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Military Fort:
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# of Zones 2
Clearable No
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 6
Bandits, Imperial Soldiers or Stormcloak Soldiers
Important Treasure
Jornibret's Last Dance
Console Location Code(s)
FortNeugrad01, FortNeugrad02
Falkreath Hold
Southeast of Helgen
Special Features
# of Grindstones 1
# of Workbenches 1
Fort Neugrad

12 is a large military fort southeast of Helgen
Almost due South of Falkreath Stormcloak Camp.

The fort has two interior zones: Fort Neugrad and Fort Neugrad Prison. It is initially occupied by bandits, but as you progress the civil war questline, they will be replaced by either Imperial Soldiers or Stormcloak Soldiers. They will also be replaced, by whichever soldiers who currently control Falkreath itself, if you clear out the bandits garrisoned there.

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When held by Bandits[edit]

The fort is ancient and showing it age in a number of areas. In places where the walls have crumbled, they have been fortified with wooden palisade. As you approach the main entrance to the internal courtyards, you will pass under a stone arch with towers at either end of the wall above. The western tower has collapsed, leaving only the ruined remains. There is a single bandit patrolling this wall. In the first courtyard there is a second arch opposite the first and on your right a wooden ramp leading up to another level. This level has a bandit working at a complete blacksmith's area, complete with forge, workbench and anvil. There is a campfire in the middle of the area and on your right, a horizontal rack with two whole salmon hanging from it. Beside the forge is a long wooden table holding two pieces of iron ore, an iron shield, an iron warhammer and steel battle axe. Opposite the forge are stone stairs leading up to the top of the wall you passed under. Crossing to the far side and the northern tower. There is an internal spiral stone staircase winding around the inside of the two. There is nothing of interest at the top, although it can be used as a place were you can snipe at the other bandits found in other courtyards and patrolling the walls.

Passing under the second arch leads to another courtyard, where a bandit is unloading, what is likely to be a stolen wagon. There is also a bandit patrolling the area, off to the right. There is a stack of crates, food sacks and a barrel of ingredients to the right of the arch and several more food sacks and crates still onboard the wagon. Most of the north wall in this section is missing and has been replaced with more wooden palisade. The rear wall to the southeast has another bandit patrolling along it. To the south, by the wagon there are stairs leading to the main entrance to the interior of the fort. There are more crates and sacks stacked to the left of the door, while to the right, between the door and forge area there are a short flight of wooden steps leading up to more of the walkway on top of the walls. To the east is a small courtyard with an entrance to the Fort Neugrad Prison, with a small cage hanging to the right containing a dead bandit. There are two archery targets and a covered well in the courtyard, while to the left of it are stairs leading up to the rear wall and the top of the prison where a trapdoor on top can be used as a second entrance into the prison. To the rear of the fort is an unnamed lake. Near the northeast shore are two gold ore veins. Under the lake lies a half-overturned sunken rowboat with a novice locked treasure chest inside. Near this is a concealed entrance into the prison, which is an excellent way to stealthily infiltrate the interior, especially useful during the related quest. On the western shore of the lake is a small jetty with a rowboat moored to it.

Fort Neugrad[edit]

When held by Bandits[edit]

Upon entering the fort, you are in a large room currently used as a dining hall. Two bandits will be sitting at two of of the elven tables laid end-to-end in pairs facing three tables laid end-to end on a raised section as the head tables, at the rear. There are doors in the middle of each of the walls and balconies to the southeast and southwest. On the tables in total are five bottles of alto wine, seven bottles of wine, a bottle of Nord mead, a bowl of beef stew, an apple pie, several pieces of cheese, a cabbage, two red apples, a portion of grilled leeks, some bread, a pheasant breast, a baked potato, a rabbit haunch, and some food sacks. In the northeast corner is a small unit holding a random potion of healing and two common books. Beside this are a couple of food sacks behind an overturned wooden bench. In the northwest corner is a cupboard, a counter and a wooden bench, all holding nothing but clutter. In the southwest corner is another cupboard, this one holding a random potion of healing, also a pile of firewood and a dresser containing random clothes and boots. The southeast corner has an empty counter, a stack of open crates filled with empty wine bottles, and a small unit holding an iron helmet. There are also two baskets, one on top and one to the side. They contain several red apples and potatoes respectively. There are three plain green banners hanging from the south wall, a large on over the door and smaller ones on either side.

