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Hello, I am Chronic or Vendagor. Whichever you prefer. I've been a member of UESP since February 2009 where I got off to a pretty rough start in my contributions. Here, a few years later, I hope I can now formulate my thoughts into something the Scrolls can use. Contact me if you wish, I'll try to help.

If anyone is curious of the origin of my names both Chronic and Vendagor are Original characters that I had created a long time ago to roleplayer.

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Oblivion Characters[edit]

Warm-Sands Born in the Province of Elswyr, under the sign of the Thief. He was shipped into Morrowind for slave labor with his family at a young age. Before escaping into Cyrodiil where he made his living as a bandit for some time before encountering the Knights of the Nine, the brush with the Ancients roused a sense of duty and honor withing the young Khajiit's heart. From then on he used his vast skills in the hidden arts in order to protect the weak. When the shimmering door opened to the land of Madness he ventured forth. Never to be seen again by the inhabitants of Mundus. However, he had become the Duke of Mania and ruled over Bliss during the Greymarch. At the end of the wiley cat's long life he had amassed a veritable dragons horde of treasure from defending the realm and its inhabitants.

Level 49 Gameplay hours: 156

Jah Gra-Orsinium The young dumner, daughter of pilgrims from Vvanderfall found herself within the confines of High Rock, living with the hot blooded orcs. She had been raised by the savage people and she herself grew savage in their presence. Seizing heavy armor and hammer she participated in one of the numerous sackings of the City-State. However, due to her various war crimes she was exiled into Cyrodiil where she continued to sweep a bloody swathe with her mighty hammer. She spent years crossing the entirety of Cyrodiil, bargaining and collecting the various artifacts attributed to the Daedra lords. At the end of her long life she set her hammer down and returned to Orsinium, bearing the very name of the city upon her shoulders. She was killed at the gates for her crimes long since passed.

Level 44 Gameplay Hours: 88

Skyrim Characters[edit]

Benihime Born into the old warrior ways Benihime grew up holding an axe in one hand and a shield in the other. She quickly mastered each of the Warrior ways, but soon realized that her schooling should be all encompassing. Struggling with magic and lagging in the use of the Shadow arts she turned her back on the perceived weakness in their use. She turned to her goal of becoming a Thane in every reach known to Skyrim, it took years which seemed to blur together as she cut a bloody swathe from The Reach to The Rift.

Level 81 1/2 Gameplay Hours: 132