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I've so far played Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind and half of the tribunal expansion (I already got Bloodmoon, but I've not yet ventured into Solsthein). I will get Oblivion and Shivering Isles with a friend as soon as I finish the Morrowind expansions... I usually play a dark elf, with a class that values both stealth and combat. In Arena and Daggerfall, I simply used Rogue, but in Morrowind, I made a custom class to fight with shortblades only, becouse I really didn't need some of the skills of the Rogue... So I chose more stealth-related skills, besides some necessary to fight with a shortblade. I know, I know, some of you will say "You should have favoured long blade", but I prefear using shortblade, simply for the sake of style. And it isn't as bad as some of you might imagine. At least not on Morrowind. On Arena and Daggerfall I used longblades.

Guess what, folks? Just finished bloodmoon, and should be getting Oblivion GOTY as soon as I see my friend again. Maybe tonight if he isn't busy.

Beaten oblivion yesterday an am about to start redguard as soon as I can find one to buy. In oblivion I played the same as always: Stealthy dark elf.

IF YOU READ RTHIS, PLEASE HELP IF POSSIBLE: I'm interested in some of the less known races of tamriel (Falmer, Maormer, Imga and Sload, namely). If you know any in-game texts referring to them, please tell me on the talk page.

Ok, so thanks to rpeh's help I found out that the best place to look for information about these races is on both editions of the pocket guide to the empire (I found it on the google search that rpeh reccomended, and it's apparently a very good source). So anyone who is searching for the same information should check on the PGE 1st ed and PGE3rd ed.