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Little Introduction[edit]

You step into the tavern to escape the rain outside and are greeted by a warm, hazy and crowded interior. Numerous people crowd the wooden bar, sit at the tables and lean against the walls. The air is alive with the sound of their conversation, laughter and drunken singing. Shaking the water off of you, you wander to the bar and order a drink. Despite the bartender's taciturn and surly demeanor, he provides you your drink in return for your gold. Glancing around the crowded tavern floor, you notice a hooded and cloaked figure sitting at a small table for two in a dimly lit corner of the establishment. There is a small sword sheathed at his side and judging from his ashen skin tone, you can tell he is a Dunmer. He waves you over to the table.

Hello! My name is Michael. Please disregard that entire bit above. I have the habit of role playing.... it is something I love to do. To fashion a character and put yourself in their shoes.... it one of my hobbies.

I came across this site back when I first got my hands on Morrowind.... which was a few months after it came out in 2002. I quickly came to appreciate and love the site for it's detailed pages (which have helped me A LOT, mind you!) just as much as I've come to love the game. I actually stumbled onto the greatness that is Morrowind by accident; I was a young kid back then just poking around a game store, bored and with money to spend. I had no prior knowledge on the Elder Scrolls series but I disregarded this when I picked up the Morrowind box (it says it is the third in the installment right on the cover). After looking it over and reading the back of the box, I was sold. When I got home and popped it into my computer, I was completely blown out of the water. I didn't anticipate such a thing! The huge world, the way it immerses you in said world, the nearly endless customization..... I have to say..... it is one of the best mistakes in my life. I spent - and still do - hours as a nameless wanderer in Vvardenfell. I think picking up that box was, for me, one of those rare moments in time that change your life.

Now, here we are, years after Morrowind's (and, indeed, Oblivion's) release with the fifth installment looming on the horizon. I've played Oblivion and looked for and eventually found Arena and Daggerfall to complete the series. While I loved all the games (although I was slightly disappointed about Oblivion - the lack of skills, immersion and roleplaying aspects), Morrowind was the one that started it all for me.

Little About Me[edit]

Well, where to start? I'm an avid videogamer, roleplayer, reader and writer. I do like to dabble in fanfiction but I really like to create my own stories and, especially, characters. I am an atheist, personally, but I see nothing wrong with spirituality and religion.... it just isn't for me. I prefer people to have a choice whether they believe or not, as long as they are respectful about it. I do, however, like the gods in the Elder Scrolls series. Sheogorath is a such a kick and is quite humorous. If only deities in the real world could be as.... real (for lack of better word); people in the games acknowledge the existence of the gods and they can actually impact the world. If only gods were like that in real life. Mephala, Sheogorath and Hermaeus Mora are definitely my favorites. Sheogorath for his insanity and memorable quotes, Mephala for her history and patronage of "murder, sex and secrets" and her being the patron of my favorite guild; the Morag Tong. I like Hermaeus Mora for his mysteriousness, his connection to fate and his grotesque (and Lovecraftian) appearance.

I'm a huge Morrowind fanboy; it is my favorite game in the series (so far, at least). I instantly fell in love with the geography of Vvardenfell, the politics and divided Houses and the native Dunmer. I liked Cyrodiil and the Imperials just fine, but give me regions such as the Ashlands, Bitter Coast and Sheogorad any time. And the Dunmer.... intimidating at first glance but very complex when you get past their dark and evil looks.

I guess I could say I'm like a Dunmer. Gloomy, grim, aloof and reserved all seem to fit the general bill of my personality. I can also be distrustful.... but I do have a pretty big value on friendship, family and loyalty. (People also say I can be cruel and vengeful but that is only towards people who've earned it!) I do like a lot of the races but the Dark Elves are surely my favorite.

Playing the Game[edit]

Usually, when people pop in a game, they usually aim just to complete the game and not to enjoy it. I like to do otherwise, especially with role playing games. For Morrowind and Oblivion, this was no different. I took my time, created a character that I would want to be, not because of skill bonuses or attributes. I would sit for a while, think up a character and his/her back story, history, personality and beliefs before making their avatar in the game -- and I would go through the game as if my character would. Just because I know there is a secret stash in that cave and it's loaded with very good or legendary weapons, it doesn't mean my character knows about it. Would he or she enter that cave? Would he or she want to? Would he or she care? Sure, it would take longer but it leads to a much. much, much more enjoyable play experience.

As for play style or character archetypes, I don't really have any. I like classes that blend a lot of skills into one. Magic, stealth and combat. A character that can use all three effectively or all three in conjunction with each other is my preference.

Favorite Places[edit]

1. Seyda Neen.

2. The abandoned little island near Khuul. The one with the waterfall.

3. Thirsk

4. The entirety of Solstheim.

5. Bitter Coast, Sheogorad and Ashlands regions.

6. Leyawiin.

7. Zafirbel Bay.

8. Lake Rumare.