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Due to the sensitive nature of this template or the fact that it is used on a large number of pages, it has been semi-protected to prevent site-wide damage by vandal bots.
Editors: In order to minimize the impact on our servers, please use sandboxes to make and test changes to widely used templates before deployment.
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This template is used to create new books in Lore space. If the book is a compilation of several existing books, see {{Lore Book Compilation}}. If you're creating a book in gamespace, see {{Game Book}} and {{Game Book Compilation}}.


Lore Book
Parameter Scope Description
linktitle optional The title of the book to use in links. This must be plain text. (Default: LABELNAME.)
sortkey optional The sort key to use in categories. If not provided, standard DEFAULTSORT rules apply.
grouping optional Which letter page to group the book in. Must be an upper-case letter or "Numeric". (Default: the first letter of sortkey.)
authprefix optional A word or phrase to replace "by" in the phrase "by <author>". For example, the book The Cabin in the Woods mentions the author by saying "As Told By Mogen Son of Molag". In this case, you can set authprefix=As Told By to get the desired result.
author optional Name of the author of the book. This can be linked.
writer optional The real-world author of the book. This will auto-link to the writer if they have a page in General space.
pubdate optional The real-world date the work was created.
description required A brief description of the book.
date optional The date the work was created. This is used in citations and will automatically be linked (e.g., Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st EditionImperial Geographical Society and 'YR', 2E 864).
up optional Link to the full compilation page for a series of books.
prev optional Link to the previous book in a series.
next optional Link to the next book in a series.
listbook optional Mostly for bot purposes, this identifies whether a book should be listed on the Lore:Books lists. Defaults to 1 as long as the book has no up or prev parameter. The preferred method for overriding is to set the value to 1 or blank, but values of false/0/no will also be checked for. Anything not evaluating to false will be listed.
source optional Source to be displayed instead of "Seen in" section on Lore pages. This can be used for books sourced from official web sites rather than a specific game (e.g., the ESO Interactive Map of Tamriel or ESO Loremaster's Archive). This is freely formattable and can include an external link to the source.
Book Header (see also: Book Header)
Parameters in this section are only used by the header at the top of the book page.
sumtitle optional The title to use in the book summary if it doesn't match the title to be used elsewhere. (Default: linktitle.)
sumauthor optional The name of the author to use in the book summary if it doesn't match the title to be used elsewhere. (Default: author.)
lorenote optional An out-of-game note about the book, displayed at the bottom of the header. This note will only appear on the original Lore page, separated from the rest of the header by a dividing line.
textnote optional Similar to lorenote, but this will be displayed on all book pages for this book, unless overridden.
Namespace Parameters
NS optional Set to 1 if there is a version of the book in that namespace. If NSName is used, it's not necessary to specify this.
NSName optional Name of the book in the given namespace if different from Lore version.
Possible parameters:
optional Extra information to display after a link (e.g., for mod-specific books).
Category/Trail Parameters
coded optional Set to 1 to add the page to the Coded Documents category.
hasmap optional Set to 1 to add the page to the Map Notes category
news optional Set to 1 to add the pages to the Newspaper category instead of Books
note optional Set to 1 to add the pages to the Notes category instead of Books
poem optional Set to 1 to format the page as a poem
nocat optional Set to 1 to skip Categories.
notrail optional Set to 1 to hide the usual breadcrumb trail.
Template Control
noheader optional Disables the entire header. By default, this includes the infobox as well. In the rare event that you want to only disable the header and leave the infobox visible, specify nobox= and leave it blank.
nobox optional Disables the infobox only.
nodiv optional Does not open a book-formatting div.
nosnake optional Prevents text snaking around the infobox. This means the entire book will be the width of the left-hand side of the page. This is useful primarily for centered text, so the center point stays the same below the infobox as it was above it.

Saved Values

Most of the values documented above are saved. Specifically: author, authprefix, coded, date, description, hasmap, linktitle, news, note, poem, sumauthor, textnote as well as all of the namespace parameters.