complain about his experiences in the wild:

Federo Endril: "Two deer ran right through the camp after you left! I made all haste to get here after that."
Sharp-as-Night: "Two? Deer? I'm surprised you survived."

You can then hand over the items to Federo, who will complain but accept them. He then provides the location to his hidden cache, if you talk to him some more he will reveal more information about his interactions with the Reformer.

Once you have finished speaking with Federo, he will change clothes and he and Sharp will have a final word:

Federo Endril: "Sharp, how could you of all people have picked clothes that smell this terrible?"
Sharp-as-Night: "Look, nothing will want to attack and eat you when you smell like that. Makes your new job a whole lot easier."

You can then speak with Sharp before going to find the cache:

"Let's go dig up that cache."
Do you think Federo is going to be all right?
"Before all this, he was a pampered Telvanni rank-climber. That's not an illness you recover from overnight.
We handled Reynila's unfinished business with him, and now we're on to more important things. It's up to him how he moves forward now."
Are you going to keep in touch with him?
"I haven't decided. It might be too dangerous, you know? Probably safer for him to make a clean break from all this.
But saying that makes me wonder if Reynila thought the same about me. If that's why she didn't try harder to find me."
Even if it's more dangerous, I think Federo would probably like it if you stayed in touch.
"He does seem the type to get lonely very easily. And he acts all put-upon when he does.
Maybe I will, then. For his sake. And only because you suggested it."

Before you dig up the cache:

"Don't know about you, but I'm ready to see what's in that cache."

When you get close to the location, which is just northeast of the Warrior Mundus Stone by Voljar Meadery, Sharp will say:

Sharp-as-Night: "Federo marked the map between those two boulders. Guessing it's just under the snow …."

You can then dig up the small chest which will contain three documents; Note from Gadri to Federo, Mysterious Letter to Federo and Another Letter from the Reformer. Read them all, and then speak with Sharp to tell him what you found and hand over the letters so he can read:

"Find anything worthwhile? Or do we need to go back and shake down Federo for something better?"
The first letter hints at the location of a secret lair and the key to it near Gnisis.
"Gnisis? Well, that's not too far. Let's see. Bridge, Dwemer ruins … I think I know the place. No hope of pronouncing it, though. I'll mark it on your map, and we can skulk around for a way inside.
Anything worthwhile in the other notes?"
The next one wasn't signed, but I think it's from Reynila.
"Reynila? Let me see.
Hm. I think you're right. She was the reason that Federo had somewhere safe to go when he needed to run. He protected me because she gave him a way to do so."
The last note must be from the Reformer. He's signed it with his real name.
"Hello, Sondivel Ulres. Let's see what a piece of work you are …."
Are you all right?
"Fine. He's a crazy Telvanni, but we knew that. Right?
Well, we have the approximate location of this lab of his and a key to get inside. Sondivel wants to meet in person so badly. Let's see if he's there."
If you're sure. Let's head to Vvardenfell and find that key.

If you try and talk to him again, he will refuse to talk about the last letter:

"The letter's not worth discussing. Let's just keep going."


Head to Vvardenfell, and then go to Arkngthunch-Sturdumz. When you near the bridge, Sharp will ask to talk to you:

Sharp-as-Night: "Here's the bridge. Let's talk."

Talk with Sharp to see how he wants to proceed:

"Let's see. Gnisis nearby, check. Bridge to some Dwarven ruins, check. Secret door, could be anywhere between here and the coast.
Look, instead of wasting our time searching, I have something that might help us."
What's that?
"I've got this little tracking spell I've been working on in my free time. Should be able to pick up on the trail we're looking for.
I'll need to concentrate on Federo's letter as I'm casting the spell. You'll watch my back while I do that, right?"
I can do that. Let's try out your spell.

Sharp crouches down and casts his spell:

Sharp-as-Night: "Give me a moment. Never tried this with someone watching me before."

Sharp's spell summons a vvardvark that emits a bright green glow and a ringing sound similar to that of a nirnroot, though not as loud.

Sharp-as-Night: "There we go. Quick! Follow it!"

As you follow it, he will encourage it:

Sharp-as-Night: "Come on, little one. Keep going."

As it nears its destination of Yasammidan, he comments:

Sharp-as-Night: "A Daedric shrine? Wonderful."

Speaking to him:

"I'm compiling a list of places I never want to go to again. This place is at the top."

After you loot the key from a coffer near the door, he'll say:

Sharp-as-Night: "Right. Nothing left to do but go inside."

If you speak to him, he ponders:

"I wonder if this lair is where the Reformer kept Dimik-ei before Reynila rescued her.
I wonder if it's somewhere I've been before."

When you enter the Reformer's Laboratory, Sharp will comment:

Sharp-as-Night: "The place looks deserted, but I don't feel like we're alone. There's something here."

If you talk to him, he'll say:

"Chains. Cages. Darkness.
Maybe forgetting a place like this isn't the worst thing."

Enter the Procedure Room, where there is an Argonian skeleton on a laboratory table with Sondivel's Journal.

As you were reading the journal, Sharp was drawn to a chunk of strange metal:

Sharp-as-Night: "What is this metal? When we came in here, I could almost … feel it."
<Sharp reaches out and touches it, there is a beat and he is then lifted off the ground and is surrounded by dark blue light.>
Sharp-as-Night: "What the—?"
<As he struggles, a projection of a Dark Elf in Telvanni Robes appears on the platform above the metal.>
Sharp-as-Night: "What the—?"
Sondivel Ulres: "Sharp? After all this time! Where are you? Who's that with you?"
Sharp-as-Night: "Stay back!"
Sondivel Ulres: "You touched the tyranite and I felt it, Sharp. I felt it! You're still attuned. Do you know what this means? Remember me. Remember us!"
Sharp-as-Night: "All I remember is wanting to kill you."
Sondivel Ulres: "That's right. And you're so close to being mine once more. Just a moment longer …."
Sharp-as-Night: "The metal—break the connection!"

You destroy the metal. Sondivel's projection vanishes, and Sharp drops to the floor, free again.

Sharp-as-Night: "We need to get out of here."

If you speak to Sharp, he will just want to leave:

"Let's get out of here. Please. We can talk outside."

Lead him outside and speak with Sharp:

"Sondivel Ulres. There is a bitterness to his name that I didn't taste before. I hated him. I'm sure of it.
And his lab was deserted, so we have nothing else to go on. What was that metal? Have you ever seen anything like it before?"
It's called tyranite calx. He's been using it on his slaves. What happened when you touched it?
"The Reformer had hold of me through that metal, somehow. Like he was trying to reunite me with a piece of myself that was trapped inside. It was a glimpse of my forgotten life. My memories.
I'm not making any sense, am I?"
Take a moment. You've been through a lot.
"I'll be fine. I just need to shake it off. Wasn't expecting him to just grab me like that.
That journal you found. Was it more of what we found in the letter?"
Yes. But he also wrote about "perfecting" the tyranite calx attunement sometime after your escape.
"Right. It's a connection that goes both ways.
If we can find more of that metal—that tyranite calx—there may be a way we can exploit it. That's it! If we find more, we can use it to track down Sondivel. Somehow."
We might need help with that.
"I'll reach out to Mevei. She sounded like she wanted to help us more, right? I'm not used to having people in my corner. Aside from you.
We're going to do this. No matter what it takes. We're going to be the Reformer's end."

After the end of the quest, he'll say this when you talk to him:

"Glad you were there to smash that stuff. That tyranite calx.
Why can't these wizards just name things in a normal way?"

