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Skyrim spreadsheet I made for keeping track of ingredients, quests, etc.: Skyrim spreadsheet Feel free to download it and use it yourself (especially if you want to fill or edit it). Bookmark it if you want to see any changes I make; I'm considering adding pages like our smithing pages (e.g. Iron Armor) where all materials are totaled up, except a single unified page without pictures.--Jnutter819hi 09:19, 4 February 2016 (UTC) (That timestamp is right, I'm just a little bit of an insomniac sometimes.)

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Characters: I made up and play as the Sefth family. It is a group of hermits that only emerge when the world is in peril. They are not biollogically related, but instead have chosen to be a family after having discovered and protected each other. Uthgram, the father, is a Nord who fights as a tank. He studied ways in which magic could enhance his normal fighting style, making him a pariah among most Nords. His socially disjointed nature is what originally drove him into the wilderness. Orana, the mother, is an Altmer who fights as a healer and battlemage. She was run out of town due to false accusations of necromancy based on her friendship with Bairnthrond, a secretive orcish worm cultist who attracted her thanks to his quietly purposeful attitude. Uthgram helped kill her pursuers and was wounded in the process. She healed him, and decided to accept his offer of sanctuary as she had nowhere else to go. Mordran, the first son, is a Dunmer thief who decided that the magical artifacts he yearned for were too expensive to acquire legitimately. He was kicked out of the guild due to his ruthless nature and disregard for both rules and life. His plan for revenge was based on the rumors of a powerful couple in the wilderness sure to have relics enough to crush his opposition. However, the couple, who turned out to be Orana and Uthgram, convinced him that the guild and his enemies were beneath his notice and that his interests would be better served in staying with them than in pointlessly killing guild members or dying in the attempt to do so. Eventually they caught his rival scouting their haven after finding Mordran's trail, and Mordran extracted his revenge to his full satisfaction. Abarin, the oldest daughter, is a Breton summoner of both Daedra and the elements, who summoned more than she could bind. She allowed her mistake to destroy her village rather than sacrificing her life. Orana, drawn by the power of the uncontrolled magic she sensed, intercepted her and helped end the threat. It is her influence that discouraged Abarin from fully studying necromancy, while aiding her in her studies of the other forms of magic, allowing her to become one of the greatest in her field of study.

This is as much as I am willing to restrict to the UESP licensing terms, as I am considering turning this into a full-fledged story, possibly even having it published. Therefore, please minimize your use of this material elsewhere.