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Find out more about the former guild rackets a new merchant lord has his eyes on.
Faction: Thieves Guild
Quest Giver: Andarri, Thrag
Location(s): Abah's Landing, No Shira Citadel, Iron Wheel Headquarters
Prerequisite Quest: Cleaning House
Next Quest: A Flawless Plan
Reward: Unidentified Bahraha's Curse Leg Armor
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold
10 Thieves Guild RepReputation
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5532
Eavesdrop on people in Abah's Landing to investigate the blackmailing
Zeira has concerns about an ambitious merchant lord named Cosh. She wants to learn if his interests overlap with those of the Thieves Guild.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Zeira in the Thieves Den.
  2. Meet Walks-Softly at the harbor in Abah's Landing.
  3. Investigate the captain of The Dreamsnake.
  4. Meet with Quen.
  5. Investigate the Imperial client of a local dockyard boss.
  6. Find Velsa at Spotless Goods Shipping Concern.
  7. Obtain a disguise from Percius Loche or steal it from Sailor's Rest.
  8. Head to the merchant camp outside No Shira Citadel.
  9. Gain access to the Iron Wheel Headquarters.
  10. Find out how Cosh is connected to the Iron Wheel.
  11. Escape the Iron Wheel Headquarters and return to the Thieves Den.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After you've helped a Khajiit obtain his warehouse back, either Andarri or Thrag will direct you to speak with guildmaster Zeira. Talk to her about her next plan of action: Soon after Velsa rejoins the guild, Zeira will call you back to the Den.

"There you are! Remember Velsa's friend, Silver-Claw? He is quite grateful you recovered his ledger.
Seems he kept his ears open for word of that merchant lord, "Cosh.""
What does the Thieves Guild care about Cosh?
"If Cosh took over Silver-Claw's warehouse, he's grabbing the rackets we used to control. And if he's after our old business, there's a good chance he's hungry for even more.
Skooma trade, slavery … things we never touched."
What do you want me to do?
"Before we give Cosh a swift kick to the coin purse, I want you to find out just how dirty his hands are.
I sent the others ahead to do some groundwork. Start with Walks-Softly—look for him near the harbor."
All right, I'll look for Walks-Softly.

Suspected Blackmail[edit]

As everyone else is busy with their own tasks, Zeira wants you to meet up with Walks-Softly. Head out the eastern entrance and head to the docks— Walks-Softly is sitting on a barrel, staring at the seas with an unusual egg in hand.

"You're right on time. What did our esteemed guildmaster tell you?"
Zeira said she sent you ahead to do some groundwork.
"Good, because I found something. The captain of the Dreamsnake was always interested in making fast coin. She's sloppy, even for a pirate, which makes her a perfect target for Cosh.
She and I have … unpleasant history. Best I keep away from her."
All right. What do you need me to do?
"She's meeting a contact nearby. She's prone to boast—why not find a quiet place to hear what she has to say?
But the captain is a creature of habit. She used to keep documents secured in the Dreamsnake. Try there, if you don't care to eavesdrop."
I'll see what I can find out.
"Find what you can. After that, meet Quen near the harbor. She has her own task and will no doubt need your assistance."

Walks-Softly wants you to confirm a theory of his: that The Dreamsnake's captain is a prime candidate for Cosh's blackmail. At this point, you can choose how to figure this out: either listen in on the captain's meaning or steal her logs.

If you decide to steal her logs, you have to break into The Dreamsnake's quarters, picking a relatively-difficult lock— the southern entrance is closest to where you need to be. Avoid the detection of two Dunmeri crewmates, Cingulnya and Golmerea Severin, as you're trespassing. One is located at the top of the stairs, and the other is sitting near the bedroom with the log inside of it. Head down the stairs and into one of the bedrooms— the Captain's Log is located on a writing desk.

