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Skyrim Mod:Morthal

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Original Release February 9, 2024
Size 888.93 KB (PC) / 985.38 KB (Xbox)
Version 1.00
PC (Special Edition) Available from
Xbox One Available from
Official Content Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn
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Morthal is a Verified Creation for Special Edition by Arthmoor which expands the town of Morthal. It is available for 200 credits on PC and Xbox.

Arthmoor’s new Verified Creation "Morthal", brings two new homes for quest NPC’s [sic] Anska and Eisa outside of the esteemed hold in Skyrim.
Anska is added as a marriage candidate, and you can stop by the new stable master, Sidnach Salty-Eater, if you’re in need of a horse.
Official Summary

Official Description

A simple village expansion for Morthal to provide homes for 2 quest related NPCs.

There are two NPCs who nominally live in the Morthal area: Anska, and Eisa Blackthorn. Anska is the female mage who you can help out with her quest at High Gate Ruins to find the scroll Vokun is guarding. Eisa Blackthorn is a member of a bandit gang currently plundering Frostmere Crypt, who you can get to leave the area peacefully. Both of these NPCs then spend the rest of their days hiding away instead of going home. Well, no longer! They each now have a home on the north side of Morthal that they will return to upon favorable completion of their quests.

Eisa will don her civilian farming gear and settle down to a good life with her husband Sidnach. Sidnach is the local stablemaster and will sell you a horse if you so desire.

Anska will return home from High Gate Ruins to further her research on Vokun's scroll. After doing so, she will become a candidate for marriage and you can elect to live in her home with her when married.


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  • The creation was originally published to the website on Oct 13, 2023, but it was hidden until its official release. It received two updates on Feb 5 & 6, 2024 during this period.
  • After asking Anska to marry you, you can choose to move into her house. However, the house remains permanently locked to you, which means you have to pick the lock every time you want to enter. If you choose the option of her moving into your home, she will agree but will never do so; she just stays put in her own home.

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