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Fortify Alchemy Potions[edit]

I am unable to find anything that allows a player to obtain, or create, a potion that gives Fortify Alchemy. This leads me to believe that the note section of this article is not needed. On a side note I have used a self made Fortify Enchanting potion to acquire +32% (the highest elixir shop bought or found is/was +25%) and created +29% Fortify Alchemy enchanted gear. It should be mentioned, however, that this increase was only a 1% gain over the +25% elixirs found or bought and did not provide any increase beyond the +32% made with a set of Fortify Alchemy gear providing +28%.

With Cyrodyllic Spadetails and Small Antlers u can make a fortify restoration potion, that, when drank, improves all fortifying enchantments... Including fortify alchemy and if you can continue making them they will get stronger and stronger (If you equip your fortify alchemy equipment before u make another). (For Example, i did this till my fortify potions read over 500000, then i made fortify enchanting and smithing potions to easily upgrade regular equipment (For example: Leather Armor) and turn its armor rating into something like 300000 or more, depending on what lvl the potion was.) These potions do wear off so when u reach were you are cool at the level, make 2 or 3, in case you screw up. The fortify enchanting potions make it easy to make enchantments like (Fortify Health +24) into something like (Fortify Health +24000000); making it easy to take down hard opponents. This is easier with Alchemist level 5 and Enchanter level 5. After u get the wanted alchemy bonus, make a fortify potion of your choice to make a super potion. Note: If it doesnt work you screwed up. Note: Do not drink - potions as the game will glitch. Note: This was done on an unpatched version of the game.

For clarification, with an Echanter's Elixir (as I believe it is called) providing +25% Fortify Enchanting, 100 Enchanting, 5/5 Enchanter, and Insightful Enchanter, I was able to achieve +28% Fortify Alchemy on all four pieces of apparel that allowed the enchantment. A player made potion created with 100 Alchemy, 5/5 Alchemist, Benefactor, and all the +28% Fortify Alchemy gear created provides +32% Fortify Enchanting. Using that 32%, along with the aforementioned Enchanting skill/perks, I achieved +29% Fortify Enchanting. Placing this upon the four apparel items allowed to the enchantment resulted in 32% Fortify Enchantment potions. It appears that, as far as Fortify Enchantment Potions go, the highest achievable effect is 32%.

The math involved, using just a basic calculator and my understanding of the % gains in Skyrim, it would appear that it rounds up to 32% with the 28% apparel on, and rounds down to 32% with the +29% apparel on (or just ignores the decimal outright). 28% x 4 = 112%; 15% (the highest achievable effect without enchanted apparel gear) x 2.12 = 31.8%; 29% x 4 = 116%; 15% x 2.16 = 32.4%

The note was already removed because it was incorrect. --NepheleTalk 22:47, 2 December 2011 (UTC)

Okay. Sorry for the mix up. When I had posted this, the page still displayed the note. I'm not sure if I got directed to an erroneous version of the page or not, but everything points to it being cleared away now.

Fortify alchemy exploit fix in 1.3 seems to have mucked up the calculation. It looks like the range is bounded on the potion effect and not the overall alchemy calculation. I tested the stacking effect of potions with various strengths. What happens is the amount seems to stack and top around near 300%; using greater potions brings the effect down to less than the amount from perks (total of 97% for me); this appears to indicate the potion effect overflowed into negative numbers as was the case in using too many potions with the exploit. This would indicate potions continue to stack as before but the effect is now capped post calculation. My guess without further testing is the potion cap is +/- 100% Note: some players will definitely exceed 300% with the correct gear; I only tested with 3 pc and not all were +25% alchemy.

I will try ping-ponging like the OP to check if all values are now capped. If so, there may be a max effect (not including base + skill level) of 800% combined from perks, gear, and potions; 400% on alchemy since there are no potions. For some skills that claim 2x for perks but round down, the combined value will be less than 800%; this also applies to effects that display a certain amount but use a wonky formula to calculate the actual effect. 08:05, 6 January 2012 (UTC)

Muiri's Ring[edit]

appears to be disenchantable, despite what this page said - I moved it to the upper section. 02:57, 3 December 2011 (UTC)

1.3.10 cap[edit]

"Fortify Alchemy" seems to be capped somewhere around 26/27% in Here are the numbers:

Fortify Alchemy

Bracers, Helmet, Necklace, Ring

step    name        desc                    effect          result          necromage (*1.25)
        round #0                            no potions
                                                            +25%            +31%    (31.25)
                                                            +25%            +31%    (31.25)
                                                            +25%            +31%    (31.25)
                                                            +25%            +31%    (31.25)
                                                            +100%           +124%   (125)
02      round #1    potion w/ krosis        +8%             +26% (26.95)    +32%    (33.69)
                                                            +26% (26.95)    +32%    (33.69)
                                                            +26% (26.95)    +32%    (33.69)
                                                            +26% (26.95)    +32%    (33.69)
                                                            =               =
                                                            +104 (107.8)    +128%   (134.77)
04      round #2    potion w/ r#2 gear      +15%            +28.75%         +35.9%
                                                            +28.75%         +35.9%
                                                            +28.75%         +35.9%
                                                            +28.75%         +35.9%
                                                            =               =
                                                            +115%           +143.75%

not working, actual values for step 04 gear (and subsequent steps) are +26% "Fortify Alchemy"