If you decide to eavesdrop, head east of the captain's ship and listen out for her: she is standing beside a few crates with a suspicious-looking Imperial. When you get close, she will say "Keep it down! Do you want everyone to hear?" Behind the crates is the hiding spot: interact with it, and the conversation goes as follows:

Captain Evani: "Your people must have talked to this "Cosh." We were at sea!"
Aquilia Andus: "Why reveal our skooma supplier to some merchant lord who wants a cut?"
Captain Evani: "It doesn't matter. This Cosh demanded I come alone to No Shira Citadel."
Aquilia Andus: "The Iron Wheel's headquarters? How is he involved with … no, don't tell me, best you meet him before the Iron Wheel sends soldiers after us both."

With whichever method you decide to use to gain this information at hand (or memory), meet Quen at the harbor. She can be found perched on some boxes near the Serpent and the Senche, when you talk to her she will sound distracted.

"Zeira said I should wait for you when I was finished.
Well … I'm finished."
What did you find?
"The flooded district, near where Velsa called home? The people who lived there had nowhere to go after the floods.
One of the dockyard bosses offered them work, food, and a place to stay."
That doesn't sound like a problem.
"That's what I told Zeira. You know what she said? "If Zulgukh had an altruistic bone in his body, he'd cut it out and sell it."
I'd already know what he was really up to—if Zeira trusted me. But she wanted me to scout, and you to do the fun part."
What exactly did Zeira want me to do?
"Zulgukh arranged a meeting with "an Imperial client" at a nearby inn. Might be worth a listen.
Oh, the inn rents a room to "Ventilias Proximus," the most Imperial name I've ever heard. Probably the client? The room's lock seemed … inadequate."
All right. I'll look into it. What then?
"Find Velsa when you're done. She's meeting with Silver-Claw at his, shop.
Did you know he had a shop? I wonder what he sells."

Quen suspects Zulgukh, one of the dockyard bosses, may also be a candidate for Cosh's blackmail. Similar to before, you can choose to either eavesdrop on some conversation, or break into a room to find evidence of blackmail.

If you decide to eavesdrop, head up the stairs and go southwest, listening out for the target's voice. If you get close, you'll hear Zulgukh say "Shh! Did you hear something?" The hiding spot this time is on the other side of the fence where the Orc and Imperial are "relaxing", near the gap in the fence— interact, and listen:

Zulgukh: "You weren't suppose to tell anyone about our arrangement."
Ventilias Proximus: "I need your … "volunteers" … for my experiments. I would never ruin things for my supplier."
Zulgukh: "Then how did this "Cosh" know of our business?"
Ventilias Proximus: "I have no idea. But if you can't deliver warm bodies, I'll find another supplier."
Zulgukh: "Then pray I return from No Shira Citadel. If Cosh is connected to the Iron Wheel, we're both doomed."

If you, instead, decide to search the room of an inn patron with "the most Imperial name", head into The Serpent and the Senche. The room— marked as Private Storeroom— is near the entrance, but has the vision of the innkeep and a few patrons. This lock, fortunately, is easier to pick than the previous, so do so when their gaze is averted. Enter the suspicious-looking storeroom, and grab the journal from the table. There is an exit outside, so you do not need to enter the inn again.

Percius Loche, an esteemed tailor, will help you get into No Shira Citadel undetected

Dressing for the Occasion[edit]

With more evidence obtained, meet Velsa at Silver-Claw's shop, Spotless Goods Shipping Concern. When you enter, the Khajiit greets you, "Ah, my larcenous friend! Quickly, we must speak!"

"A most regrettable welcome, for I have such unfortunate tidings! What I soon reveal shall be quite distressing to hear—for this, I offer my gravest and most humble apology!"
What do you mean?
"Ah, the look on your face is unmistakable! It says, if I may speak for your most resplendent face, "Peace, my exceptionally sleek mercantile friend. Take a series of deep, relaxing breaths so you may reveal the matter at hand."
In, out. In, out."
Silver-Claw. Tell me what's going on.
"Velsa left for No Shira Citadel!
She made me promise upon our long and profitable friendship not to reveal this, but your vigorous interrogation left me no choice. I do not know why she travels to the headquarters of the Iron Wheel, but I fear for her safety!"
What should I do?
"Go after her, of course! But you are so striking. The Iron Wheel will know you don't belong.
It is settled—you shall meet with the illustrious Percius Loche at the Diamond Thimble. He shall help you obtain an appropriate disguise. Tell him I sent you!"
All right, I'll get moving.
"Velsa assured me she would not venture beyond the outskirts of No Shira Citadel. Assured me!
Oh, my. With all certainty, she is already captured."

