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Investigate a retired member's connection to the Iron Wheel.
Faction: Thieves Guild
Quest Giver: Andarri, Thrag, Zeira
Location(s): Abah's Landing
Prerequisites: Thieves Guild Rank 2
Prerequisite Quest: Partners in Crime
Next Quest: The Long Game
Reward: Unidentified Bahraha's Curse Hand Armor
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold
10 Thieves Guild RepReputation
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Zeira discovers new information regarding the suspected traitor
Zeira, the guildmaster of the Abah's Landing Thieves Guild, believes someone sold out the guild to the Iron Wheel. She needs my help to deal with the matter.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Zeira in the Thieves Den.
  2. Meet Zeira by the flooded district of Abah's Landing.
  3. Find Velsa at her villa.
  4. Recover Silver-Claw's ledger from his old warehouse.
  5. Escape the warehouse and return to the Thieves Den.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After you've joined the Thieves Guild in light of your daring infiltration with Quen, and have hit Level 2 in the Thieves Guild, you may speak to Zeira directly— or be redirected to her by either Andarri or Thrag— about your next mission.

"I told you about our failed heist—the one that led the Iron Wheel to Abah's Landing.
Someone pointed them in our direction. It's time we found out exactly who it was."
Do you have any suspects?
"My gold is on Velsa. She was part of our Thieves Council, the guild's inner circle—but she retired just before the dowry heist.
It might be coincidence. Or it might be she sold us out for large stacks of coin."
Are you certain that Velsa betrayed the Thieves Guild?
"That's what I'd like to find out. You and I should pay her a visit. See if the Iron Wheel funds her retirement.
There's a breach in the city wall, outside the flooded district. Meet me there when you're ready."
I'll meet you there.

Zeira thinks a former guildmate is responsible for the guild being on the Iron Wheel's radar, and asks you to meet her in the flooded areas of Abah's Landing, in the southeast. As you approach, an Iron Wheel Messenger staggers out of the area:

Iron Wheel Messenger: "Traps … everywhere! Can't fall … asleep …."
Zeira: "The Iron Wheel, here? Are they protecting Velsa?"
<She takes a note from the messenger's body.>
Zeira: "What's this? A message to Chief Inspector Rhanbiq? Let's see what it says …."
Zeira: "Damn it. Damn it! Change of plans, you need to see this."

Talk to Zeira to learn of the letter's contents:

"This message is to Chief Inspector Rhanbiq. It's about an arrest order. Velsa's arrest order.
She isn't working with the Iron Wheel, she's their next target!"
You seem disappointed.
"Velsa was the last living person who could have placed the Iron Wheel on our trail. But it wasn't her. Of course it wasn't!
Now, I need to tell my least favorite person that she's in mortal danger."
Why do you need to do that?
"I can't stand her, but she was always one of our best. I could really … use … her help … in restoring the Thieves Guild.
My eye just twitched. I need to control that around Velsa—never show her your tell."
Good to know. So what's the plan?
"I want to rush in. Give the Iron Wheel a reason to fear us. But I'm in charge, and if I'm captured, that Thieves Guild is dead.
Can't believe I'm saying this, but … I need to fall back to the Den while you warn Velsa."
I've never met Velsa. How will I convince her?
"Show her the Iron Wheel's message. Tell her Nicolas is dead, if you have to. Do what you can to bring her to the Den.
But if she refuses, leave her. I owe her a warning … nothing more."
All right. Tell me where to find her.
"Head to the upper levels and search for her villa. It's a bit of a maze, but look for a big garden.
And watch for traps. Velsa is … enthusiastic about her privacy."

Unenthused, the letter contradicts the guild leader's assumptions: Velsa wasn't the one who tipped the Iron Wheel off. On the contrary, they have a target on her back. Velsa falls back and depends on you to warn Velsa of the threat coming her way.

