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About me[edit]

My love for The Elder Scrolls series started when I saw a video of some Oblivion gameplay after a while I decided to buy Oblivion. At first I had it for the Xbox 360 I finished all the quests pretty sure I finished about 85% of the game but then I got the red rings of death. So I was eventually given a PS3 slim so I just had to get Oblivion for it but so far I haven't come close to the accomplishments I had in my 360 Character. I quickly fell in love with this game and its beautiful sceneries and just the fact that you can do what you want when you want and play how you want. I discovered this wiki around 2008 and it has helped me since. Actually I have already joined this wiki my old user was Overlord878 just forgot my password and so I have created a new user. I can say that I am a veteran in Oblivion and its expansion but I haven't really gotten into the other Elder Scrolls games I might eventually but not anytime soon since Skyrim is coming out. If you have any questions or need help with anything just let me know I am always wiling to help people in this wiki its the least I can do since this wiki helped me a lot in the past.

My Name[edit]

My name is in Dragon, translated it means "The Dragon's Bane" I thought of it when I was looking up the article regarding the Dragon alphabet.

My Characters[edit]

  • My main character for Oblivion is a level 36 Nord Warlord born under the sign of the Warrior
  • I have created a new character his name is Cailen he is an Imperial Assassin born under the sign of the thief. I made him so that Ill have something to do while I wait for Skyrim.
  • I have created yet another character to pass the time he is a Breton mage and I have just discovered how cool it is to be a mage.


Games I Am Currently Playing[edit]

  • The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Games I Am Looking Forward To[edit]

  • Uncharted 3
  • Assassin's Creed Revelations
  • Saints Row 3
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Hitman Absolution
  • Grand Theft Auto V


I have created fanfiction to pass the time and to keep you guys entertained [1] Hope you guys enjoy!

Some More Info[edit]

  • Music: Mostly Alternative and Grunge my favorite bands are: Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Green Day, Paramore, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Coldplay, Incubus to name a few.
  • Movies: The Lord of The Rings Trilogy (I watch all three movies if I have nothing to do), The Godfather Part 1 & 2(Didn't like 3 that much), Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, City of Angels(Yeah I have a soft spot) an don't forget August Rush.
  • TV Series:Burn Notice, Bones, NCIS, How I Met Your Mother
  • Sports: I love the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors. Also love the San Francisco Giants and 49ers.
  • Hobbies: I play the Guitar \m/ and I play Basketball

My Userboxes[edit]

User-userbox-Oblivion.png This user is knowledgeable about Oblivion.
User-userbox-Shivering Isles.png This user is knowledgeable about Shivering Isles.
OB-icon-Knights of the Nine.png This user is knowledgeable about Knights of the Nine.
OB-icon-Arena-Grand Champion.png This user is a Grand Champion in the Arena.
TheBlades.gif This user is a Knight Brother in the Blades.
OB-icon-Dark Brotherhood-Listener.png This user is a Listener in the Dark Brotherhood.
OB-icon-Fighters Guild-Master.png This user is a Master in the Fighters Guild.
OB-KotN-DivineCrusaderIcon.jpg This user is a Divine Crusader in the Knights of the Nine.
KnightsOfTheThorn.gif This user is a Knight-Errant in the Knights of the Thorn.
KnightsOfTheWhiteStallion.gif This user is a Knight-Errant in the Knights of the White Stallion.
OB-KotN-PilgrimIcon.jpg This user is a Pilgrim in the Nine Divines.
OB-icon-Mages Guild-Arch-Mage.png This user is an Arch-Mage in the Mages Guild.
OB-icon-Thieves Guild-Gray Fox.png This user is a Gray Fox in the Thieves Guild.
OrderOfTheDragon.gif This user is a Champion of Cyrodiil in the Order of the Dragon.
OrderOfTheVirtuousBlood.gif This user is a Brother in the Order of the Virtuous Blood.
Lore-race-Nord.png This user kicks butt as a Nord
Lore-race-Imperial.png This user Occasionally plays as an Imperial
PS22.png This user plays on the PlayStation.
User-userbox-M'aiq the Liar.jpg This user knows much, tells some.
OB-KotN-PilgrimIcon.jpg This user follows the teachings of the Nine Divines.
MaleIcon.png This user is male.
User-userbox-Right Hand.png This user is right-handed.
Flag Philippines.png This user is from the Philippines.
SR-icon-logo.jpg This user is too busy playing SKYRIM!!!


MW-item-Longswords.jpg This user prefers long blades. OB-icon-Blade (title).gif


OB-item-Steel Armor.jpg This user prefers heavy armor. OB-icon-Heavy Armor (title).gif


OB-icon-Shock.png This user prefers destruction magic. OB-icon-Destruction (title).gif


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