The Diamond Thimble is located north of Silver-Claw's shop, up the stairs and to the right. Enter and meet with Percius Loche, who is currently adjusting the hem of a dress.

"Hold still. Your attire is … that isn't a bloodstain, is it?"
Silver-Claw said you can provide me with a disguise.
"Did he, now? Something striking, so you stand out at the next merchant lord's soiree? Or a ridiculous, crenelated affair that leaves you the talk of the brothel?"
I need to get into No Shira Citadel.
"If you wanted a burial suit, the Iron Wheel charges far less than I. Though perhaps … yes.
A servant's outfit will let you go hither and yon—at least above ground. And if it's one of my creations, the cloth will breathe. But it shall cost you."
What if I don't want to pay?
"Then I'd assume you're from Abah's Landing.
But I know of a certain … individual … who has yet to pay the bill for just such an outfit. If you happen to reacquire it on my behalf, I would consider it your property, paid in kind."
I'll think about it.
"I'd prefer you deprived my shirker of his outfit, but if you're averse to saving coin, I will sell you one directly.
Be warned, the disguise won't do you any good within the Iron Wheel's headquarters."

Though he's taken aback by you being there, he is willing to sell you the outfit you need— or, if you'd like to reacquire a similar outfit, you can steal it from a client who hasn't sent in their payment yet. Paying for it is fairly straightforward: it is the only thing that he sells, and it costs about 00000900900 Gold Gold.

If you want to reacquire the tailor's outfit from the unpaying patron, the building is near the harbor, called Sailor's Rest. It requires a decent amount of lockpicking as well, and inside are three residents: Pawalar and Glooring, as well as a sleeping Hadkyr on the topmost floor. The outfit is found in between two bedrolls in an open room on the bottom floor.

Infiltrating No Shira Citadel[edit]

After obtaining your disguise, meet with Velsa at No Shira Citadel— the fastest way there is to teleport to its wayshrine. Question Velsa's motives, as she stands behind a stack of crates:

"So, you got Silver-Claw to spill a secret. At best, a minor accomplishment.
He didn't send you to that powdered hornbill, did he? "Buy a special uniform to fit in?""
Why do you ask?
"You do know he gets a referral for everyone he sends to that flax-peddler? Even when he thinks my life is in danger, Silver-Claw still works the angles.
You bumpkin."
[Persuade] Before, you told me to always know what I was getting into.
"Yes, I did.
You're not supposed to throw my words back at me. Reminds me of Nicolas."
Velsa, what are you doing here?
"I don't care if you are her protege, I'm not going to do Zeira's scutwork.
I slipped a truth serum to Silver-Claw's former overseer. I learned that Cosh blackmails assorted scum and draws them to No Shira Citadel for a meeting. So let's find out why."
All right. What do we know about him?
"It seems Cosh contacts little fish from a position of power, threatens exposure, and bends them to his will. Elegant—what I'd do.
But his connection to the Iron Wheel isn't clear. That troubles me."
What should we do about it?
""We?" Now that Zeira's protege is here, poor old Velsa can rest her weary bones.
Find a way into the Iron Wheel's headquarters and learn how they're connected to Cosh. Oh, and blackmail needs documents—be sure to swipe them."
You want me to break into the Iron Wheel's headquarters?
"Zeira tells me you're a thief! Go break into a place you shouldn't be, take something valuable, and leave before they notice.
I did hear something about a pass-phrase for a "service door." Look around, use your brain. I won't spoon feed you."
Thanks for the advice.

