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Displays information about a compilation of books in Lore space.


In addition to the parameters below, this template supports all the same parameters as {{Lore Book}} (excluding nobox and nodiv).

Lore Book Compilation
Parameter Scope Description
addbefore optional Text to be added at the beginning of the compilation, before the individual books. (Note: this is currently unused and may be removed in future.)
listbook optional Mostly for bot purposes, this identifies whether a compilation should be listed on the Lore:Books lists. Always defaults to 1 for compilations. The preferred method for overriding is to set the value to blank, but values of false/0/no will also be checked for.
nosnake optional Prevents text snaking around the infobox. This means the entire compilation will be the width of the left-hand side of the page. This is useful primarily for centered text, so the center point stays the same below the infobox as it was above it.
toclimit optional The maximum depth for the Table of Contents.
Book List
Each set of three anonymous parameters provides information about the books in the compilation. Optional parameters must still be provided, but may be empty.
1 optional The title of the section within the compilation. If blank, the name specified in the next parameter will be used.
2 required The name of the Lore book page, without the Lore: prefix.
3 optional The name of the section to transclude. Use this if only a portion of the page is included in the compilation. If blank, the entire book will be transcluded.

Saved Values[edit]

Most of the values documented on {{Lore Book}} are saved. Specifically: author, authprefix, coded, date, description, hasmap, linktitle, news, note, poem, sumauthor, textnote as well as all of the namespace parameters.