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Dialogue Transcription[edit]

I noticed you've transcribed a few lines of dialogue by hand. You can copy and paste lines from the lang file to make things easier on yourself.

If you decide to download the lang file: in the esofiles directory (linked above), navigate to the folder for the most recent update and select "" to download the lang file. If you just want to do dialogue for Blackwood, Update 30's lang will work. Update 31 contains the Waking Flame lang. Fair bit of warning: the lang file is a tad large (it's not gigabytes large, but it's big nonetheless), so it might take a minute to download. contains several files, but the one you're going to want to open is en.lang.csv, as that's the text file with all of the dialogue in it.

Once you've got the file open, it's just a matter of using Ctrl+F to search the document for lines you're missing, then copying and pasting those lines onto the page. A few key words will do. For older base game content, you may want to leave NPC names, item names, and place names out of your search query, because those are occasionally replaced by switches, and it's hard to predict when a name is going to be replaced by a number in a pair of less than/greater than signs.

While you're copying/pasting from the file, make sure to turn every instance of "\n\n" (without the quotes) in your copy/pasted lines into "<br>"; You've already been inserting line breaks where they're necessary (which is fantastic!); I just wanted to ensure you're aware that "\n\n" is the language file's way of indicating where a line break should go.

I just wanted to make this available to you; I know transcribing dialogue can be tough on the wrists. Your work has not gone unnoticed, and I appreciate all your efforts so far! -MolagBallet (talk) 21:49, 3 October 2021 (UTC)

Framework on NPC pages[edit]

Hello, I have been noticing your tendency to remove the framework on the NPC/Creature pages-basically this stuff:

<!--Instructions: Add any miscellaneous notes about the NPC here, with a bullet for each note.--><!-- ==Notes== * Add note here --><!--Instructions: Add any bugs related to the NPC here using the format below.--><!-- ==Bugs== {{Bug|Bug description}} ** Workaround -->

Can you please stop doing that? It is supposed to be kept there if it is needed in the future and is hidden when it isn't needed. Talyyn (talk)

New Guard Dialogue Hub Pages[edit]

Good afternoon! You've made quite a few edits to pages concerning guard dialogue, so I wanted to let you know that we now have a hub page for all the different racial guard dialogue! You no longer have to assign dialogue to specific guard pages, or try to keep up with copying all your Breton additions between Breton guard pages. Every guard in the game pulls from a pool of dialogue for the guard's given race: there aren't really any lines that occur with a specific kind of guard in one location that can't be said by another guard of the same race in another town, so it's easier for us to keep track of all the sorted dialogue if we just have pages for each race's dialogue pool.

Thanks for all your contributions so far, and I hope you find these pages easier to maintain if you decide to do any more work on guard dialogue! -MolagBallet (talk) 22:44, 15 September 2023 (UTC)