Time to collect the passphrase, being careful not to tip off any sentries on the way:

The first hint, Precept 15, is located in a tent directly north of the entrance.
The second, Precept 21, is located in a large tent south of the entrance.
The second, Precept 38, is found at a close-by tent, but is surrounded by Flare Traps— these will break your disguise if you get too close. Scale the nearby rockface, starting with the westernmost platform of wood, and land near the tent without hitting a trap.

After collecting all the precepts, head east towards the headquarters. If the last Precept you collected was 38, you can walk across the easternmost wooden platform and evade the traps and sentries. If the last Precept you collected was either 15 or 21, you can decide to climb up the stairs nearby. Be careful, as the initial ramp has a trap in the square center of it. You can bypass it entirely by climbing over and around the walls nearby it. The door is located in the dead center of the mass, and is dotted with traps as well. Tap on the Iron Wheel Headquarters door— when asked for the passphrase, use the following:

  • What is the fate of the lawbreaker: A ring of iron around them.
  • What is the fate of the unrepentant: We burn our truth upon their canvas.
  • What of those who would deny their fate: The Wheel turns ever onward.

The voice beyond the door will say "Enter, and find peace within", and then let you in.

Inside the Iron Wheel Headquarters[edit]

Once you're inside, the doormaster, Varel Falavel, will feel relief, then panic, at your sight:

Varel Falavel: "I thought my shift would never end … wait, who are you?"
<He raises his hands.>
Varel Falavel: "Don't hurt me! I'm not even an officer!"

You can then talk to him, if you'd like:

"Please, I'm no threat to you. I simply watch the door!
Six days before I take my pension. I want no trouble, you see?"
Stay calm. I'm not here to kill you.
"Thank the gods! You will have no trouble from me. You were never here and I never saw you."
I can't have you warning the Iron Wheel.
"I … I have a sleeping draught! One sip helps me through the nights. The whole bottle will knock me out for hours! You'll be long gone."
Then you should drink the whole bottle.

Upon your command, he will down the whole thing, promptly passing out on the spot.

What is Cosh planning?

Head in, and you will overhear conversation between Cosh and the two "victims" from before:

Cosh: "This is your only chance to consider my proposal. Work for me, or else."
Zulgukh: "Or else what?"
Cosh: "Or I hand these documents to the Iron Wheel. They do so frown on slavery and skooma peddling. Take a moment to consider your options. Well?"

At this point (or any time before that), you may steal the documents. Afterwards, the conversation will continue:

Captain Evani: "What choice do we have? We're in."
Cosh: "Good. Then I shall make your documents disappear."

Cosh will then walk over to the place where the stack of papers once were.

Cosh: "What? My papers were here! Did they fall behind the …."
Cosh: "I'll attend to that after my meeting with Chief Inspector Rhanbiq. Do remember who holds your reins."
Zulgukh: "That went well, I think."
Meeting with the Chief Inspector

Head into the Iron Wheel Administration room, and head north until you find a Suspicious Relief of an Ibis-headed humanoid with a Khopesh in hand. Examine it, and you will slip inside, seeing Cosh and Chief Inspector Rhanbiq from a grate in the wall.

Cosh: "I can locate Magnifica's Falorah's dowry. I can return it to you within the fortnight."
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "And what is your interest in the matter, exactly?"
Cosh: "The Iron Wheel must leave Hew's bane. You're simply bad for business."
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "If you recover Magnifica's Falorah's dowry, I can guarantee our return to Taneth."
Cosh: "There is a another minor request … hardly a trifle. Perhaps we can discuss it over drinks?"
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "I do not drink."
Cosh: "Then I shall take your share. Come, an office is no place to do business."

After the conversation ends, and they walk away, escape the area— you can head through the administration area by going north. Be careful, as there are well-hidden pressure plates that will spring very deadly blade traps— they look like the stonework, but are slightly lifted, and are easy to jump over. There is another Suspicious Relief that opens up a secret path, across from the small square room. It will allow you to bypass all enemies, as you climb on the rafters above them. The exit will bring you outside, to the top of a tower: after this, you can run back to the Citadel's wayshrine nearby, and teleport to the Abah's Landing wayshrine.

