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Help Detritus Caria complete his exhaustive collection of junk.
Quest Giver: Detritus Caria at the Craftsmen's Hall
Location(s): Godsreach, many others
Reward: 2800 gold
Disposition: +60 (Detritus Caria)
ID: MS_ClutterCollector
A shelf full of clutter in Detritus' room

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Detritus Caria in the Craftsmen's Hall.
  2. Find a bolt of Imperial Rat Hair Fabric and a Brushed Silver Pitcher.
  3. Return to Caria to receive 300 gold.
  4. Find a tall redware pot, Imperial fork/knife/spoon, and a yellow plate.
  5. Return to Caria to receive 500 gold.
  6. Find two Dwemer goblets of different sizes, a Dwemer pitcher, a Dwemer tankard, and a Dwemer large bowl.
  7. Return to Caria to receive 2000 gold.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

MW-icon-misc-Bolt of Cloth 02.png MW-icon-misc-Silverware Pitcher.png

Rat Hair Fabric and Silver Pitcher[edit]

Detritus Caria, located upstairs in the Craftsmen's Hall in Godsreach, just cannot stop chatting about his extensive clutter collection. Detritus will ask you to track down a few items missing from his impressive collection, a bolt of Imperial Rat Hair Fabric ( misc_clothbolt_02 ) and a Brushed Silver Pitcher ( misc_imp_silverware_pitcher ). He says the fabric is recognized by its burgundy color and diamond pattern. He doesn't give you any further indications on where to find either of them. You might try and spend some time asking people around about the two items, or checking merchants to see if they have them, but you won't have any luck if you are looking for items with the exact name. Instead, simply look for a regular Silverware Pitcher and a regular red Bolt of Cloth. You can buy or steal the pitcher at the Great Bazaar's Pawnbroker (Ten-Tongues' Weerhat is the owner), while several Bolts of Cloths are found under a bookcase in the Clothier Shop. The cloth is not for sale, so you will have to steal it, a Telekinesis spell works well here. However, they may be found in many other locations (back on Vvardenfell) where you can take them without worrying about being caught, such as Milie Hastien whose bolts are not even flagged as owned.

Return to Detritus with the Silverware Pitcher and the red bolt of cloth to receive 300 gold and the title of Champion of Clutter. The two items now appear in his collection under their full names.

MW-icon-misc-Redware Pot 04.png MW-icon-misc-Silverware Fork.png MW-icon-misc-Silverware Knife.png MW-icon-misc-Silverware Spoon.png MW-icon-misc-Metal Plate 01.png

Redware Pot, full set of Silverware, and Yellow Plate[edit]

After delivering the pitcher and cloth, you are asked to find a tall redware pot ( misc_de_pot_redware_04), which can easily be found at Great Bazaar's Trader, on the bottom shelf, a full set of Imperial silverware (fork/knife/spoon, codes misc_com_silverware_fork, misc_com_silverware_knife and misc_com_silverware_spoon), which can be easily found in two small chests in Velas Manor) and a yellow plate ( misc_com_metal_plate_03). The last one is pretty hard to find and you will probably need to go back to the main land. Verick Gemain, the trader in Caldera, has many of them, which you can either buy or steal really easily from upstairs. You can also find two of them at the Council Club in Balmora, on the table downstairs, but they are in front of everyone and much harder to steal. You will receive 500 gold for these items.

MW-icon-misc-Ornate Dwemer Goblet 01.png MW-icon-misc-Ornate Dwemer Goblet 02.png MW-icon-misc-Ornate Dwemer Bowl.png MW-icon-misc-Dwemer Mug.png MW-icon-misc-Ornate Dwemer Pitcher.png

Dwarven Relics[edit]

The final quest is for Dwemer clutter—two goblets of different sizes, pitcher, tankard and large bowl ( misc_dwrv_goblet00, misc_dwrv_goblet10, misc_dwrv_bowl00, misc_dwrv_mug00, misc_dwrv_pitcher00 ). All of these may be found in the Hall of Wails in Bamz-Amschend, only accessible after the An Attack on Mournhold quest, though they can be also be found in many Dwemer ruins back on Vvardenfell. Note that the tankard is identified as a mug. Detritus gives you 2,000 gold and the final title of Champion of Clutter.


  • If you refuse the first hunt, Caria's disposition drops ten points. If you refuse the Redware hunt, it drops 20 points. There's no penalty for turning down the Dwemer hunt (apart from losing your title as Champion of Clutter), although if you tell him you have the Dwemer items when you don't, Caria's disposition drops ten points.
  • The Dwemer items can be found in a crate in Arkngthand, Heaven's Gallery. If you want an easy place to loot them at.
  • Detritus's name, as you may or may not know, means "waste or debris of any kind," (Google Dictionary, Oxford Languages) though it is unclear whether his name came first or his love of "waste" and "debris."

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Champion of Clutter (MS_ClutterCollector)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
1 I have agreed to help the eccentric Detritus Caria fill out his collection of clutter. He requires two items for now. The first is a bolt of Imperial rat hair fabric, a burgundy fabric with a diamond pattern on its side. The second is a brushed silver pitcher.
10 I have retrieved the cloth bolt and silver pitcher for Detritus Caria and have been named the Champion of Clutter.
20 Detritus Caria has sent me on another quest, this time for three items. The first is a redware pot, tall with vertical lines going down the side. The second is a full set of Imperial silverware -- knife, fork, and spoon. The third is a yellow metallic plate with a sun in the center.
30 I have returned Detritus Caria's second round of requested items to him.
40 Detritus Caria has recruited me to find a complete Dwarven tableware set. The complete set includes two goblets -- one slightly larger than the other -- a pitcher, a tankard, and a large bowl.
50 Finishes quest☑ I have delivered the Dwemer tableware to Detritus Caria, and secured my position as the Champion of Clutter for all time.
80 Finishes quest☑ Detritus Caria tried to get me to go on another clutter hunt, but I refused. Twice was more than enough. Detritus was saddened by my refusal, and he abolished my title of the Champion of Clutter.
90 Finishes quest☑ Detritus Caria tried to get me to go on another clutter hunt, but I refused. Once was more than enough. Detritus was saddened by my refusal, and he abolished my title of the Champion of Clutter.
100 Finishes quest☑ The eccentric Detritus Caria tried to recruit me to help him fill out his clutter collections, but I refused. I've got better things to do than chase down plates and pillows.