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, he will say:

"We don't have much more than we started with at the beginning of this. But we have a name, and we're in no danger of running short on reasons to kill him.
And I'm glad we helped Federo, even if it's going to be quite the rough transition for him."
And you were able to resist Sondivel's magic. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

Dim and Distant Pasts[edit]

After you have reached a Close rapport with Sharp-as-Night, he will have received a message:

"A while back, I said I'd write Mevei about finding more of that metal we discovered in the Reformer's lab.
Well, she finally got back to me. Not about the metal, but about Dimik-ei. The one Reynila was helping escape when she … you know. Died."
The one who called you her brother, right? Is she all right?
"As far as I can tell. Mevei said she's been adjusting well to her new life. Didn't say where specifically, in case the letter got intercepted.
But Dimik-ei wants to meet. She's going to be in Shadowfen, in the marshes north of Alten Corimont."
Why does she want to meet?
"No idea. But I was thinking—what if she could give us information on where we can find the Reformer? She must know something about where he's hiding. Something that could help us track him down.
I agreed to meet with her. Will you come with?"
Yes, I'll go with you to Shadowfen to meet with Dimik-ei.
"Then we're off to the swamps. Wonderful.
Try not to catch anything. Unless it's fish."

If you would like a recap of what has gone before, you can ask him about Dimik-ei.

How well do you know Dimik-ei, again?
"I don't know her. She was the last one Reynila freed from the Reformer before she died.
We were enslaved under the Reformer together. The way she tells it, I was like a brother to her. But I don't remember any of that."
Have you thought about getting to know her? / So you don't know Dimik-ei. Have you thought about getting to know her?
"It sounds like she's settling in well to her new life. She's found her people, and I've got you.
I could try. I just don't want to disappoint her."
How would you disappoint her?
"I lost my memories years ago. The Sharp that Dimik-ei knew might be gone for good. His replacement isn't a ray of sunshine. I don't want to hurt her more. She's been through enough."
Have you been through Shadowfen much before?
"Before I met you? I used to pass through Stormhold every now and again. As far as cities go, it's not so bad.
Before that? No idea. Could be that I hatched in Shadowfen before the Reformer's slavers took me. But who knows."
Do you think much about your life before you lost your memory?
"Not anymore. Don't see the point.
I used to make up stupid stories about where I came from just to, I don't know, entertain myself. Chase off loneliness. Want to guess how many involved me being a slave? None. Not a single one."
What were the stories like?
"My favorite one was something about my parents not wanting to give me up to be a Shadowscale. So we lived on the run from the Dark Brotherhood trying to track us down and make me one of their assassins.
I told you it was stupid."
How did you lose your memory in this story?
"Oh, my parents begged some Spinner to rewrite my destiny at the cost of our memories of each other. Explains why I woke up in Valenwood. And despite everything, I became a merc anyway.
The irony and continuity were very important to me at the time."
Have you ever told anyone that before?
"Have I ever told the fanciful children's tale of my secret imaginary past to anyone else? Come on.
And it really is like a children's tale, so if you enjoyed it, just think about what that says about you."
Have you heard anything else from Mevei lately?
"I guess our finding her in Windhelm inspired her to pick up Reynila's work where it left off.
Sounds like a lot of work for her to take on alone. Hate to see her make the same mistake Reynila did."
Have you ever thought about helping her?
"I am helping! We're helping.
Killing the Reformer, cutting things off at the head—it's the only way I know how to help. And it'll help me sleep at night, knowing he's dead."
What about Federo? Any word on how he's faring in his new life?
"He wrote a while back. Plenty of griping, which I expected.
Asked if there was anything else he could do to help us, which I did not expect. Even offered to tag along. Can you believe that?"
Did you respond?
"No way! Our work is dangerous, and you know what he's like. He'd just get in the way. Or killed. Or hurt. And then we'd never hear the end of it.
Better if he just settles into some cushy little life somewhere. Not that it'll stop him complaining."

Dimik-ei's camp can be found very close to the Forsaken Hamlet Wayshrine in Shadowfen, just northwest of it. A copy of Reynila's Journal is on the ground.

She will hail Sharp as he draws near:

Dimik-ei: Kaj-kujei! And you brought your friend! Good.
Sharp-as-Night: Look, when you say kaj-kujei ….
Dimik-ei: I know—you don't remember being my brother. But what if I could make you remember?
Sharp-as-Night: "What are you talking about?"

If you speak to Sharp, he'll say:

Did she just say what I thought she said?
Talk to her, will you?

Speaking with Dimik-ei, she explains she had been going over Reynila's notes about the de-attunement process and believes that Sharp's memories are still within the tyranite calx. And those memories may have information about the location of Sondivel. She leaves the decision up to you and Sharp, but wants you to get a sample of the metal from the nearby Broken Tusk.

After you agree to look for some tyranite calx, Dimik-ei warns Sharp:

Dimik-ei: "Broken Tusk is home to cultists of Molag Bal. And worse, I've heard."
Sharp-as-Night: "Not a problem. Sit tight. We'll be back."

Before going to the Broken Tusk, you have the option of talking this over with Sharp:

"I get why Mevei didn't put this in her letter, but this is a big thing I've been ambushed with.
I didn't think I could get my memories back. I was going along fine without them. Now I'm getting a whole lifetime back in the span of an afternoon?"
Are you saying you don't want your memories back?
"I burned up any hope of finding my forgotten past a long time ago. I decided to move forward, and I haven't stopped since.
What if the Sharp I was hates the Sharp I've become? What if Dimik-ei is only doing this because she misses her kaj-kujei?"
You don't think she wants to help us find the Reformer?
"I guess she probably wants that as much as I do.
There's other things for me to consider. Other things I'd remember. Less pleasant things like the Reformer, and the years, and years, and years under his control."
I understand. I have some memories of my own that I wouldn't mind losing forever.
"I'm glad I have you to understand me.
I suppose we have to give Dimik-ei credit. She and I have lived nearly the same life, and she remembers all of it. I have to be as strong as her. I have to try. It's the only way we have of moving forward."
Let's get to Broken Tusk and find some tyranite calx.
Even if there were more bad memories than good ones, I'd want to get back as much as I could.
"I'm not used to looking at the world that way.
You're right. There's no way to value my past when I don't know exactly what I've lost. And if Dimik-ei can shoulder everything she's been through, then I should be strong enough, too."
Let's get to Broken Tusk and find some tyranite calx.

Speaking with him again, he will say:

"We might have to swim a bit to get to Broken Tusk.
I don't mind it, but I know swimming in crocodile-infested marsh water isn't everybody's cup of greef."

After crossing the water to Broken Tusk, Sharp-as-Night will want to stop and talk as you near the delve:

Sharp-as-Night: "Wait. We need to talk."

Speak with him to see what is on his mind:

"I'm just going to say what's on my mind because it's been eating at me the whole trip over.
I read through Reynila's notes. If we do this, and you're my conduit, you're going to experience my past memories with me. My whole lifetime."
Are you concerned about what I'll see?
"The thought of reliving the memories I have of Sondivel already has me digging my heels in the mud. But you'll have to suffer through them, too.
There's no one else I'd trust more with this, but you need to tell me if it's too much to ask of you."
This is the kind of thing friends are for, Sharp.
"Well, I didn't know that. This friendship thing is still new to me.
After it's done, I might need some time to process everything. You might look at me different. I might feel different. But I don't want anything to change between us. All right?"
I understand. Let's get going.
It's a lot to ask, but we don't have any other options.
"Point taken. Well, if it can't be done easy, at least we can try and get it done quick.
If you ever think of a way for me to make all this up to you, let me know. I don't want this to change things between us for the worse."
I understand. Let's get going.

If you speak to him again, he'll say:

"Let's not waste more time. Just go in and grab that metal, assuming Dimik-ei's hunch is right.
Hope there's not some mad cultists doing bizarre rituals."

