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Got some.....


sandbox 1 - Heljarchen Hall {wip}
sandbox 2 - ingredients {wip}
sandbox 3 - Kagrumez {wip}
sandbox 4 - Fort Fellhammer {wip}
sandbox 5 - empty
sandbox 6 - Fort Snowhawk {wip}
sandbox 7 - Volkihar Keep {wip}
sandbox 8 - Fort Sungard (wip)
sandbox 9 - empty
sandbox 10 - Fort Amol {wip}
sandbox 11 - Fort Kastav {wip}
sandbox 12 - Fort Neugrad {wip}
sandbox image requests - images for pages required.

For bugs:[edit]

  • This is the bug I found. ?
  • This is the bug that someone else found
  • This is the bug we're talking about ?

Coding for Image Placement[edit]

Ice Ice Baby

Favorite Images For My Requests[edit]

show/hide coding[edit]

If you want tables within show/hiden use: {{Showhide/Start}} and {{Showhide/End}} variation


The marks are as follows:

  • Guild Guild: Denoting the building or NPC nearby is part of the Guild.
  • Safe Safe: Denoting the area is safe for the Guild.
  • Danger Danger: Denoting someone nearby or inside does not take kindly to the Guild.
  • Escape Escape: Denoting that following this mark leads to escape (usually from a jail cell).
  • Protected Protected: Denoting the area or people are under Guild protection (usually involved in a Thieves Guild quest).
  • Fence Fence: Denoting there lies a fence inside.
  • Cache Cache: Denoting a Thieves Cache (usually on a barrel that appears once you finish the special job for a city).
  • Loot Loot: Denoting valuables or riches lie inside or nearby.
  • Empty Empty: Denoting there is nothing of value inside and has already been looked over.

refering to the notes or bugs section on the same page[edit]

—(see notes) or —(see bugs)


For help with available tables see: tables

To astrix item in list[edit]

Karita (Bard) † or ‡ or *

† A better symbol.
‡ Another better symbol.
* Astrixes need nowiki.

Hidden Tables[edit]

Ore vein locations:
  • One in the middle of the floor at the first intersection upon entering
  • One in the southwest dead end, at the same intersection
  • Two at the northeast dead end, at the second intersection
  • Two at the far end of the long, narrow tunnel, past the hole in the floor


^aThis NPC dies upon completion of the related quest.
^bWill move into the house upon completion of the related quest.
^cResides in Olav's Tap and Tack upon completion of the related quest.

Multiple Boxed Lists in a Row & Header Over Multiple Columns & Align Items on List at the Top[edit]

Building Materials
4 Clay
14 Quarried Stone
17 Sawn Logs
2 Hinges †‡
1 Iron Fittings †‡
1 Lock †‡
30 Nails †‡
Furnishing Materials
1 Glass
2 Goat Horns
4 Leather Strips
1 Quarried Stone
11 Sawn Logs
2 Straw
8.5 Iron Ingots *
Metal Fittings*
1 Hinge
4 Iron Fittings
0 Locks
20 Nails

† These items supplied in a chest and log pile with the purchase of the land.
‡ These items can be crafted from the six iron ingots and one corundum ingots supplied, using the anvil beside the carpentry table.
* The metal fittings are made from the ingots listed.

Unsigned comments[edit]

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Coding page for deletion[edit]

{{speed|User request}}

Things that get changed and changed again or to note for future[edit]

  • Robinhood - to use ''{{LE|title}}'' for headers unless title is the same as page. - Alphabetface
  •  ??? - was showing shelves holding items, changed to with blah, blah on top, now being changed back. - Hellhound223
  •  ??? - Walkthrough - Alphabetface, still under discussion.
  • Shield racks holding changed to bearing in one and to holding on another Vlindrel. - Hellhound223
  • septims to gold]] coins. - Alphabetface.
  • No space for midair. alphabetface.
  • space for quest line. alphabetface.
  • removing icons of shadowmarks from pages.
  •  ??? - Capitalising extra words on image descriptions.
  • Fungus needed you wouldn't say six cozes you'd say six coz lettuce, or you wouldn't say buttons you'd say button mushrooms.
  •  ??? - Namira's Rot capitalised - not capitalised Robinhood, the silencer.