100 Enchanting  appropriate Perks
70  Alchmemy    no perks

Fortify Enchanting

step    effect name         effect      necromage (*1.25)   result                  necromage (*1.25)
        nothing:            0           0                   5%  stronger            6%  stronger (6.25)
01      krosis:             +20%        +25%                7%  stronger (6.25)     8%  stronger (7.8125)
03      full gear #1
                            +26%        +32%                12% stronger (11.25)    15% stronger (??)
                            +26%        +32%
                            +26%        +32%
                            +26%        +32%
                            +104%       +128%
05      full gear #2    
        display:                                            round up??              round nearest 1/10

Krosis Mask[edit]

(PS3) I added a note to the page regarding the Krosis Mask. It may be a glitch, but you can wear it at the same time as a Falmer Helmet (enchantable with Fortify Alchemy), thereby granting a 136% (29*4 + 20)total equipment bonus to Alchemy. This is important because it allows you to both exceed the 130% threshold on Smithing potions, as well as the 32% threshold on Enchanting potions. Respectively, I'm ending up with 141% Fort Smith and 35% Fort Enchant. I have not seen this anywhere else on the web, and am curious to know if anyone else is experiencing the same.— Unsigned comment by Rbmiracle (talkcontribs) at 21:56 on 9 February 2012

Yes, I'm also playing on the PS3 (patch 1.4), and I can wear an enchanted Falmer Helmet and enchanted circlet at the same time. --Silmina 16:40, 20 March 2012 (UTC)

No idea what I did...[edit]

Somehow I was able to create 168% smithing and made some weapons and armor that were really powerful.

Dragonplate Gauntlets: 274 level 86; 5/5 juggernaut. No extra perks on any clothing or jewelery.

Dragonplate Helmet: 290 same everything.

Ebony Boots: 274 same everything.

Dragonscale Armor: 334 level 77; 1/5 agile defender. No perks.

Dragonbone Warhammer: 319 level 81; 5/5 barbarian. No perks

Dragonbone Waraxe: 250 level 71; 4/5. No perks

Dragonbone Sword: 247; Same

I stopped playing the game in October, had purchased Dawnstar and sided with the vampires. I was maybe 2-3 missions into it when I stopped playing. I just picked the game up again with the release of Dragonborn. So I went to make some new weapons because I had just unlocked the Daedric and Dragon smithing prior to my break but hadn't created anything yet.

I did all of this with enchanted equipment at 25%. After coming back to the game I started reading that you can get everything up to 29% now so I tried doing this thinking I'd have some astonishing weapons and armor. However I can't make any alchemy enchantments higher than 28%, smithing potions no higher than 122% and I lost the ability to create powerful equipment. At best I can get damage and armor levels to about half and what I have posted above.

I still have all that equipment, 11 smithing potions at 168% and a whole bunch of other random, high effect potions I created but no idea how I was able to create those things in the first place. Thoughts?

I am also going to try and find an old save from months ago to see if I can do duplicate any of this.

12/19 - Went through old save files last night, went immediately to the grinding stone area and could not duplicate any of the items listed above. All ratings were on par with normal gameplay. Was able to get 29% enchanting and reach the limits I see everyone else discussing. Still have those 168% smithing potions saved for a rainy day though.

Bluntagious (talk) 06:56, 19 December 2012 (GMT)

Maximum Fortify Alchemy/Fortify Enchanting Effect?[edit]

On the PS3/1.9, with DB/DG/HF installed, I leveled Enchanting to 100, got Ahzidal's Genius and Seeker of Sorcery, then ran the Fortify Alchemy (circlet, gauntlets, necklace, ring)/Fortify Enchanting cycle several times. The best potion I could make was a "items are enchanted 44% stronger" Fortify Enchanting potion, and the best Enchantment I could make was at 38% (stronger/less to cast).

Can someone verify that this is, indeed, the cap? Yopparai (talk) 21:27, 28 June 2014 (GMT)

Playing on PC with 1.9 and Unofficial patches with all DLC, the best potions I could make using this exact method was "items are enchanted 38% stronger" Fortify Enchanting potions, and the best Enchantments I could make was at 39% (stronger/less to cast). I have no idea how you got 44% potions (not sure if you did something with necromage, it's patched by Unofficial) but maybe you forgot to reequip the Ahzidal set when enchanting.-- 21:00, 8 July 2014 (GMT)
Ah, forgot about the Necromage effect. Yes, I'm a vampire with Necromage. I'll try once more with the Ahzidal equipment just to verify. Yopparai (talk) 05:22, 10 July 2014 (GMT)
I'm using 1.9 with unofficial patches and all DLC and I'm able to get +44% for the alchemy potions, +41% for the enchantments, and +174% for the smithing potions. This seems to be the new cap. Although I have Necromage unlocked I'm not a Vampire. I did it with +33% set created the normal legit way and started a new cycle with that gear popping into Apocrypha to activate the appropriate skill buff(when making a potion or enchanting). When I get a dragon soul I'll reset Restoration and see if that makes a difference. Mecpaw (talk) 01:48, 30 September 2014 (GMT)