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Hi all. I'm new to editing here, so this page is under construction. I'm not new to UESP though, having read through it for at least a year.

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Currently not playing anything; way too busy with grad school and work. But I've played a good amount of Morrowind on the Xbox in the past, a Redguard character who was balanced, some combat, some stealth, some magic, and I joined just about every available faction. I'd like to experiment with Bretons and Dunmer as well. I plan to get the PC version soon and have some fun with various mods. Looking forward specifically to:

- some sort of realism mod to require eating
- waking magicka regeneration like in Oblivion. Just makes sense, ya know?
- something to allow me to allocate my starting attribute points exactly as I want them
- Tamriel Rebuilt
- NarkyBark's Theurgist mod
- Rise of House Telvanni mod
- finding or making a mod to help balance the wacky economy! (Just that of Morrowind, not that of the U.S. - that'll take a miracle worker.)

I've also played just an hour or so of Oblivion.

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