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This article provides basic help and usage for the various UESP maps.

Where are all the UESP maps?[edit]

See the following list for all currently available online, dynamic maps from the UESP:

How do I use the map?[edit]

The map works just like Google Maps except the game map and locations are displayed instead of Earth's. Some common map operations are:
  • Zoom In/Out -- Use the mouse's scroll wheel or the slider control in the upper right corner of the map.
  • Pan -- Use the arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the map or 'drag' the map by left-clicking and dragging the mouse in the map area. You can also use the mini overview map in the lower right corner by clicking or dragging the blue map area.
  • Center to a Location -- Double-click the location in the map.
  • Reset -- You can reset the map by clicking in the 'Reset Map' link at the top of the page.

How do I find locations?[edit]

By default the map shows only certain locations depending on how far you are zoomed in. It will only show all known locations when you are at the highest zoom level. You can also search for specific locations by entering the text in the search box at the top-left of the screen and pressing Enter or clicking the search button (search-icon.png). Search results will be displayed under the search box if the search results area is open (click the "Show Search Results" under the search input box).
You can click on a search result to jump to that location at the current zoom level. Similarly, clicking the "zoom in" icon (zoomicon.gif) can be used to jump to a location at an increased zoom level (one less than the maximum). Click on the iconwikipage.png icon to go to the UESP's wiki article for that location.
The search results can be cleared by performing a search with no text or by using the 'Reset Search' button (searchreseticon.png).

How do I get a permanent link to a location?[edit]

Use the "Link to Current Map" in the upper right of the page which will set the page address to the appropriate value. You can then copy the address to link to the map later (Right-Click and "Save Link As" in most browsers).

Location Icons[edit]

The location icons are generally the same as those used in each game as shown below
Skyrim and Dragonborn
Oblivion and Shivering Isles

sriconNone.png None
sriconCity.png City
sriconTown.png Town
sriconSettlement.png Settlement
sriconCave.png Cave
sriconCamp.png Camp
sriconFort.png Fort/Castle
sriconNordicRuin.png Nordic Ruins
sriconDwemerRuins.png Dwemer Ruins
sriconShipwreck.png Shipwreck
sriconGrove.png Grove
sriconLandmark.png Landmark
sriconDragonLair.png Dragon Lair
sriconFarm.png Farm
sriconWoodMill.png Wood Mill
sriconMine.png Mine
sriconImperialCamp.png Imperial Camp
sriconStormcloakCamp.png Stormcloak Camp
sriconDoomstone.png Doomstone
sriconWheatMill.png Wheat Mill
sriconStable.png Stable
sriconImperialTower.png Imperial Tower
sriconClearing.png Clearing
sriconPass.png Pass
sriconLighthouse.png Lighthouse
sriconOrcStronghold.png Orc Stronghold

sriconGiantCamp.png Giant Camp
sriconShack.png Shack
sriconNordicTower.png Nordic Tower
sriconNordicDwelling.png Nordic Dwelling
sriconDocks.png Dock
sriconShrine.png Shrine/Standing Stone/Temple
sriconRiftenCastle.png Riften Castle
sriconRiftenCapitol.png Riften Capitol
sriconWindhelmCastle.png Windhelm Castle
sriconWindhelmCapitol.png Windhelm Capitol
sriconWhiterunCastle.png Whiterun Castle
sriconWhiterunCapitol.png Whiterun Capitol
sriconSolitudeCastle.png Solitude Castle
sriconSolitudeCapitol.png Solitude Capitol
sriconMarkarthCastle.png Markarth Castle
sriconMarkarthCapitol.png Markarth Capitol
sriconWinterholdCastle.png Winterhold Castle
sriconWinterholdCapitol.png Winterhold Capitol
sriconMorthalCapitol.png Morthal Castle
sriconMorthalCapitol.png Morthal Capitol
sriconFalkreathCastle.png Falkreath Castle
sriconFalkreathCapitol.png Falkreath Capitol
sriconDawnstarCastle.png Dawnstar Castle
sriconDawnstarCapitol.png Dawnstar Capitol
sriconImperialTower.png Tower
sriconOther.png Other

icon0.gif General
iconCamp.gif Camp
iconCave.gif Cave
iconCity.gif City
iconAyleid.gif Elven Ruin
iconFort.gif Fort Ruin
iconMine.gif Mine
iconLandmark.gif Landmark
iconTavern.gif Tavern/Stable
iconTown.gif Settlement
iconDaedric.gif Daedric Shrine
iconOblivion.gif Oblivion Gate
iconCorpse.gif Corpse
iconHouse.gif House
iconNirnroot.gif Nirnroot
iconShip.gif Ship
iconShop.gif Shop

iconNone.gif None
iconCity.gif City
iconTown.gif Town
iconHouse.gif House/Settlement
iconDoor.gif Door
iconShop.gif Shop
iconTavern.gif Tavern
iconCamp.gif Ashlander Camp
iconCave.gif Cave/Barrow/Tomb/Grotto
iconDaedric.gif Daedric Shrine
iconMine.gif Diamond Mine
iconFort.gif Stronghold/Tower/Fort
iconAyleid.gif Dwemer Ruin
iconMine.gif Mine
iconLandmark.gif Landmark/Monument
iconShip.gif Ship
iconCorpse.gif Corpse
iconOther.gif Other

Is an offline version of the map available?[edit]

Currently no, however we are looking into the possibility of making one available. Unfortunately it is not easy due to the size of the images and the overall complexity of the application, particularly the server side code.

Requirements and Tested Browsers[edit]

  • JavaScript enabled browser
  • Any modern browser (tested in Firefox, IE, and Chrome)
  • Google Maps works with most Modern Browsers
If you experience problems with a particular browser or operating system just Let Us Know.

Interesting Statistics[edit]

  • Locations
  • Dragonborn: 51
  • Skyrim: 2296
  • Shivering Isles: 240
  • Oblivion: 1490
  • Morrowind: 1424
  • Map Data
  • Dragonborn: 174,763 images totalling 805 MB
  • Skyrim: 62,462 images totalling 403 MB
  • Oblivion: 24,904 images totalling 527 MB
  • Shivering Isles: 5,462 images totalling 52 MB
  • Morrowind: 21,846 images totalling 210 MB
  • Traffic
  • Map Views: 10-25,000 / day
  • Visitors: 70-100,000 / month
  • Average Visit Duration: 4:27

Contacting the Author[edit]

Feel free to contact Daveh with any comments, suggestions, or bug reports on the map.

How does it work?[edit]

The map just uses the freely available Google Maps API using map image and location data exported from the game editors. More information on the design and implementation of the map can be found on the following UESP pages: