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This template provides a uniform look for Elder Scrolls Online pages describing equipment crafting materials.


Values for the parameters marked as being "autolinked" should be provided as plain text.

ESO Crafting Mat Summary
Parameter Scope Description
node required (case-sensitive) Only one applies: Animals, Ore, Plant or Wood accordingly.
anilmalslist required (see note) A list of animals that can be hunted for a particular hide type; required only for medium armor materials.
raw required Name of the raw material.
rawname optional Display name of the raw material, if it is different from the icon name.
refined required Name of the material sample after it has been refined.
refinedname optional Display name of the material sample, if it is different from the icon name.
tier required Gear tier:
1 for levels 1–14
2 for levels 16–24
3 for levels 26–34
4 for levels 36–44
5 for levels 46–50
6 for ranks Champion Points10–30
7 for ranks Champion Points40–60
8 for ranks Champion Points70–80
9 for ranks Champion Points90–140
10 for ranks Champion Points150–160
armor optional, autolinked Use only if this material is needed for creating armor. Specify type: homespun, iron, etc.
weapons optional, autolinked Use only if this material is needed for crafting weapons. Specify type: iron, dwarven, etc.


{{ESO Crafting Mat Summary
|raw=Raw Jute
Used for Clothing
(Tailoring Rank 1)
Source Plant
Raw ON-icon-raw material-Raw Jute.png Raw Jute
Refined ON-icon-processed material-Jute.png Jute
Armor Weapons Levels
Homespun N/A 1–14