The doors to the east and west lead to rooms with flights of stair leading up to the balconies, which are joined by a short passage. Behind the door to the east is a short passage leading to a kitchen containing a single bandit. There is a food barrel and small unit along the sides of the passage, with the unit holding a common book, a random potion and several ruined books. In the kitchen, on your right is a tall wardrobe containing more random clothes. To the right are two food barrels, with a rack hanging from the ceiling above, holding a dead rabbit. There is a large fireplace against the north wall, with an empty metal pot hanging above the fire. In front of the fireplace is a long wooden table, with two chairs and a bench pulled up. On the table are five bottles of wine and a wedge of cheese. Behind the door are a couple of crates, a barrel of ingredients and a counter with a copy of uncommon taste and an iron dagger on top. To the left of the counter is a cupboard holding four common books and to the left of this is a passage that immediately turns west and climbs a flight of stairs, by a dresser containing random cloths and boots. At the rear of the kitchen is a set of shelves holding a small coin purse, a salmon steak, and a salt pile. To the left is another cupboard holding a pickaxe, two common books and a piece of cheese, with a couple more food sacks on the floor beside the cupboard.

Climbing the stairs leads out onto the balcony in the southeast corner, where a bandit can be found patrolling. They are likely to be alerted to any noisy fighting in either the dining room or kitchen. There is a wooden door to the south and a passage leading to the other balcony, passing another passage heading south. Through the door is the bandit chief, who carries a journal and also a key to Fort Neugrad Library. This will open the adept locked door to the south in the dining room. In the room you find the bandit chief are an unowned double bed with an unlocked chest at the foot. To the left of the bed is a dresser with another copy of the key to the library on top and containing random clothes. Against the east wall are a set of shelves holding a random healing potion, a sprig of snowberries, a red and a purple mountain flower and five common books including a copy of An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim, which will add several locations to your main map, if you haven't already discovered them. There is also a tall wardrobe of clothes in the northeastern corner and an empty table in front of a cupboard holding a further five common books in the northwestern corner.

The ladder leads out on top of the main structure within the fort. There is an apprentice locked chest containing Fort Neugrad Treasure Map among it's loot. Reading this causes the treasure chest to appear on the far side of the lake. You can cross to several lookout points on the roof, which is ideal if you haven't fully cleared the exterior.

Following the passage heading south leads up to a room containing a grindstone, a workbench, a cupboard holding a random potion of magicka, an empty counter and unit, several wooden benches and a wooden door to the west and a ladder leading outside against the south wall. This door and the door on the balcony to the southwest both open into sleeping quarters, where you'll find two bandits sleeping, but who will awake as soon as you open either door. The room contains eight unowned single beds, an unlocked chest, two end tables, a cupboard holding two common books, a small set of shelves holding four more common books and a small empty table and chairs in front of a large fireplace.

Through the door to the west from the dining room is a martial practice room containing a single bandit practicing melee attacks on dummy with sixteen weapon racks along the walls holding a total of five iron swords. A second broken dummy is lying of the floor. To the north is a cupboard holding a random potion of stamina and several items of clutter. Opposite, to the south is a short passage and a flight of stairs leading up to the balcony in the southwest corner. Where you'll find another bandit sitting at a small table facing away from you. There is a tall wardrobe and small unit on this balcony, neither holding anything of interest and a wooden door to the south.

