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Mentioned by Phinis Gestor[edit]

Skyrim:Phinis Gestor mentions that 4 apprentices have gone missing, this doesn't give a quest marker. He mentions Skyrim:Borvir and his twin Skyrim:Rundi were attempting to setup a meadery competing with black briar by chilling the mead with frost magic. Skyrim:Ilas-Tei and Skyrim:Yisra are the other 2 apprentices mentioned. 18:02, 23 November 2011 (UTC)

If you pick up his dagger[edit]

It'll say cannot remove or drop due to it being a quest item if you press x or try to put it in a chest. — Unsigned comment by PrinceRetro (talkcontribs) at 16:59 on 28 May 2018

It shouldn't be unless you have a mod that fixes and finishes the Missing Apprentices quest which is not included in the final game. The quest as it stands doesn't make any of the items quest objects, as it is incomplete. It isn't changed by the USKP, the only related changes it makes are to remove crime factions from the bodies. Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence 16:56, 28 May 2018 (UTC)