Once inside the delve, he comments:

Sharp-as-Night: "Oh, look at that. The cultists are already dead. One less thing to worry about."

If you speak to him, he has three random lines:

"I got cornered in a pub once by some little Breton who tried to convince me to worship Sanguine.
Yeah, me. The life of the party."
"Always a sulfury stink that hangs around these Daedric shrines.
At least, I hope it's sulfur."
"You ever try drop-kicking a banekin? They fly a lot further than you think.
I'd show you, but there's not enough room in here."

As you walk through the delve, Sharp says:

Sharp-as-Night: "All these dead cultists served the Prince of Domination? I'm just stunned things didn't end well for them."
Sharp-as-Night: "The metal's here. Close. It's strange, I can almost feel it."

When you pick up the tyranite calx, Sharp says:

Sharp-as-Night: "Be careful with that. Let's get back to Dimik-ei."

If you speak with him here:

"Not thinking about the memories. Just thinking about when we get to destroy that stuff you're carrying."

Upon returning to the campsite, you are greeted by Dimik-ei:

Dimik-Ei: "You're back!"
Sharp-as-Night: "Told you we could handle ourselves. Did you miss us?"

Sharp will say this, if you talk to him:

"I don't even want to be stuck with my bad memories. I wouldn't wish them on you.
It might not even work. But it's the only lead we have—the only one we've had in ages. And there's no one else I'd trust with this besides you."

After speaking with Dimik-ei and letting her know you are ready to proceed, she will prompt you:

Dimik-Ei: ""Remember—it's just a test. A little starter memory."
Dimik-Ei: "When you're ready, friend of Sharp, put your hand to the metal."

If you talk to Sharp, he'll ask:

"You're not backing out now, are you?"

When you touch the tyranite calx, you will be transported to relive a memory of Sharp's. You will have the appearance of Sharp-as-Night, in prisoner rags. You are in a cage, with an open door. Sondivel Ulres is in front of you. The room is daedric-themed with purple lighting. Sondivel speaks when you move forward:

Sondivel Ulres: "Try your hardest to fight it, Sharp. It will help me ferret out any weaknesses."
Sharp-as-Night: "If I could tear you to pieces right now, you know I would."
Sondivel Ulres: "Sharp as ever. Now, feel the resonance. You should understand what I want you to do without me saying anything at all."
Sharp-as-Night: "It's the bucket, isn't it? Let's make a deal. I bring you the bucket, and then I get to drown you in it."

After you collect the bucket and bring it to Sondivel Ulres, he will ask questions about what Sharp felt during the test. However, you soon realize that it is not the memory of Sondivel you are talking with but the man himself. The conversation ends and the memory continues but after you splash Sondivel with the bucket, you hear Dimik-ei cry out for help.

You suddenly wake up and find yourself back at the camp, Dimik-ei is missing:

Sharp-as-Night: "Where is she? Where did she go?"

If you speak to him, he'll say:

"She's gone!"

When you examine Dimik-ei's Amulet, Sharp will say:

Sharp-as-Night: "She was wearing that amulet!"

A projection of Sondivel appears immediately after that with an offer:

Sondivel Ulres: "I felt your resonance, Sharp. Your resistance. Even with your little conduit."
Sharp-as-Night: "Dimik-ei. Where is she?"
Sondivel Ulres: "She's safe with me. The stars aligned so I would find you again. Submit yourself to me, Sharp, and I'll let her go. I'll let all my slaves go."
Sharp-as-Night: "What?"
Sondivel Ulres: "You are my price. Find me. I know you can. Submit to me. I know you will."
<The projection disappears>

Sharp will tell you what he plans to do next, once you complete the quest he'll also give you a personal letter and three Clam Gall:

"He said he felt my resistance. As soon as I saw him, I tried to resist. And it called him right to us.
And now, he has Dimik-ei. She was safe and free, and she just wanted to help us. It's all my fault."
You didn't know that would happen, Sharp. Even Dimik-ei thought it would be safe.
"We have to go after her, but that's exactly what he wants. He knows I can find him, because it's what I'm best at.
If we want to save her, we're playing right into his hands."
What do you think we should do?
"We have to save Dimik-ei. We have to find the Reformer, and we can't let him know we're coming.
I need time plan how we're going to do that. But when the day comes, be ready. I'm going to need your help."

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, he will say:

"Dimik-ei was just trying to help me. She wanted to see the end of Sondivel, and she wanted her brother back.
And I let her down in every possible way."
This isn't the end, Sharp. We can still save her. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

If you talk to him after the quest, he'll say:

"When we first met Dimik-ei, she said I'd made a promise I would come back and rescue her from the Reformer.
I'm going to make good on that promise. I just need time."

Light the Way to Freedom[edit]

After you have reached Allied rapport level with Sharp, he'll tell you:

"Remember I told you to be ready for the day we were going to find and kill the Reformer and rescue Dimik-ei?
Well, I hope you're ready. Today's the day."
What's our plan?
"I reached out to everyone I could think of to ask for help in finally finding this guy.
Mevei wrote back. She's asked us to meet in Reaper's March at the inn in Rawl'kha."
Was she the only one to respond?
"It wasn't a long list. After the Reformer took Dimik-ei, I was reluctant to ask anyone in the first place.
But Mevei's found a new lead, and she said we'll need to act on it quickly. Are you still with me on this?"
I'm with you. Let's meet Mevei in Rawl'kha.

You can ask him more if you want to:

"I remember our last real lead with Federo brought us to that abandoned lab of the Reformer. Mevei's lead may not be much more than that.
But it's something. And any step forward at this point is progress."
Do you really think this lead will get us to Dimik-ei?
"I have to hope so. But if it doesn't, we have to consider every option.
The Reformer made me an offer, if you remember. Turn myself in, and all his slaves go free."
You're not seriously thinking of accepting that offer?
"If I can't kill the Reformer, he'll hunt me forever.
Better that I alone satisfy his obsession, if it means Dimik-ei and the others can be free of him."
Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
"It better not. I haven't caught nearly enough trophy fish to consider myself a respectable angler yet.
And they always seem to bite more often when you're around."

As you draw near the Waxing Crescent Inn in Rawl'kha, you see two figures rise from a bench in front of the inn:

Mevei Andros: "Good to see you two again."
Sharp-as-Night: "You too—wait. Federo? Is that really you?"
Federo Endril: "Against my better judgment, yes. It's me. I'm here."

If you talk to Sharp, he'll keep watch while you talk to Mevei:

"You talk to Mevei. I'll make sure we don't have anyone following us."

Mevei explains Federo learnt that an old contact of his, Elistrenne Starflower has been working with Sondivel and has set up a slaving operation and lab in Senalana, an Ayleid ruin to north. She suggests you and Sharp check it out. You have the option of talking with Federo before discussing it with Sharp:

"Is this what it's like having friends? Helpful people coming out of the woodwork to give leads on how to track down and murder some tyrant slaver that stole my memories?
Not stole, but—you know what I mean."
Do you know anything about this Ayleid ruin, Senalana?
"Not much. I remember that note we found in the Reformer's old lab saying he'd only ever tested tyranite calx on Argonians before.
Based on the location of her hideout, I'm guessing this Starflower is setting up to go after Khajiit next."
Hopefully we can stop her before she gets the chance.
"I'm always suspicious of good fortune. But any day I get to gut a slaver is a good day.
I guess I shouldn't credit all our progress on luck. Really, it's you. What made you stop that day in Necrom to help me?"
Don't read into it. I was only looking for work.
"Heh. Guess we're more alike than either of us care to admit.
Then I'll just say … thanks. For helping me push this far, helping me end this, and letting me figure out who I really am along the way."
Let's get going to Senalana.
I try to help people. That's just the kind of person I am.
"All my years of wandering the world on my own, and I'd never met anyone who genuinely just wanted to help me before.
I guess I want to say thanks. For helping me figure out … not who I was. But who I am. Who I want to be."
I'm glad I could help. Now, let's get to Senalana.