Head northeast and up the stairs into the Abandoned House. Exit through the door— there is nothing of note in the building— and head north, then west. Watch out, as there are numerous Iron Wheel mobs surrounding the area. You have to get up to the rooftops: if you go south and follow the planks of wood, there is a collapsed arc that you can squeeze through to do so. Keep heading north, watching out for traps and Iron Wheel members along the way.

You've found Velsa's villa - seems she has company

When you get close, you will hear Velsa shooing away a Khajiit:

Velsa: "Did you fall and land directly upon your skull? I … am … retired!"
Silver-Claw: "Velsa! Do not make me beg. It is unbecoming of our most profitable history."

As you approach her, she will continue:

Velsa: "And who is this, Silver-Claw? Who else befouls my garden?"
Silver-Claw: "In all truthfulness, I have no knowledge. A friend? But … you have no friends. Beyond my humble and mercantile self, of course!"

Velsa will then sit down. Warn her of the news you've obtained:

"You made it past my traps. You're lucky, stupid, or quite skilled. I haven't decided which.
Well? My garden needs tending. Out with it, and be on your way."
I have a warning from the Thieves Guild.
"What Thieves Guild? The Iron Wheel killed or branded the lot of them!
Did your illustrious guildmaster send you? Tell Nicolas if he shows his face here, I'd have a mind to slap it. With a switch. Covered in nettles."
Nicolas is dead. Zeira is the new guildmaster.
"Then he finally went through with his damned fool heist
So "Guildmaster Zeira" sends a warning, does she? Nicolas barely in the ground, and she seeks to uproot my retirement?"
She wants you to come to the Thieves Den. The Iron Wheel plans to arrest you. Here, we found this message.
"The old cistern? Zeira wouldn't warn me unless she wanted something. And I would like to see the quality of recruit she allows into her "Thieves Den."
Very well. Help me repay a favor and I'll play Zeira's vastly inferior game. This is where you agree."
What kind of favor?
"Ah, you showed interest. I'll consider that your agreement.
The skittish Khajiit pretending not to eavesdrop is Silver-Claw. Ask him why he needs our help. Meet me behind his old warehouse—after you know what you're walking into."

Humor the Dunmer and talk to Silver-Claw on her behalf:

"The Thieves Guild, restored to Abah's Landing? I am most grateful for your timely and unexpected assistance!
You see, my bountiful warehouse was taken from me by some conniving and nefarious individual."
Who took your warehouse?
"That is the question I keep asking myself. One day I arrived to find unfamiliar guards. They chased me from my own warehouse like a common dragon frog!
Someone must have bribed my overseers. It does not matter. I need you to recover what was lost."
Are you asking me to steal your warehouse back?
"What? No. Did I fail to mention the ledger hidden in my office? I may have lost my warehouse, but the ledger is worth twice that entire rickety building.
If you help Velsa restore it to me, I shall be most grateful to the Thieves Guild."
I'll meet Velsa at the warehouse.

Once you have spoken with him, he will bid you good day.

Silver-Claw: "Then I shall look forward to our next, most auspicious meeting!"

Enter Velsa's Villa, and pass through into the secret passage. Once you leave the secret passage, you will be in a Restricted area, so be careful.

From it you can enter the Weavers Storeroom, which has spiders scattered about. Leaving it will have you enter the Warehouse District. Make sure you don't get spotted on the way to the Warehouse, as you will net a sizeable bounty. Silver-Claw's Warehouse is the southernmost building. Behind it is Velsa, who is patiently waiting for you— note that, if you did not talk to Silver-Claw, she will berate you for having not listened:

"You're here, and relatively unskewered. Next is the significantly harder part.
First, we sneak into the warehouse. Next, we observe our surroundings. Finally, and this is the most important part, you do exactly what I tell you to do."
Silver-Claw told me about his ledger. (Appears if you asked Silver-Claw about the job previously.)
"Good, you can take direction.
Did he tell you it's packed with dirt on merchants throughout Abah's landing? How will Zeira react when I bring her a grateful Silver-Claw and his insidious ledger? I do hope it makes her eye twitch."
I'm ready to find the ledger.

Enter the warehouse through the boarded-up window behind you.

