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ON-icon-fish-Slaughterfish.png Master Fisher
Type Fishing Achievements
Points 50
Dye Slaughterfish Flesh PinkSlaughterfish Flesh Pink
Title Master Angler
Furnishing(s) Fishing Vessel (0002500025,000 Gold)
Complete all fishing achievements.

Master Fisherman is awarded for completing all of the Fishing achievements in all of the Alliance zones, as well as Coldharbour and Cyrodiil. Note that unlike the 3 Alliance Fisherman achievements, this one does require the 3 fish found in the Starter zones. Fishing achievements relating to Craglorn, DLC, and holiday events are not required. There are a total of 60 fish required for each of the Alliance Fisherman achievements, as well as 3 more for the Starter zones, and 12 each for Coldharbour and Cyrodiil, for a grand total of 207 fish that need to be caught in order to complete this achievement. This achievement will allow you to purchase a Fishing Vessel for your house. It costs 0002500025,000 Gold and can be purchased from Narwaawende in Elden Root, Wayrest, and Mournhold.