If you speak with him again, he will summarize the plan:

"Senalana, kill the Starflower, then meet at Arenthia.
Let's move quickly. Dimik-ei's been on the leash of that rotten skeever for too long. She deserves the sun on her scales again."

When you get near the entrance to the lab in the northern part of Senalana, Sharp says:

Sharp-as-Night: "That's a starflower bloom, right there."

If you speak with her:

"Let's show this slaver how we negotiate."

As you enter, he'll add:

Sharp-as-Night: "Stay sharp. Dimik-ei's counting on us."

If Elistrenne Starflower is there, she will be hostile. If you kill her, Sharp will comment:

Sharp-as-Night: "Pity. She seemed so nice."

There are two objects in the room to examine, Elistrenne's Pack, which contains Starflower's Key and the Letter to Elistrenne Starflower.

Picking up the key:

Sharp-as-Night: "A key? That's promising."

After you've examined both items, you can talk to Sharp again:

"Don't tell me you've found another creepy note like before."
It gives the location of the Reformer's new hideout. And it sounds like he still has Dimik-ei.
"He does? Let me see. That's a relief.
This Starflower might have thanked us for sparing her the obligation of answering the summons of this spineless flat-head."
So you're ready to kill him?
"You saw that memory of mine. I've been ready for longer than I can even remember.
He needs to die. But as far as priorities go, saving Dimik-ei and any other slaves under Sondivel—that's more important."
Then let's go tell Mevei and Federo what we've learned.

After that, if you speak with him, he'll just remind you:

"Mevei said she'd meet us by the bridge outside of Arenthia. Let's get there quick."

As you draw to the Arenthia outskirts, Federo will hail you:

Federo Endril: "Sharp! Over here."
Sharp-as-Night: "We found your flowery hideout. And we have good news."

If you speak to Sharp before talking to Mevei, he'll say:

"Tell Mevei what we've learned."

After you have spoken with Mevei, the trio will have a conversation:

Mevei Andros: "When you're done, head south on the road from the Forgotten Crypts until you reach Narsis. We'll meet you there."
Federo Endril: "We've come a long way from doing jobs for House Telvanni, haven't we, Sharp?"
Sharp-as-Night: "Don't jinx it, Federo. The job's not over yet."

If you talk to Sharp after that, he'll say:

"So the Reformer's moved his operations to a crypt in Deshaan. Such an inviting prospect. I wonder if he's finished decorating yet?"

As you approach the Forgotten Crypts, Sharp will say:

Sharp-as-Night: "There's the Forgotten Crypts. With any luck, they'll have one more dead Dark Elf in them by the end of this."

When you enter:

Sharp-as-Night: "Hey, wait. Let's chat."

Chatting with Sharp:

"This place is a dangerous, winding maze. We could get killed just searching for the secret entrance.
Let's use a tracking spell to help us find it."
A tracking spell? Like the one you used to find the Reformer's other hideout?
"Surprised you remember that. This time, I'm going to use the essence of the tyranite calx and follow its natural resonance to find more nearby.
I figure where there's more, that's where we'll find Sondivel."
Where did you get a piece of tyranite calx?
"Spotted a fragment at Elistrenne's place. Didn't touch it. Kept it wrapped. Figured it might be useful to have.
Take it, and set it down in the ritual circle when I tell you to."
Are you sure this is safe?
"No. But if anything happens, I know you've got my back.
And if it alerts Sondivel that we're coming—good. I'd like to see him run. Let him feel like the prey for once. And more than that, I'd like to save Dimik-ei."
Let's do it.
Sharp-as-Night: "All right. Set down the metal in the circle and let me concentrate."

When you place the tyranite calx on the floor, a torchbug appears, with the same bright green glow and sound that his tracking vvardvark made in Between a Rock and a Whetstone.

When the torchbug first appears, Sharp says:

Sharp-as-Night: "A torchbug? Quick—don't lose it!"

If you talk to him, he'll add:

"This should work. And if it doesn't … I guess we'll have to turn over every corner of this crypt."

It leads you to a trap door to Sondivel's Lair in the back of the room where Fyrayn Telvanni can be found. Sharp says:

Sharp-as-Night: "There—a trap door. And I can feel the calx, like I did before. This is it."

If you talk to Sharp, he'll say:

"If I can kill Sondivel, I don't care if the rest of my memory never comes back. I'll remember that he's dead, and that will be good enough."

When you enter the lair, Sharp calls out:

Sharp-as-Night: "You sent for me, master?"
Sondivel Ulres: "Sharp! At last—but you should have come alone."
Sondivel Ulres: "Kill the other one, then bring Sharp to me. We've been parted so long. I can wait a moment longer."

Sondivel can be seen for a short time looking over the room from a platform that's too high to access, but walks off to the right immediately after commanding his minions.

If you talk to Sharp, he'll say:

"A little further, and soon this will all be just another memory."

A Salamander, a Reformer Magma Melder and a portal are in the first room (a.k.a. "Slaver's Den"). They are hostile, but it's not necessary to kill them if you can get past them without their noticing you. (If they do notice you, more monsters come out of the portal.) On the right side of the room is a door to Sondivel's Private Chamber. If you talk to Sharp inside the Chamber, he'll say:

"This is where he dies."

Sondivel stands in the middle of the room, hostile, but doesn't attack and doesn't speak. In the back of the room is a short cave-like tunnel. It leads to an exit to Deshaan that can't be activated while Sondivel lives. In the back left corner, there are two cages are occupied by Argonians. Xisli and Green-Twig slouch despondently in one cage; Dimik-ei stands in the other, with Shei-meena sitting on the ground.

When combat begins:

Sharp-as-Night: "Sondivel Ulres, Reformer, whatever you call yourself—you should have run."
Sondivel Ulres: "I don't want to hurt you, Sharp!"
Sondivel Ulres: "Such a poor use of your potential."
Sharp-as-Night: "What's the matter? This isn't how you imagined our reunion?"
Sharp-as-Night: "This is for everyone I'll never remember because of you."
Sondivel Ulres: "Wait! If you kill me, you'll never get your memories back!"
Sharp-as-Night: "Then they die with you."

When Sondivel goes down, he comes back as a Lurcher, and has to be killed again. After you've killed him the second time:

Dimik-Ei: "Do you feel that? The resonance—he's really gone!"
Sharp-as-Night: "Smash it. Burn it all. Sondivel's work dies with him. Everyone else walks free."

If you talk to Sharp, he'll say:

"He's gone. Let's make sure everyone else gets out of here."

You will need to open the cages, destroy the research and the tyranite calx. As you open one of the cages, Dimik-Ei will lead everyone else to safety:

Dimik-Ei: "I'll show the others the way out of here!"
Sharp-as-Night: "Head south when you reach the road. We'll meet you in Narsis."
<The four freed Argonians walk out the tunnel.>

If you talk to Sharp, he'll say:

"It's over. I don't have to spare a thought for him ever again.
Come on. Let's go meet our friends in Narsis."

You can go through the tunnel to leave the crypts, as you approach the group in Narsis, the following will happen:

Dimik-Ei: "Kaj-kujei! I mean—Sharp. I knew you'd come back for us."
Sharp-as-Night: "I promised I would, deek-nujei. Give me a moment, I want a word with my friend."

