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Setting Vvardenfell, Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls Renewal: Skywind is a widely scoped total conversion mod project that seeks to recreate the world and stories of Morrowind in the newer Skyrim Special Edition engine.


Skywind is still under active development. No release date has yet been publicized.


Skywind is a total recreation of Morrowind, with no re-used models, textures, sounds, or other assets. Characters, places, and quests remain the same, with the possibility of some amount of extra content and restoration of cut content.

The world space will be created from scratch, but to approximately the same scale as the original game.

The mod will be fully voice-acted, with a high quality standard in place and a team of hundreds of contributing actors.

Perks and skills will be reworked to bear more similarity to the original game, within (and in some cases, outwith) the confines of the Skyrim engine.

Some teams are working alongside the Skywind team to provide text localization into various languages.

Work is being done on novel animation workflows that will allow the use of polearms and other weapons without implementing FNIS.


Skywind is being developed for Skyrim Special Edition only, for the purpose of stability and performance.

The mod will run as a totally separate install in its own folder.

Most existing SSE mods are not expected to work with Skywind out-of-the-box due to the number of core changes made to the engine. There is wide scope for bespoke mods for Skywind, however.