Head back to the Thieves Guild in Abah's Watch.

Sharing the Intel[edit]

Once you arrive from the No Shira Citadel, Zeira will be having a meeting with the others.

Velsa: "You see, Zeira? Your protege returns, having survived the "invulnerable" Iron Wheel. You should have more faith."
Zeira: "Everyone, clear the room."

She will be not pleased that you went into the Citadel yourself.

"Velsa told me you went into the Iron Wheel's headquarters by yourself.
What in Oblivion were you thinking?"
Excuse me?
"We're not ready to go anywhere near the Iron Wheel! I won't have anyone else die because of a choice I ….
Listen, I'm barely holding this together. No offense to Quen, but you're the best recruit we have. I can't lose you to a feud with Velsa."
Don't blame Velsa. It was my choice to infiltrate the Iron Wheel's headquarters.
"You're right, I shouldn't take this out on you. Or her, no matter how good it feels.
All right, you risked your neck and survived to tell the tale. Did you find anything we can use?"
The Iron Wheel doesn't scare me.
"You're right. You weren't around when they pulled our friends from their homes. They don't have the same kind of hold on you.
Good to know. So tell me, when you explored their headquarters—fearlessly explored!—did you find anything we can use?"
You want to be a leader? Stop whining and lead.
"You just … ha! You have a knack at telling people what they need to hear. Reminds me of Nicolas.
All right, you made your way through without any problems. Find anything we can use?"'
Cosh met with the Iron Wheel. He promised to recover Magnifica Falorah's dowry.
"Impossible! It's still in Magnifica Falorah's family tomb.
The dowry heist failed—Nicolas and the others died before we reached the treasure vaults."
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq said if Cosh recovered the dowry, the Iron Wheel would return to Taneth.
"No, the Iron Wheel was here to punish us for attempting the heist. But … if that's what you heard … were they really searching for the dowry all along? Why come after us with such ferocity?
What else did you learn?"
Cosh was blackmailing the people you sent us to investigate. I stole this from him.
"Let me see.
This is … comprehensive. Elaborate details on merchant lords in Abah's Landing, as well as rivals throughout the region. Maps to stolen goods we could recover for ourselves."
What now?
"I'll go through what you recovered. See if it offers a clue to Cosh's plans, or anything involving the missing dowry. I need to make sense of all this.
Get some rest. I'll need you ready when we make our move. And … good job."

You will receive Unidentified Bahraha's Curse Leg Armor and some gold as a reward.


  • Prior to Update 39, this quest required you to have reached Thieves Guild Rank 3.
  • The Dreamsnake's Captain Log and the Journal of Ventilias Proximus lack the typical golden glow of readable notes.
  • In the Eavesdropping approaches, the objectives change the instant the eavesdropping starts, so listening to the conversations is oddly not required.
  • Quen will exist at her location in the harbor for this quest even while her side-quest A Double Life is active, where she is at her rooftop hideout.
  • Percius Loche won't exist in The Diamond Thimble before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • It is unclear why acquiring a disguise before going to the citadel is mandatory as there are a large amount of disguise baskets throughout the citadel that can be looted to obtain one there instead.
  • Stepping into any traps at the citadel while disguised removes it from you.
    • However, since you cannot enter sneak mode while disguised, this can make spotting some traps more difficult.
  • The notes related to finding the passwords won't exist at the citadel before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
    • Once picked up, the notes cannot be read full anymore when they are viewed in the quest items.
  • Cosh doesn't spot you when noticing that the documents are gone, even when standing up and obviously in view of the opening in the wall.
  • Unlike in the outside section, getting hit by traps or being spotted and attacked by enemies inside the headquarters doesn't remove your disguise, though this is of little value as the disguise has no use here.
  • It's possible to leave the headquarters before completing the objectives inside via the exit door at the end. Though it is one-way only so it's advised to do all that is required inside before leaving that way.
  • Brand and Kavrahmn can be bypassed when escaping the headquarters by accessing a secret passage before entering the main room, which leads you to a series of upper walkways that drop you behind them at the end.
  • Unlike the others at the meeting in the Thieves Den, Quen lacks a nameplate.


