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My name is Kaito. I'm new here, however I will attempt to help anyone in any way possible. If you have any questions or what-not, about Oblivion, feel free to ask. I'm from Canada, real names Skylar, and I recently got the 360's goty. Yay! I have been playing Oblivion for a about 2 years, and have many unique characters that all have some role in Tamriel, wether it be an old Legion Soldier to a young priest serving the nine.

My Accomplishments[edit]

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Current Projects[edit]

My Characters[edit]

Well, theres alot of them, I have alot of free time on my hands, and well, in the 2 years I've been playing, I lost count. Definately over 80, some are not as inept as others, but they all have a purpose. Heres some of my most played, and favorites.

Akito- A young Imperial that made it big by saving Tamriel, and now serves as the ruleing Grandmaster of The Blades, since Jauffre's demise at the hands of the Daedra. He often stands out with his flaming red hair, and recently replaced Sheogorath as the Madgod... to bad he and Haskil are the only sane ones. Completely emotionless and aloof, he is the perfect example of ruling material. If only Chancellor Ocato would let him replace Uriel Septim his life would be perfect.

  • Race: Imperial
  • Level: 36
  • Class: Flame Emperor
  • Birthsign: The Warrior
  • Favorite City: Bruma
  • Favorite Count/Countess: Narina Carvain
  • Weapons: Golden Longsword, Dawnfang/Duskfang
  • Attire: Sheogoraths Regalia, Emperors Robes (Yay Skull of Corruption and Staff of Worms)
  • Armor: Imperial Dragon Armor
  • Living Quarters: Sheogorath's Palace, Rosethorn Hall
  • Hobbies: Researching Daedra, bugging Ocato to allow him passage to the Regal Quarters in the Imperial Palace
  • Lifetime Goal: To become Emperor of Tamriel(eventually Ocato's got to give in, I mean he already has the attire and personality)
  • Occupations: Grandmaster of the Blades, Madgod
  • Personality: Calm, perceptive.