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There are 26 Blunt trainers in Morrowind. Ernse Llervu, in The Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise in Vivec, is the master trainer for Blunt.

For a list of all skill trainers, see the Trainers page.


  • The numbers on this page represent the highest value which your skill may be at in order to receive training. The trainers can thus raise your skill one point higher than what is listed, with the exception of the Master Trainers, since no skill may be trained above 100.

MW-icon-skill-Blunt Weapon.jpg Blunt Weapon[edit]

Level Trainer Location Other Skills Notes
100 Ernse Llervu Vivec, The Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise Sneak (71) Acrobatics (71)
78 Alfhedil Elf-Hewer Falensarano, Upper Level Axe (100) Medium Armor (78)
76 Sirollus Saccus Ebonheart, Hawkmoth Legion Garrison Armorer (100) Block (71) Due to a glitch, Sirollus does not actually offer training as he should. Corrected by the LeFemm Armor plugin.
72 Eydis Fire-Eye Balmora, Guild of Fighters Axe (72) Long Blade (67) Fighters Guild Service
68 Seanwen Vivec, Arena Fighters Training Heavy Armor (100) Long Blade (68)
66 Radd Hard-Heart Moonmoth Legion Fort, Interior Axe (66) Long Blade (61) Imperial Legion Service
Wadarkhu Gnaar Mok, Druegh-jigger's Rest Sneak (100) Short Blade (49)
64 Vonden Mano Ald'ruhn, Practice Room Long Blade (68) Axe (64) House Redoran Service, mid rank only
63 Aumsi Ebonheart, Hawkmoth Legion Garrison Axe (63) Long Blade (58)
60 Imsin the Dreamer Buckmoth Legion Fort, Interior Axe (60) Long Blade (55) Imperial Legion Service
Ivrosa Verethi Dren Plantation, Verethi and Dralor Long Blade (66) Axe (60) Possibly Hostile
59 Mondros Balur Ald'ruhn, Morvayn Quarters Long Blade (64) Axe (59)
54 Iratian Albarnian Caldera, Shenk's Shovel Long Blade (58) Axe (48)
Wayn Balmora, Guild of Fighters Armorer (54) Heavy Armor (54)
53 Arvs Raram Indarys Manor, Raram's House Long Blade (58) Axe (53)
52 Hylf the Harrier Vivec, Black Shalk Cornerclub Medium Armor (52) Axe (52)
Taluro Athren Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk Lower Level Long Blade (56) Axe (52)
50 Galar Rothan Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House, Entry Enchant (50) Unarmored (50)
Sjorvar Horse-Mouth West Gash Region (-5,4) Long Blade (50) Axe (50) Blades Service
49 Raig Vivec, Guild of Fighters Long Blade (59) Axe (49)
Tralan Ald'ruhn, Guild of Fighters Long Blade (59) Axe (49)
48 Saryn Sarothril Maar Gan, Outpost Long Blade (54) Short Blade (49)
47 Llavesa Drom Vivec, No Name Club Long Blade (52) Short Blade (48)
Tedryn Brenur Balmora (-3,-3) Long Blade (52) Short Blade (48)
44 Angoril Pelagiad, Fort Pelagiad Long Blade (44) Axe (44) Imperial Legion Service, high rank only
Ulyno Uvirith Vivec, Redoran Scout & Drillmaster Long Blade (49) Short Blade (46)