You can then speak with Sharp to complete the quest:

"All that time I spent worrying that I was going to be someone else when I got my memories back ….
Well, I guess it's safe to say I don't need to worry about that anymore."
I'm sorry we couldn't get them back for you, Sharp.
"I stopped caring about my memories the moment he took Dimik-ei. What use is remembering our past if she can't be part of my future?
And the Reformer doesn't get to live on in my memories. That's enough for me."
You're going to rebuild your relationship with Dimik-ei?
"I don't know if she'll ever know me the way that you know me, but it's worth trying.
She's a piece of my past. I was too focused on finding the Reformer to realize that. And now that he's gone, I have my whole life ahead of me."
Any thoughts on helping Mevei and Federo?
"Mevei and Federo can call on me whenever they need my skills. But I hope they'll call on me as friends, too.
Reynila wanted me to choose my own path. With Sondivel gone, thanks to you, I can finally do that. By your side, or finding my own way."

If you leave and return to the conversation before ending the quest:

"I was worried maybe I'd feel hollow after delivering Sondivel from this world. But I don't.
Instead, there's this … lightness. I wonder if Dimik-ei and the others feel it, too."
What's next for you, Sharp? Do you think you'll help out Mevei and Federo again?
"Mevei and Federo can call on me whenever they need my skills. But I hope they'll call on me as friends, too.
Reynila wanted me to choose my own path. With Sondivel gone, thanks to you, I can finally do that. By your side, or finding my own way."

The following conversation will happen afterwards:

Mevei Andros: "You did it? Sondivel Ulres, the Reformer—is no more?"
Federo Endril: "If anyone could do it, it's these two right here."
Sharp-as-Night: "He's dead. Burn any notes you have on his research so no one can pick up where he left off."
Dimik-Ei: "Of course. We'll never let what happened to us happen to anyone else. Right?"
Mevei Andros: "I'm never giving up Reynila's work. But you have a good life ahead of you. Try living it for yourself for a while, all right?"
Dimik-Ei: "Sharp, your memories—when he died, did anything come back to you?"
Sharp-as-Night: "No. Nothing. But it's all right. We'll make new ones."

When you talk to Sharp, he'll say:

"So, the memories of my past die with Sondivel, the Reformer. May we all forget his name in time.
But I have answers. More than that, I have Dimik-ei, and Federo and Mevei, and I have you. It's a lot more than I started with."
What's next for you, Sharp?
"Dimik-ei has found a place with her tribe. I think I might want that for myself someday.
But not today. Probably not anytime soon. So I guess your question should be—what's next for us?"
All right. What's next for us?
"I'll trust you to make that decision. You already know I'll follow you to Oblivion and back.
But I think we've earned a break. I wouldn't say no to a little fishing."
I'll see what we can do.

Chronicle of Fate[edit]

If you completed The Double Edge prior and don't have Sharp-as-Night summoned, he will attend the gathering at the Necropolis:

"Hey, merc. Looks like you've been keeping busy.
Didn't know the people of this peninsula had it in them to show this kind of gratitude. Color me surprised. But I'd say you earned it."
What are your thoughts on parties, Sharp?
"Haven't been to many. I suspect they're not really my thing.
I hoped there'd be fewer people. And more food and drinks. But you're here, so it's not a complete waste of time."
Thanks, Sharp. It's good to see you.

Necrom Main Quest Commentary[edit]

If you have Sharp-as-Night accompany you for the following quests, he will have comments at the conclusion:

Quest Sharp's Commentary
Keeper of the Fate "Shame to get that curate dragged into all this. He seems young and in over his head."
Fate's Lost Dream "Scruut seems all right. Certainly more personable than some people I've worked with before."
Spirit of Fate "You're really gonna have to carry around that soul gem with the—he can hear me, can't he? … Never mind."
Fate's Proxy "I like the efficiency. I like getting paid. But as someone who should have asked more questions on the last job I did on my own—you trust Leramil, right? Just want to make sure."
A Hidden Fate "All that stuff you hear about Apocrypha containing horrors beyond mortal comprehension …. Those horrors seemed pretty comprehensible to me."
Conclave of Fate "If I wasn't with you, I would have thought that was the normal way for a meeting of Telvanni masters to go."
A Calamity of Fate
An Unhealthy Fate "Nirn is lucky we have someone like you looking out for bad things happening in realms outside of this one. Can't say for sure if we deserve it, but we're lucky all the same."
Chronicle of Fate "Forgotten Prince? Do you think Torvesard …. Nope. Nevermind. I'm not curious. Curiosity just gets people killed." (After speaking with Hermaeus Mora)
"I don't know how you go back to your everyday life after something like this. I'd say that I'm glad it's over, but I can't imagine these Daedric Princes are done with you yet." (Completing Quest)

Companion Dialogue[edit]

Much of Sharp's companion dialogue with you will depend on your current Rapport with him. The following sections list his known dialogue:


When you talk with him, you can do the following:

  • Access the Companion Menu and customize his abilities etc.
  • Ask how he feels about you.
  • Ask about him.
Cordial/Friendly Close/Allied/Companion Wary/Irritated/Disdainful
"What?" "What?" "What?"
"What can I do?" "What's your worry?" "Yes?"
"Let's hear it." "I'm with you." "Hm?"
"Need something?" "I'm listening." "What now?"
"What do you need?" "Something on your mind?" "Spit it out."

"Let's talk about our partnership."[edit]

With this option, you can ask about his feelings towards you and about himself. His initial response varies according to rapport:

(at "Cordial / Friendly" rapport)"

  • "I guess we could do that."
  • "Uh... sure."

(at "Close / Allied / Companion" rapport)

  • "Mushy stuff, huh? All right."
  • "Fine. Only because it's you asking."
How do you feel about our friendship? (Cordial to Companion)
Cordial/Friendly Close Allied Companion
"Why, are you getting tired of me? If you are, just be straight with it. I've got thick scales." "Friendship is a strong word. But not inaccurate." "I'm not good with feelings. You know that. I like you. I like what we get up to together." "Come on, do I have to say it? You could run straight into Oblivion or worse, and I'd be right there with you."
"I think you're good at what you do, and with me, you're even better." "I'm not used to watching someone else's back. Or having them watch mine. I don't hate it." "You seem the type to have a lot of friends in a lot of places. Don't know why I'm one of them, but I'm glad I am." "Didn't ever think I'd spend so much time traveling with another person. I'm glad it's you."
"We make a good team. Anyone can see that." "Steel sharpens steel. We make each other better." "I'll just say that I don't often cross paths with people I'm glad to meet. You might be the first." "Trust always seemed like something I'd never find with another person. But like most good things in my life, I found it with you."
"I'm not always the most productive when I tag along with you, but it seems like time well spent." "Look, if I'm quiet, don't take it the wrong way. I went a long time without having someone around to share my thoughts with."
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)
How do you feel about our relationship? (Wary to Disdainful)[verification needed — dialogue needs to be confirmed]
Wary Irritated Disdainful
"I'm here out of obligation. That's it." "I can't decide if I don't care for people, or I just don't care for you. Probably both." "I don't like mouthing off to half-cocked adventurers. So I'll just stay quiet."
"The less we have to say to each other, the better." "You ask too many questions. Say less and maybe I'll like you more." "I feel like I knew someone like you before I lost my memory. Someone I'm happy to forget."
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)
Tell me something about yourself.
"Fishing is the closest I get to relaxing. And it always seems like I get better bites when sharing a fishing spot with someone else. So if you ever want to cast some lines together, I can think of worse ways to spend our time."
"I don't really care about appearances. You always look fine to me. If you like to pamper yourself, just do it on your own time, all right?"
"Look, if I see an enchantment on your weapon or armor run low, I'm going to call it out. I'd want someone to do the same if it were me."
"I don't mind if you pick a few pockets here and there. Just make sure it's from someone who deserves it. Not someone who's just trying to get by, or who works hard like you and me.
Oh, and don't get caught."
"I'll never stop saying it: repair your gear. Pay someone, or get a kit and do it yourself. If you get caught somewhere with broken gear, I'm not gonna be happy."
"I don't like ghosts, ghouls, spirits, what have you. I'm always trying to get them to cross over. Move on. I'm stubborn, but when I leave this world someday, there's no way I'm coming back to cry and moan about my unfinished business."
"I know I'm not the most sociable person to have around. Believe it or not, I'm worse if I haven't eaten in a while. From experience, keeping yourself fed is just another way of staying prepared for anything."
"I hate, hate fabricants, automatons, Clockwork creatures - whatever you want to call them. Hate the brass. Hate the clicking. Love to see them in pieces."
"I don't like seeing things go to waste. I'd rather you sell something than destroy it. I hear guilds are good for that sort of thing, but I wouldn't know."
"I'll do my best to let you know if we pass by something worth looting or collecting. Always stuns me how often people leave perfectly good resources just lying around. Especially if you can use it to craft something useful, like poison."
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)