Distract the foreman and sneak past him to find Silver-Claw's office

When you enter, Velsa will be right in front of you, hiding behind a stack of barrels. Talk to her to learn the next step of her plan:

"Hmph. A fool braying orders to lackeys."
Up on that platform? I see him.
"I meant "Guildmaster Zeira," but yes.
We'll need to get past that overseer to reach Silver-Claw's old office."
What's the best way to do that?
"First you'll wait for me to get into position. Then you'll distract him so I can knock him on the head.
Here, take this stink apple."
Stink apple? What's a stink apple?
"An alchemically infused apple. Throw it hard enough and it breaks open—surrounding your enemy with a rancid bouquet of boiled netch farts.
Try not to miss."
Once we've dealt with the overseer, what next?
"Make your way past the guards. Silver-Claw hid the ledger in his old office—we'll meet there.
Now. Wait until I'm in position, then throw the stink apple."
I'm ready.

With that, Velsa disappears. From your location, use the interact button while staring at the Nord to toss it at him. Once you toss it, the following plays out:

Torkming: "Lift with your legs! Not your back, you fool!"
<You throw the Stink Apple.>
Torkming: "What the …. Shor's bones, the stench!"
<Velsa knocks him out.>
Velsa: "This way … hurry!"

After she knocks Torkming out, Velsa disappears once again. head down the hall and up the stairs to the right, avoiding the gaze of any workers and Hireling Guards. Once you're on the next floor, cross over the beams of wood, and avoid the single guard on your right once you pass over the last one. Enter through the blue door, and follow Velsa up the stairs to the roof. Atop it is Silver-Claw's Office, which requires a lockpick to open.

Silver-Claw's ledger is carefully hidden

Once you enter, you will notice how empty it is. If you desire to loot Silver-Claw's office, now's the time to do it, as Velsa will enter once you pick up the ledger. She will tell you to hide— thankfully, there is a basket nearby for you to do so— as she has left a surprise for the guards:

Velsa: "Hide before they see you. I left a surprise in the warehouse, but it's not ready. Not yet."

After hiding, two guards enter the office.

Iszreena: "You see? No one here. Trying to cover up for your nap?"
Torkming: "Torkming is ever vigilant! There is an intruder in this warehouse!"
Iszreena: "Cosh's people are on their way to inspect the warehouse. We don't have time for this nonsense!"
<An explosion can be heard.>
Torkming: "An explosion? Torkming knew something was amiss!"
Velsa: "Surprise, you fools. I'll collect Silver-Claw—meet us back at the Thieves Den."

Leave the office and head back to the Thieves Den, avoiding detection along the way. Velsa and Silver-Claw will be sitting outside the Cistern.

Silver-Claw: "Ah, you return! With good news, I hope!"

When you talk with him, he will attempt to read your expression to learn if you succeeded.

"Do you have the ledger? Was it all for naught? Oh, there is so much naught on your face! My heart shrinks in despair.
But … I am quite bad at reading faces. And in this place, my nose doesn't help. So? Does the stink of victory waft about you?"
I have your ledger. Here you are.
"Wonderful! Were my perfidious overseers inconvenienced in any way? I do so hope they are bereft of convenience!
Yet, the others who labored for me are blameless. Should they desire it, they shall have a place in my future endeavors."
I need to speak with Zeira.
Silver-Claw: "And now, to restore my fortunes from my humble shop. It is near the docks—you can't miss it! Well, you can easily miss it, it is hard to find. But you are always welcome!"

Once Silver-Claw walks away, you can talk to Velsa:

"I guess you took the long way."
Are you going inside?
"Don't rush me.
The overseer mentioned someone coming to inspect the warehouse. "Cosh" was it? Must be a new player. Hadn't heard the name before I retired."
Any theories about what this Cosh wants with Silver-Claw's warehouse?
"It always comes to coin with the Abah's Landing merchant lords. Consolidate the competition, lock them in a set of gilded chains, then profit.
But not that warehouse. My distraction made it … undesirable."
What exactly was your "distraction?"
"My own concoction. When poured into a crate filled with sawdust, the crate emits a thick smoke. Any reasonable person would reach for a bucket of water to douse what appears to be oncoming flame.
Yet it reacts quite poorly to water."
How poorly?
"The deafening bang is the least of it. The smoke increases tenfold, mimicking the mating odors of the female dragon frog.
Every male dragon frog in the city should fill the warehouse by sunrise. Hope they confuse Cosh's shoe for a mate."

