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This page is about the UESP's interactive maps found on gamemap.uesp.net.



  • A modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, ...)
  • Javascript enabled

What's New[edit]

Below is a list of improvements over the previous map system:

For users:

  • Improved mobile view & experience
  • URL live updates with current position/zoom
  • Smoother zooming
  • Faster loading times
  • Fullsceen mode
  • Many bugs fixed and polish changes made

For editors:

  • Streamlined map editor menu (RC and edit tools are in the same place)
  • Live Edit (locations, worlds update in real time as you edit)
  • Can pan/zoom map whilst adding or moving markers
  • Extended map permissions (existing roles merged into cartographer, and mapAdmin for more destructive actions)
  • Improved Recent Changes
  • Localised timestamps
  • More descriptive edits, and who did what
  • Reverting (Only for Map Admins)
  • Snap-to-grid for editing markers and polygons (areas)
  • New "Use Name as Wiki Page" switch, on by default



  • ESO: 2300 worlds, 38,000 locations
  • Skyrim: 2700 locations
  • Oblivion: 1700 locations
  • Morrowind: 1200 locations

Map Data

  • ESO: 660k images totalling 4GB
  • Skyrim: 670k images totalling 6.3GB
  • Oblivion: 54k images totalling 600MB
  • Morrowind: 22k images totalling 210MB


  • Map Views: 10-15,000 / day
  • Visitors: 100,000 / month
  • Average Visit Duration: 3:30
  • Tile Images Served: 60 / sec


Uses a modified version of Leaflet, Svelte for the UI, PHP for the backend, and Javascript

Feedback / Contact the Author[edit]

  • Feel free to contact Dave with any comments, suggestions, or bug reports on the map.
  • Or post feedback on the Talk Page.

Source Code[edit]

Our map system source code is available on GitHub. While it was designed for use inside the UESP server architecture it is possible to use anywhere with a little editing to the code.