As a companion, Sharp will remark on various situations during your travels.

When summoned:

  • "Got here as quick as I could."
  • "Let's get it done."
  • "Well? I'm here."
  • "Let's get out there."
  • "Back at it again."
  • "What are we up to today?"
  • "Not sick of me yet?"
  • "Let's take a trip off the main roads."
  • "Ready to move out."
  • "On the hunt."

When you are idle:

  • "When I stay too long in one place like this, people tend to approach me. And if I slip up and make eye contact, they ask me things. Directions. If I'm selling something. How I'm doing. It's why I always try to keep on the move."
  • "Hard to find my place in this world. The Thieves Guild is run by incompetents. Fighters Guild, too social. I'm too dumb to join the Mages Guild. Too smart to join the Undaunted. Too sane to join the Dark Brotherhood. For now, I guess I'm stuck with you."
  • "I hate salvaging good books. Never want to get rid of them, but they're a pain to lug around. I like finding bad books, then recommending them to people. Always makes me laugh."
  • "People talk about finding someone you could share long, companionable silences with. Didn't know what that'd be like until ... well, just now."
  • "Did a job once collecting Nordic Barnacles for this Imperial provisioner. Said it was for some holiday she called Fishing Day. Never heard of it before, but I think it ought to catch on. Actually, I take it back. Every day should be Fishing Day."
  • "You ever look at a guar? I mean, really look at a guar? They've got those clawed little hands tucked up there ... You think I'd get bit if I just grabbed one of those little clawed hands? Probably what I'd do if someone grabbed my hand."
  • "Found out the hard way that I still know a bit of Jel from my life before. Ended up snorting my drink all over someone who asked me to be their uxith-beeko for the night at some tavern in Helstrom. Haven't been back since."
  • "I used to think companionship was having someone to outrun if something dangerous was chasing me. Never thought I'd meet someone who'd just face the danger with me."

When Sharp levels up:

  • "Didn't think I had much more to learn. Guess you're proving me wrong."
  • "Picking up a lot from you, lately. It's paying off."
  • "Getting stronger every day."
  • "Always room for improvement."

When you level up:

  • "You earned it."
  • "Didn't think you could get any stronger."
  • "Impressive."
  • "Look at you."
  • "Always finding room for improvement."

When starting combat:

  • "Let's end them!"
  • "Get 'em!"
  • "Give 'em a fight."
  • "You're gonna regret this."
  • "You should've run!"
  • "This one's mine."
  • "You wanna die? Fine."
  • "You asked for it."
  • "Let's see what you're made of."
  • "Got your back."
  • "Let's make this quick."
  • "Never a dull moment."
  • "Let's knock some heads."
  • "You're dead!"
  • "I've got your back. Let's do this!"
  • "(Intimidating shout)"
  • "(Aggravated growl)"
  • "Watch it!"
  • "Let's go."
  • "Counter this!"

When ending combat:

  • "That'll teach them to cross us."
  • "You weren't keeping score, were you? ... Me neither."
  • "Skill issue."
  • "Wasn't gonna end any other way."
  • "Better luck next time. Oh wait."
  • "Who's better than us? Nobody."
  • "And down they go."
  • "Stay ready. Never know what else might be headed our way."
  • "Over so soon?"
  • "That's it?"
  • "Got to be better than that to stop us."
  • "You good? Of course you are."
  • "Should have been more prepared."
  • "Who's next?"
  • "No surprises there."
  • "And just like that, it's over."
  • "Give it a rest!"
  • "Psh. Easy."

When starting a boss fight:

  • "About time we faced an actual challenge."
  • "You're not prepared for a fight with us."
  • "Enjoy your last moments. Or don't. I don't care."
  • "You won't live to regret this!"
  • "It's over for you."

When defeating a boss:

  • "Finally. Some quiet."
  • "Tsh. I'd be mad if I went out like that."
  • "That's what I thought."
  • "Another notch in our belt."
  • "There's something worth bragging about."
  • "And stay down."

When completing a World Event:

  • "I feel like we could've kept at that all day."
  • "That was great. When's the next one?"
  • "They just kept coming. Glad you know what you were doing."

When starting a Dragonscour:

  • "Hope we're getting paid for this. It's gonna be rough!"
  • "Get ready! That thing's lethal from every angle!"
  • "Let's skin this big lizard!"

When completing a Dragonscour:

  • "We took down a dragon! Bet we could make a living doing just that."
  • "Well, it's over. Let's find another one and do that again!"
  • "That wasn't easy. But if it were, everyone would be doing it."

When Sharp uses Crimson Font / an Undaunted skill:[verification needed — see talk page]

  • "I'm with you. Let's do this."
  • "Together? You got it."[verification needed — see talk page]

When Sharp uses an ultimate:

  • "Face my better nature!"
  • "Let's see how you handle this!"
  • "(battle roar)"

When Sharp is low on health:

  • "I'm about to dry out."
  • "Might have to go on without me."
  • "I'm hurt."
  • "Got to hang on."
  • "Can't hold on much longer."

When Sharp is healed out of critical health:

  • "(battle cry) Still standing!"
  • "(groan) Much better!"
  • "Never gonna get used to that."
  • "Heh. Second wind!"

When Sharp is resurrected:

  • "That was embarrassing."
  • "I owe you for that."

When you resurrect another player:

  • "You're more generous than me."

When seeing an ally die:

  • "NO!"
  • "If you don't get up, I'm taking your stuff!"
  • "You're too tough to go out like this!"
  • "I'm not doing this without you. Get up!"
  • "Don't give out on me now!"
  • "No. Not like this."
  • "Watch it! I can't pick you up!"

When you are crowd controlled:

  • "Focus!"
  • "Ground yourself!"
  • "Shake it off!"
  • "Hey! Stay with me!"

When you are standing in a hostile ground effect:

  • "Don't just stand there!"
  • "Roll out of there!"

When successfully interrupting an enemy:

  • "Hit 'em twice for flinching!"
  • "HA! Got 'em!"
  • "Good! Now make 'em bleed!"
  • "They're all yours!"

When you use an ultimate:

  • "Go wild!"
  • "Give them everything you've got!"
  • "Yes!"
  • "That's right. Make them pay!"
  • "Show them who they messed with!"
  • "Show them what you're made of!"

When you are low on health:

  • "You need a potion, quick!"
  • "You're bleeding out!"

