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Ignatius Flaccus (ignatius_flaccus / ignatius_flaccus2)
Home City Mournhold
House Ignatius Flaccus's House, Godsreach
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 20 Class Enchanter
Other Information
Health 119 Magicka 200
Alarm 0 / 50 Fight 30
Ignatius Flaccus

Ignatius Flaccus is an Imperial enchanter who can be found in his house. He runs a 'Robot' Arena where you can bet on the outcome of the battles, but sadly, all his Dwemer Warbots need spare parts. After he can repair them, Ignatius learns that the Robot Arena can get deadly serious.

He is wearing an expensive robe with matching shoes. Aside from his natural charm and ability to absorb fatigue from others, he knows the following spells: Sleep, Wearying Touch, Distracting Touch, Wild Distraction, Shockbloom, Deadly Poison, Poisonbloom, Viperbolt, Dire Weakness to Fire, Dire Weakness to Frost, Dire Weakness to Magicka, Dire Weakness to Poison, Dire Weakness to Shock, Alad's Caliginy, Invisibility, Hide, Far Silence, Dire Noise, Drain Blood, Blood Despair, Wisdom, Iron Will, Great Resist Common Disease, Great Resist Fire, Great Resist Frost, Great Resist Magicka, Greater Resist Poison, Magickguard, Daedric Bite, and Toxic Cloud.

Related Quests[edit]


Voiced greeting:

"Welcome to the Robot Arena!"

When spoken to:

Robot Arena
"With my mastery of exotic enchantments, I was able to reanimate several warbots recovered from Dwemer ruins. Now I present robot exhibitions for people whenever I can. Mournhold citizens refer to my entertainments as 'the Robot Arena'."

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Dwemer Warbots[edit]

"Hello there, %PCRace. I imagine you've come to see the battles of the Robot Arena. I'm sorry to inform you that there won't be any more battles for some time, unless you think you can help me repair my bots."
repair my bots
"My enchanting skills are incomparable, but after so much wear and tear from fighting each other, my robots are simply in need of some new parts. Would you be interested in helping me acquire the parts I need?"
Yes, I will help you.
"I'm glad to hear it. If you bring me ten pieces of Dwemer scrap metal, I can fashion the parts I need on my own. When I get the bots repaired, perhaps I can let you watch a fight."
No, sorry. I don't have time.
"Oh, that's really too bad. Then I doubt we'll be having any more Robot Arena fights for a while."

Returning to him with the scrap metal:

repair my bots
"Do you have the scrap metal I requested, %PCName?"
Yes, here they are.
"Yes, these are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! Now, one more favor from you, and I can finish my repairs. The final pieces I require are three Dwemer cogs. Bring those to me, and we can watch the bots fight together."
No, not yet.
"We can't watch a fight until you bring me the ten pieces of scrap metal, %PCRace."

Returning to him with the cogs:

repair my bots
"Do you have the cogs I requested, %PCName?"
Yes, here they are.
"Excellent! Thank you very much. Now, let me start my repairs. Come back in a little while, and I'll have these warbots ready to go."
No, not yet.
"I can't repair my robots until you bring me those cogs, %PCRace."

If spoken to again:

"Not just yet, %PCRace. I need some time to fix my bots. Come back another time."

When you return, the robots will be active and he can be spoken to:

"As you can see, I've finally got the bots up and running. The fight is about to start. Would you like to make a friendly wager on the outcome?"
friendly wager
"Yes, a wager. A bet. I'll double the money you put down if your bot wins. Would you like to place a bet?"
Yes, I would.
"Great, which bot will you bet on? The sphere bot is faster, but the steam centurion is stronger."
I'll take the sphere bot.
"Speed over strength, huh? Well, I'll take that bet. How much would you like to wager?"
I'll take the steam centurion.
"Strength over speed, huh? Well, I'll take that bet. Now how much would you like to wager?"
50 septims.
"Playing it safe I see. All right, let's watch the fight."
250 septims.
"I like your style, %PCRace. A nice, hefty bet. All right, let's watch the fight."
1000 septims.
"Wow, you've got some guts, %PCRace. All right. Let's watch the fight."
No, thank you.
"Oh, that's too bad. Well, the fight is starting. Let's watch."


  • For some reason, Ignatius seems to have an invisible house in Pelagiad. It is nearly identical to the house of Erval, which it is next door to, except that it has two exit doors instead of one. This house only exists with the Tribunal expansion installed, and it is inaccessible without the console, as both doors are one-way only. To enter, open the console and type: COC "Pelagiad, Ignatius Flaccus' House". Inside it, in addition to the same items also found in Erval's house, there is 1000 gold on the floor, and 3 samples of Scrap Metal. All of the other contents are labeled as Erval's property, as they were evidently copied from his house. Presumably this house was used as a test-cell for the Dwemer Warbots quest.
  • Inside his house, on a shelf, you can find a flask of Skooma, quite hidden behind bottles of Sujamma. It seems Ignatius doesn't want visitors to know about his vice.
  • The two IDs are nearly identical. The first one is Ignatius when you first meet him, and during the Dwemer Warbots quest. The second is after the robots get out of control and take over the place. The only differences besides scripts and dialogue are that the second version has a higher Alarm value, and his Destruction and Enchant skills have been reduced for some reason.