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Humility is a noble thing. But you must also remain strong and self-assured. A true champion is also history's pawn. And history is a cruel and unfeeling master. - Queen Ayrenn

About the S'wit[edit]

Wealth beyond measure! I'm Avron the S'wit. No, my name is not Arvel, nor am I swift. Let's keep that record straight.

I've been on UESP for a good while now. I came here after discovering Morrowind and diving deep into the beautiful lore of Tamriel, and I've been here ever since. These days you probably know me as an Advisor in the UESP PC-NA Online guild. Historically I have done many things around UESP, including: forum moderator; forum admin; social media founder and content poster; community projects, competitions, and interviews; and all around just being a friendly face and the local "Mama Bear." I am very active in ESO (#ESOFam for life!) and contribute to the wiki as I find little tidbits of information.

The Elder Scrolls has been with me for half of my life. I don't think I could ever express in words just how much it means to me and how deeply I love the community and the friends I've made through it. I am always happy to stop and help a fellow UESPer or fan, so feel free to reach out and say hello!

Elder Scrolls Online[edit]

ON-banner-Aldmeri Dominion.png

I am an Advisor in the UESP PC-NA guild. I've played ESO since beta and truly enjoy being able to have adventures with other folks. Please feel free to contact me for any help, questions, or just to have a friend!

If you need an extra hand in the game, here are some things I am happy to assist with:

Dungeon Help - Dungeons are truly some of my favorite things, and I am happy to help you run any dungeon content on any role - just ask! You will probably see me around on dungeon help night too. (Note that some vet runs do take time and I may not always be able to help on short notice!)
Beginner Gear - If you're new to the game I am happy to make you a set of training leveling gear. I can also make you champion level gear, but I may ask for a small fee or materials. My main is a 9-trait master crafter and can make you items to research if need be.
Learning Trials - Every other Sunday, me and the other PC-NA raiders will bring new learners through different trials with a focus on mechanics. It's a great way to come and learn a trial as well as be part of a progression team that prepares you for endgame content. We work through normal and veteran trials. Check the Message of the Day for sign ups and more information!
Dominion PVP - All hail the Queen! I'm happy to help AD players do delves, quests, or skyshard hunting in Cyrodiil.

Contact and Questions[edit]

If you feel the need to contact me for any reason, you are more than welcome to. There are a few easy ways to do this:

Discord - You can ping me in the UESP discord, or send me a PM at Avron#3058.
Wiki Talk Page – You can ask me questions, propose ideas, let me know an area where I can help out, or write me love sonnets here on my talk page. I'm cool with it.
In-Game Contacts – Alternatively, chances are you can find me somewhere in Tamriel. Join my adventures in ESO, I'm @Avron!
Social Media - I draw silly pictures on Twitter and Tumblr. You can find me @AvronDoodles on both. If you follow ESO's social media pages, you've probably already seen my art!