When you are low on magicka:

  • "Your spells are all dried up. Watch it!"
  • "You packed a potion for this, right?"
  • "Looking drained, merc. Top yourself off!"

When you are low on stamina:

  • "Don't give out on me now!"
  • "Don't slow down now!"

After killing a Fabricant or Dwarven Construct:

  • "Broke it down for parts."
  • "Can't stand all that clicking."
  • "Found the off switch."
  • "Ugh. Sets my teeth on edge."
  • "Get rusted."

After killing a Ghost:

  • "Move on, already!"
  • "This world's done with you."
  • "Should've crossed over instead of crossing me."
  • "Haunt someone else, why don't you."

When killing multiple enemies in quick succession:

  • "Damn. I'm glad I'm on your side."

When you harvest a node:

  • "Building up a stash? Good thinking."
  • "You could craft something nice with that."
  • "You could brew something nice with that." only for alchemy nodes
  • "You know what that's good for? Eh, you'll figure it out."
  • "Better overstocked than under."
  • "Good eye."
  • "Always worth stocking up."
  • "Good to get stocked up."
  • "Been on the lookout for that."
  • "Useful. Hold on to that."

When spotting a heavy sack:

  • "I see something nice. Yours for the taking."
  • "(whistle) I see something shiny."
  • "Loot there. Don't pass it up."
  • "Treasure? Must be our lucky day."
  • "See that? Probably something useful in there."

When you loot a heavy sack:

  • "Can't believe someone just left this here."
  • "Is there any better feeling than finding free stuff?"
  • "Heh. Ours now."
  • "A whole stack? Very nice."
  • "Always nice to get stocked up."

When you loot a chest:

  • "Someone left this here? It's yours now."
  • "Their loss. Our gain."
  • "That jingle of coins. Always a comfort."
  • "You gonna share? Just kidding. I wouldn't either."
  • "Plenty you can do with that."
  • "Anything good?"

When you loot an Epic item or better:

  • "That's gotta be worth some good coin."
  • "How'd you get so lucky?"
  • "Huh! You get all the luck."
  • "Treasure? Must be our lucky day."
  • "Plenty you can do with that."
  • "Well, look at that."

When you dig up a treasure chest:

  • "Don't spend that all in one place."
  • "Surprised that didn't lead to some kind of trap."

When you loot a monster trophy:

  • "Can't think of anyone more deserving."
  • "Hey, look at that! You earned it."
  • "Big beast. Big loot."

When you destroy an item:

  • "If you were just going to do that, why pick it up in the first place?"
  • "Hey, hey. Why are you throwing away perfectly good coin?"

When your weapon's enchantment reaches below 25% charge:

  • "Find a soul gem for that weapon of yours soon."
  • "Re-up that enchantment before you're caught without it."
  • "That weapon of yours can't hold out much longer."

When your weapon's enchantment runs out of charge:

  • "You've got to watch those enchantments of yours more closely."
  • "That enchantment of yours has run dry."
  • "Take care of that enchantment. Don't let it get to that point next time."

When you charge a weapon's enchantment:

  • "Charged up? Then we're ready to go."
  • "Nothing like that freshly-charged feeling."
  • "Good looking out, recharging that."

When your gear reaches below 20% durability:

  • "That gear of yours won't hold out much longer."
  • "Got a repair kit? You're looking a little worse for wear."
  • "Your gear is looking pretty rough."

When your gear breaks:

  • "You trying to get run through? Fix that gear of yours!"
  • "Fix your gear! You're better than that."
  • "Patch up that gear, if you know what's good for you."

When you repair:

  • "Preparation. Love to see it."
  • "Staying on top of repairs. I like it."
  • "Good on you. You're ready for anything."

When you consume a meal:

  • "Should keep you on your toes for a while."
  • "Sated and ready to take on the world, huh?"
  • "I always find myself in a better mood after a meal."
  • "Looking stronger already."

When fishing:

  • "Never a bad time to cast some lines."
  • "No such thing as a wasted day so long as we go fishing."
  • "Even if I don't get any bites, watching them dart around--I don't know. It relaxes me."
  • "People say fish smell bad. I say anything smells bad if you leave it out long enough."
  • "Once had a new angler ask me the best time to fish. Easy answer, I said. It's right now."
  • "I usually throw back the small ones. Always wonder if they're thankful that today's not their day."

Catching a green or better fish:

  • "Couldn't have landed that better myself."
  • "Great catch! See if you can hook another."
  • "Now that's the type of catch worth bragging about."
  • "Impressive. See? Work is for people who don't know how to fish."
  • "Gorgeous catch. If it wasn't worth so much, I'd say let's eat it right here."

When you make a poison:

  • "If you put that on a weapon, just be careful not to nick yourself. I'm speaking from experience, here."
  • "That'll leave someone reeling. Nice work."
  • "Good to have that up your sleeve. Just in case."
  • "Heh. Spicy."

When near a cooking fire:

  • "Good thinking. Let's thaw out a little before we get moving again."
  • "Resting up before I'm ready to fall over. That's new."

After using an outfit station:

  • "If someone's set on killing you, no outfit is going to change that."
  • "You look fine. Really."
  • "It's just going to get messed up the first scrap we get into."

When you pickpocket a beggar or laborer:

  • "If you're going through the trouble, why not pick the pocket of someone who deserves it?"
  • "At least take from someone who deserves it."
  • "Picking at bones is a waste of time."

When you pickpocket a fisher:

  • "Didn't realise you meant this kind of fishing. Hmph."
  • "Might be better off trying your luck at the end of a line."
  • "I don't like this."

When you pay your bounty to a guard:

  • "Not even gonna put up a fight?"

When you enter a city:

  • "Let's just do what we came here for and get out of here."
  • "Can't even hear myself think here."
  • "Ah. People. Great."
  • "Watch your pockets."
  • "Is it always this crowded?"

When near a striking locale:

  • "You know? I don't hate it."
  • "I never noticed places like this when I was on my own."
  • "Well, it sure is something. Now what?"
  • "It's nice to look at, sure. But let's not let it slow us down."
  • "I've seen this place marked on maps. Never would have sought it out on my own."
  • "We hiked all the way out here for this? ... I guess it's not so bad."
  • "I could see us resting here. Just for a moment, though."

When you use a mount:

  • "I'm with you."
  • "Let's move."
  • "Let's ride."
  • "Ready."
  • "Here we go."
  • "Hup!"
  • "Ready to ride."

When you use a multi-rider mount:

  • "Where are you taking me?"
  • "If I nod off, nudge me when we get there."
  • "(Nervous chuckling) Here we go."

When you approach a delve:

  • "This looks nice and inviting. You ready?"
  • "Might get rough in here. I've got your back."
  • "Eyes up? Weapons ready? We've got this."
  • "Baddies in here. Probably goodies, too. Keep an eye out."
  • "I'd rather explore the nastiest delve than the nicest city. Let's go."
  • "Looks like a quick little adventure. I'm game."

When encountering a Hist:

  • "You hear that? It's like whispering, or ... I don't know. I've never heard anything like it. It's probably just my imagination."
  • "I don't have a mind or a mouth for poetry, but there's something about being near Hist trees. It's like I want to ... sing? Not going to, for your sake. It's just strange."
  • "These trees really can grow in all sorts of places, can't they? All they need is proper maintenance from someone who cares enough to see them thrive."

When you visit Stormhold:

  • "I read somewhere that Stormhold was used in the slave trade to Morrowind. Not too long ago, in fact. Guess that's something Stormhold and I have in common."
  • "I met some mercenaries on the north side of town here once. Sometimes I think I'd have fallen in with them if I wasn't so busy running around with you."
  • "Ah, Stormhold. Half the guard spends their time in the Outlaws Refuge, and all the mud huts and collapsing ruins makes it feel more like a big campsite than some crowded city. I don't hate it."

