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Hi, I am DextroWombat - new here, at least as a registered user, though I have been using the site for quite a while. I'd like to help out/contribute where I can, as I've found this site *very* helpful - feel free to enlist me if an extra body is needed!

About Moi[edit]

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Current Project[edit]

Working on a redesign of the Oblivion for Morrowind Players article to include Skyrim. Hopefully, can have the whole thing in tables and can redirect all three games to one convenient, easy-to-use article! If you want to help, go here.

Update: The page is ready! Check it out at Differences Between Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim.
Also, figured it wouldn't let me leave it on the 'real' page, so here's the credits section for everyone who pitched in and helped out:


I greatly appreciate the help, and I hope to work with at least some of you in the future! DextroWombat 06:32, 10 April 2012 (UTC)

Current Favorite User[edit]

My current favorite user is...Deandra! For solving the mystery of the Skyrim Wristwatch! Using search results from TinEye, she eventually found this site that lets one order a custom watch - apparently this particular one just had the Skyrim logo on it! So, my current favorite user, you are a genius! I wonder if this would be a Cookie-worthy act?

  • note to self: look up cookies

Morrowind: Master Alchemy Formula![edit]

After a long weekend of mixing potions and some edited activities, I ended up with the Alchemy formula!

To figure how strong your potions will be...

Add your Intelligence and Luck
Divide by 10
Add your Alchemy skill level
Multiply by your Mortar and Pestle Quality
Divide by 3

To figure out how much your potions will cost...

Do the exact same thing as above

To figure out how long your potions will last...

Do the first four steps above
Don't divide by 3

But that's not all! If you have more tools, they'll change these numbers a bit (price won't change, however)...

If it's a positive effect...

If you're using a Calcinator *OR* a Retort...
Round the tool's quality to the nearest whole number (minimum 1)
Add that number to the Strength and Duration of your potion
If you're using *both* a Calcinator and a Retort...
Multiply your Retort quality by 2
Round this to the nearest whole number (minimum 1)
Round your Calcinator quality to the nearest whole number (minimum 1)
Add both of these to the Strength and Duration of your potion

If it's a negative effect...

If you're using an Alembic, but no Calcinator...
Divide potion strength by (AlembicQuality + 1)
Divide potion duration by (AlembicQuality + 1)
If you're using a Calcinator, but no Alembic...
Round your Calcinator quality to the nearest whole number (minimum 1)
Add that number to the Strength and Duration of your potion
If you're using an Alembic *and* a Calcinator...
And if you're using the in-game tools, and not any custom stuff...
Hang on tight - the numbers are pretty unpredictable!
Use this table, and multiply your potion strength and duration by the number for your two tools
App Calc Journ Calc Mast Calc GMast Calc SMast Calc
App Alem 48/120 30/120 26/120 22/120 17/120
Journ Alem 17/120 24/120 21/120 18/120 15/120
Mast Alem 31/120 22/120 20/120 17/120 14/120
GMast Alem 27/120 20/120 18/120 16/120 13/120
SMast Alem 22/120 17/120 16/120 14/120 12/120

And there you have it! You know how strong your potions will be!

  • Known issues #1 - Still haven't figured out the exact formula used when Alembic and Calcinator are both used for negative effect
  • Known issues #2 - Invisibility gives a longer duration when using either a Calcinator or a Retort than when using both; I have no idea why, but I'm open to suggestions