Now, enter the Thieves Den and talk to Zeira:

"Back without Velsa? Can't say I'm surprised. I've met camels less stubborn."
No, I convinced her. She said she would be here.
"I'm … happy to hear Velsa plans to join us. Her skills will be invaluable.
Not very convincing, was it? I'll need to practice."

Once you have received you reward, Velsa will arrive and you can witness their heartwarming reunion.

Velsa: "You could practice thinking with your mouth closed."
Zeira: "Oh joy. Here she is."
Zeira: "Velsa! I'd recognize your grating voice anywhere. How is your retirement? Seems there are some troubles from which you can't run away."
Velsa: "It's very relaxing, "guildmaster." Did you know I named a weed after you? It grows taller than it should, and take more water than its share from the plants around it."
Zeira: "That's hard to believe. You were never the type of person to get your hands dirty."
Velsa: "Oh, it's true! The danizeria weed thrives in the dark. I take great pleasure in cutting it down to size, every day."
<Velsa walks off.>
Zeira: "Just as I remember her."

Quest Stages[edit]

Cleaning House
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should speak with Zeira in the Thieves Den.
Objective: Talk to Zeira
Latest start Zeira thinks a former guildmate is responsible. Velsa should be at her home in the flooded district of Abah's Landing. When I'm ready, I should meet Zeira outside the flooded district.
Objective: Meet Zeira Outside Abah's Landing
When I arrived outside the flooded district of Abah's Landing, an Iron Wheel messenger staggered out of the alley and collapsed. I should speak to Zeira.
Objective: Talk to Zeira
Zeira realized the Iron Wheel and Velsa are not allies. Zeira wants me to find Velsa, warn her of the Iron Wheel, and convince her to return to the Thieves Den.
Objective: Find Velsa's Villa
It's a short jump into Velsa's private garden. I should speak with her there.
Objective: Enter Velsa's Garden
I should warn Velsa that the Iron Wheel is searching for her.
Objective: Talk to Velsa in Her Garden
Velsa will head to the Thieves Den if I help her repay a favor. I should meet Velsa outside Silver-Claw's warehouse.
Objective: Meet Velsa Outside Silver-Claw's Warehouse
Optional Step: Talk to Silver-Claw
Someone forced Silver-Claw out of his own warehouse. Velsa and I need to break in, steal his ledger, and return it to him. I should enter Silver-Claw's warehouse through the rear window.
Objective: Enter Silver-Claw's Warehouse
Now that we're inside Silver-Claw's warehouse, I should speak with Velsa about how best to proceed.
Objective: Talk to Velsa
Velsa wants me to distract Foreman Torkming. I should throw this "stink apple" at him. Once he's distracted, I should be able to slip past him into Silver-Claw's old office.
Objective: Distract Torkming
Optional Step: Throw Velsa's Stink Apple
I should search the warehouse office for Silver-Claw's Ledger.
Objective: Search Silver-Claw's Office
I need to steal Silver-Claw's Ledger from the office.
Objective: Steal Silver-Claw's Ledger
Velsa heard someone approaching Silver-Claw's office. I should find a place to hide.
Objective: Hide in Silver-Claw's Office
Velsa's distraction worked. I should escape the warehouse before anyone return to the office.
Objective: Escape Silver-Claw's Warehouse
I should return the ledger to Silver-Claw at the Thieves Den.
Objective: Return Silver-Claw's Ledger
Optional Step: Talk to Velsa
Finishes quest☑ I should speak with Zeira in the Den about Velsa.
Objective: Talk to Zeira