When you visit Lilmoth:

  • "Someday, when I'm ready to settle down and make roots somewhere, I think it'll be here. It's not exactly rife with opportunities for coin, but there's plenty of everything else. The important stuff."
  • "The locals really just talk about anything here, don't they? Don't care who might be listening. Ah, what a funny place."
  • "No authorities. No castles. No mushroom towers. No crowds. And it's far away from everything. I mean, really—what's not to like about Lilmoth?"

When you visit Elden Root:

  • "Wood elves are mad for plenty of things, but I think they got it right when they started building cities out of trees. Why use stones and backbreaking labor to do what nature does a thousand times better?"
  • "After I woke up without my memories, that graht-oak was the beacon that eventually led me to civilization. In some strange way, coming here almost feels like coming home."
  • "You know, if you need some practice at picking pockets, the Outside Inn is a great place to learn."

Talking to M'aiq the Liar:

  • "Hehehe. I love this guy. There's something comforting about knowing exactly when someone's pulling your tail."
  • "Well, if this isn't my second favorite Khajiit." (when playing as a Khajiit)

Winning a Tales of Tribute match:

  • "Impressive."[verification needed — see talk page]
  • "Look at you."

Completing a Necrom World Boss daily quest:

  • "When we get paid for something we're good at, it's like we're not even working."
  • "Ordinators couldn't take care of it, huh? Shame. We did just fine."
  • "Well, that was a good warm-up. What's next?"
  • "Just keep knocking them down. That's how we stay in business."

Completing a Morrowind Ashlander daily quest (either quest can be completed):

  • "Sure, these jobs are a bit out of the way, but they always feel worth doing."
  • "If only the rest of Morrowind lived like these Ashlanders. Still wouldn't see fit to call the place home, but it'd be far more bearable to visit."
  • "The Huntmaster considers you a clanfriend? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, I'm just ... what is this feeling? Jealousy? Am I jealous?"
  • "Straightforward, respectable work. Can't ask for much more than that."

When using the Battered Bear Trap memento:

  • "I'm more of a hunter than a trapper. Just make sure whatever you catch doesn't go to waste."

When using the Dream Amulet of Argon memento:

  • "Seeing that makes me feel ... heavy. I can't explain why. It just does."

When using the Hidden Pressure Vent memento:

  • "Ack! Stop! What the—! Grr, you know I hate those things."

When using the Questionable Meat Sack memento:

  • "Look, I'm all for scavenging, but I would not eat that. And I am not cleaning up after you."

After selecting the Skeleton polymorph:

  • "Hehehehe. Think of the people we'd scare off if we could both do that."

After selecting the Clockwork Curator polymorph:

  • "If that wasn't you in there, I'd break you down, melt your parts, and sell you at a markup."

When summoned for the first time after completion of Darkest Before the Dawn achievement:

  • "I sent you a little something. Don't make a big deal out of it."

On a Morndas morning:

  • "Ugh. Morndas, am I right? ... is it Morndas? I don't know what day it is.


Solitary mercenary Sharp-as-Night isn't used to company, but if you invite him into your home, this warden will leave his icy demeanor at the door. Mostly. Talk to him to hear his unfiltered thoughts, or set him on a path to let him wander your estate.
Type Houseguest
Acquired From Complete Light the Way to Freedom

You will earn the ability to have him as a houseguest once you've completed Light the Way to Freedom.

Houseguest Dialogue[edit]

When placed within your home, he will say one of the following lines when spoken to:

  • "Some drunk Nord once ask me why I bothered fishing from dry land when my kind was so good at swimming. He insisted I'd catch way more that way. I called him an idiot, but it still haunts me. What if he's right?"
  • "Always found it funny how curious people get about what happened to the Dwemer. How they just up and disappeared one day. I hope they find out, so maybe they can do the same."
  • "Life's a grind, then you die. Bad things come for you whether you want them to or not. So you have to fight your hardest to survive and seek out the good in the world. What little of it there may be."
  • "Whatever situation I'm in, I always assume the worst is going to happen. It means I'm forced to prepare for anything, and when I'm past it, I'm either right or pleasantly surprised."
  • "I try not to think too much about who I was before my memories got ripped from me. I mean, what's more scary — the thought that I was someone completely different? Or that I was exactly the same?"
  • "There's so many deities and divines in the world, I don't know who I'd worship even if I wanted to. If somebody thinks I should follow them, they should give me a sign. Let me know. Except Daedra. I'm not nearly that desperate."
  • "I got it in my head once to get into antiquity hunting. Thought I could get rich. Turns out I do not have the patience to dig around in the dirt all day. Came as a surprise to me, too."
  • "I read somewhere that spiders are the leading cause of death in Tamriel. So if I see a spider in here, I'm killing it. No need to thank me."
  • "Don't worry — if I go fishing, I'll eat my catches before they stink up the place. Don't even need to cook them. Unless you'd like me to share."
  • "I'm trying to get better at Tales of Tribute. I just can't understand how some people play whole entire games without the Crows patron. If you can't rake in piles of gold every turn, what's the point of playing at all?"
  • "I don't react well to people touching me. Doesn't matter the intention. Especially if it's a surprise. Think twice about putting a friendly hand on my shoulder, unless you'd like to lose it."
  • "Can't say this beats sleeping on a bridge somewhere. But it's a fine enough place."[nb 1]
  • "Seems like the less you care about something, the better it seems to go. Ever notice that? Hmm. Maybe it's just me."
  • "You ever notice how different homes have distinct smells? All depends on who's living there. This place, it's... tolerable. Nice, even. If it wasn't, you wouldn't catch me staying here."
  • "It's a nice place. If I didn't know who lived here, sure, I'd probably try robbing it."
  • "Got some new spells I'd like to practice, but I'm thinking I shouldn't do it here. The last one I tried caused a landslide. Don't want to cause any problems."
  • "I get a little stir-crazy if I go too long without feeling the wind at my back. Might take off on my own for a bit, if nobody's around."
  • "I'm not known for relaxing, but sometimes I'll let myself bird watch for a bit. I'll take notes of the types I see in different places. Even tried sketching them once, but the results were pitiful. So bad you couldn't even tell they were birds."
  • "Mevei and Federo. Who would have thought they'd be the ones lighting the way forward? And when they need someone with my set of skills, I'll be right there with them."
  • "I used to respect House Telvanni for refusing the Ebonheart Pact. Thought it was smart, staying out of a war. Now I know: just because you agree with someone, it doesn't mean you're on the same side."
  • "Dimik-ei's been writing me. She's been explaining these elaborate inside jokes we used to have together. I don't remember them, but when I read about them, I feel a strange warmth in my chest. Maybe the good parts of what I lost aren't truly gone."
  • "I wish I'd learned to play a musical instrument at some point. I like music. Even like dancing, too. When nobody's watching."
  • "The Forgotten Prince? Doesn't narrow it down, in my case. I'd just as soon forget them all."


Once you complete the Darkest Before the Dawn achievement with Sharp-as-Night, he will soon send you a letter along with Sharp's Handmade Fishing Lure.

Don't Lose This

I'll keep this short. I made you something. Carved it myself. The enchantment's pretty crude, but it's mine too. Been testing it out, and there's not a fishing spot in Tamriel or beyond where this won't have better fish biting faster.

I prefer your company more than anyone else I've met in this world, but seasons change, and all roads diverge eventually. For when that happens, and you're in need of some solace on the end of a fishing line, I hope this helps.

Good hunting (and fishing),


PS: The feather on it is one of mine. Sorry if that's weird. It's what I had on me when I was making it.