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This user performed with distinction in the Skyrim Quest Redesign Project

About Me[edit]

I like the Elder Scrolls, so I'm here to help. Considering you took the time to even click on this link, I guess you like the Elder Scrolls too. I've played the entire series. I've never even came close to finishing Arena. It's long, trust me.Daggerfall was a cool retro game. Morrowind was pretty cool, but I haven't played it since I was eight. Right now I'm playing Skyrim so ask about that if you ask anything, though I'll still answer Oblivion questions. I know just about all there is to know about the Blades, Daggerfall to Skyrim. Ask away.


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Current Wiki Work[edit]

Right now I am going through a lot of Skyrim articles, just for a little proof reading. I'm also trying to go through some of the more leisure Factions and a few of the NPC's that are in them. I'll also be checking the Recent Changes page.

Current Projects[edit]

Finished Projects[edit]


If for some reason you need to contact me, most likely because I blew something up, I'm on the forums of the same name. As well as PSN, also the same name. The easiest way is to use my talk page.