  • Unlike previous eavesdroppings, it's possible to move during the ones in the quest. Walking in front of the NPCs doesn't result in them being spooked. ?
  • During the approach to break into Ventilias Proximus' room, the quest marker always point towards the door inside the inn, where you are more likely to get spotted, than the door on the back of the inn, even when you are closer to it. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The Long Game
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should speak with Zeira and see what she plans to do.
Objective: Talk to Zeira
Zeira sent the others ahead to see what they could learn. Walks-Softly is waiting for me nearby—I should speak with him first. I can find him at the Abah's Landing harbor.
Objective: Meet Walks-Softly at the Harbor
Walks-Softly thinks the captain of the Dreamsnake may be a candidate for Cosh's blackmail. To confirm this, I should spy on her meeting in Abah's Landing or try to steal Captain Evani's log.
Complete one: Eavesdrop on Captain Evani or Steal Captain Evani's Log
I should speak with Quen and see what she turned up. I can find her at the Abah's Landing harbor.
Objective: Meet Quen at the Harbor
Quen suspects a dockyard boss may be a candidate for Cosh's blackmail. To confirm this, I could spy on a meeting he called with "the Imperial client," or search the Imperial's private room at the Serpent and Senche.
Complete one: Eavesdrop on the Imperial Client or Search Ventilias Proximus's Private Room
Velsa went to Silver-Claw's shop. I should speak with her there.
Objective: Meet Velsa at Silver-Claw's Shop
Silver-Claw seems distressed. I should speak with him and see what's wrong.
Objective: Talk to Silver-Claw
Silver-Claw says Velsa headed to No-Shira Citadel, the Iron Wheel's headquarters! Before I follow her, he insisted I procure a disguise for my own protection. I should speak with Percius Loche at the Diamond Thimble.
Objective: Meet Percius Loche at the Diamond Thimble
Percius Loche crafted an outfit for a servant who works in No Shira Citadel, but was never paid for the trouble. He suggested I recover it for my own use. Alternatively, he will sell me a similar outfit.
Complete one: Steal Servant's Outfit or Purchase Servant's Outfit
I should speak with Velsa about why she's at No Shira Citadel, far south of Abah's Landing.
Objective: Meet Velsa Outside No Shira Citadel
Velsa learned Cosh is currently inside the Iron Wheel's headquarters. She wants me to find out his connection to the Iron Wheel and steal his blackmail. For her plan to work, I need to learn the pass-phrase needed to gain access.
Objective: Learn the Iron Wheel Headquarters Pass-Phrase: 0/3
I should enter Iron Wheel Headquarters with the Iron Wheel pass-phrase. Once inside, I can set Velsa's plan into motion.
Objective: Enter Iron Wheel Headquarters With Pass-Phrase
Velsa wants me to learn more about Cosh's plans. If I have the chance, I should steal whatever blackmail material he has at hand.
Objective: Learn Cosh's Plans
Objective Hint: Steal Cosh's "Evidence"
Objective Hint: Eavesdrop on Cosh
Cosh is meeting with Chief Inspector Rhanbiq! I should spy on them and learn Cosh's connection to the Iron Wheel.
Objective: Spy on Chief Inspector Rhanbiq and Cosh (Failed: You left the area if you leave the zone)
Cosh made a deal with Chief Inspector Rhanbiq to recover a missing dowry. I should escape from Iron Wheel Headquarters.
Objective: Escape Iron Wheel Headquarters
I should bring what I've found to Zeira. Perhaps she can make sense of it.
Objective: Meet Zeira at the Thieves Den
Finishes quest☑ I should speak with Zeira in the Thieves Den and see what she plans to do about Cosh.
Objective: Talk to Zeira in the Thieves Den
* Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the game and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.