Through the door to the south from the dining room, either after picking the adept lock or using either of the keys, is a circular room containing a mage named Brandish. According to the bandit's journal carried by the bandit chief, Brandish was sent to this library to search for magical items, that could be sold to "The wizards up north", presumably meaning the College of Winterhold. The room contains many sets of shelves around the outer wall mostly holding ruined and burnt books, but among these are; a leveled potion of healing, a troll skull, seven books, including a copy of The Aetherium Wars, two blue and a purple mountain flower, a bunch of lavender, a bottle of alto wine, a bottle of wine, and several food sacks. Leaning against the right-hand side of a small unit with several small mead barrels on top is an iron warhammer. There are two long wooden tables and chairs in the middle of the room, on one of these is a copy of the Light Armor skill book Jornibret's Last Dance.

Fort Neugrad Prison[edit]

Upon entering you are in a room that's suffered damage, with piles of rubble about the room and a large fireplace in front of you. There are doorways to the northeast and east and a wooden door to the southeast. To the right of the fireplace is a random war axe. There is an end table and dresser among piles of rubble, with three bottles of wine and a random potion of enhanced stamina on the floor, where it sems to have fallen from the top of the dresser. Against the wall to the southwest is a small unit with another bottle of wine on top. Through the doorway to the east is a room that appears to have been used as a torture chamber that is covered in blood and contains several small cages. A long wooden table on the left holds an iron mace and an iron dagger. Behind the door to the southeast ou can overhear a couple of bandits talking. One is sitting at a table, while the other is sitting on a wooden bench against the wall. In the room is an unlocked chest, a set of shelves holding a random pair of gauntlets among items of clutter. On the table is a portion of grilled leeks, a baked potato and a leg of goat roast. The remaining doorway to the northeast leads to the top of curved stairs descending around to the left. There is also a cupboard and ladder at the top of the stairs. The cupboard holds two bottles of wine and a bottle of alto wine, while the ladder leads up to a trapdoor in the ceiling. Descending the stairs leads down to a room guarded by a bandit, full of crates, food sacks and barrels. There is a damaged pillar in the center of the room and a passage descending to the northeast. In the room there is a random mace on a crate to the left of the passage and a long wooden table in the western corner with a random helmet on top. To the left of this, on the floor is an iron shield. Further to the left is an end table and continuing around is a stack of crates with a medium coin purse on top. At the end of the wall is a small unit holding many bottles, including two of alto wine, three of wine, two of Black-Briar mead and one of Honningbrew mead. Beside the nit is a small set of shelves holding a satchel and a random poison. Behind it is an apprentice locked chest. There is an open crate containing a bottle of alto wine, four bottles of ale, a bottle of Nord mead and a random potion of magicka. These items are marked as owned and taking them is considered stealing.

The passage descends before turning to the southeast and opening out into a chamber with sets of shelves and stacked barrels around the walls. The shelves mostly hold clutter, with the exception of a salt pile and two pickaxes. Most of the barrels are unusable, but those that are contain ingredients and flank a passage with thin cobwebs. On top of the barrel to the right are two random empty soul gems. Take care to avoid a bear trap by the beginning of the passage. The passage takes several turns, passing a glowing mushroom, before entering a flooded chamber. Under the water, on the left is an adept locked chest. This is the chamber the concealed entrance under the lake leads to.

Changing of the Guard[edit]

The Imperial army will take control of the fort if you clear it out, or if you advance the Stormcloaks quest line up to the Liberation of Skyrim quest (Liberate Falkreath step).

The walls and fortifications have been repaired, and a stable and forge area have been built in the courtyard area. Inside areas have also been partially renovated to show the occupation as well, and a new selection of regular chests are scattered about inside and out. Any corpses left will have been removed, along with the boss-treasure chests, although any weapons the bandits dropped on death remain. The garrison will react to you as a trespasser inside the fort/prison, unless you are a member of their faction, but as long as you keep moving, you're free to loot any of the new items without consequence. However, if you are allied with the faction controlling the fort, you can get rest, food and a borrowable horse in this fort.


  • During the quest Rescue from Fort Neugrad a copy of Fort Neugrad Prison key can be found on the barrel that also has two soul gems on top.


  • The chest referred to in the treasure map is sometimes absent; reading the map should spawn the chest, but does not. This bug is most likely due to the scripting errors in version 1.2 of the official patch.