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about me

I first came to TES with Morrowind on the XBOX. Immediately after selling Morrowind back to EB Games, I purchased the GOTY edition and began playing that. I purchased my XBOX 360 in December of 2007, and have since had no problems with my XBOX whatsoever, other than the 9 power surge related, non-lethal RROD's I've had (Power Surge RROD's do not brick your console, they just make your console flash a red ring when it tries to reboot after a power outage). Shortly after purchasing my XBOX 360, I purchased Oblivion, as well as all the DLC.

I no longer contribute to Wikipedia or any Wikia related sites, as there are a certain few people on the RuneScape Wikia who seem to think I'm this semi-famous wikivandal named "Total Rune", who I later found out is my friend, and next door neighbour of 7 years. However, they don't believe that, so I left on my own terms.

As of the 26th of December, 2008, I will own Oblivion for the PC. I got a new laptop for Christmas, which will aid me in my (hopeful) future career in software engineering.

in oblivion

I am quite the collector in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PC), having collected every set of armor without the use of console codes, the exception being Pit Armor. I am also a collector of Morrowind armors, already owning a set of Dreugh Armor, Chitin Armor, Ordinator Armor, High Ordinator Armor, Stahlrim (Ice) Armor, a black, grey and white Bear Helmet, a Deer Skin Helmet, a brown and a purple Cephalopod helmet, several sets of Bonemold armor, with 2 or 3 different Bonemold helmets, some Chitin weapons, a set of Dwemer armor, the rare Wings of the Queen of Bats artifact and a Telvanni Shield.

I am currently searching for Morrowind-style Glass Armor, an actual Stahlrim (Ice) shield, instead of an ice blue colored Glass Shield, a set of both Bear armors, a set of Wolf Armor, any other Bonemold armors I may be missing, and any other Morrowind armors that have been released in Oblivion mods.

Please contact me if you know of any mods containing the Morrowind armors I am searching for, for my collection.

  • Controls - Fix up the Controls page. Fix up links, spelling, etc. Done!...for now
  • Spelling Errors - Go around the site, fixing spelling errors. In progress
  • Revert Vandalism - I may not be a patroller, but I still watch for vandalism.
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