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Skyrim Mod:East Empire Expansion

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East Empire Expansion
Original Release December 5, 2023
Latest Release May 21, 2024
Size 32.01 MB (PC) / 32.61 MB (Xbox)
Version 1.03
PC (Special Edition) Available from
Xbox One Available from
East Empire Expansion banner

East Empire Expansion is a lore-friendly Verified Creation.Add more info

Establish and grow trading posts across Skyrim, unlocking new mercantile systems for the East Empire Company! Fill dungeon chests with loot for Company agents to deliver to the nearest outpost - or even to the market on your behalf. This Creation adds quests, fully voiced NPCs and more from Kinggath Creations, known for contributing on Sim Settlements.Official Summary

Official Description

The East Empire Company is looking to expand their reach in Skyrim, and they need your help!

In exchange for your help building up the East Empire Company’s presence in Skyrim, they’ll provide you with powerful tools to help your adventuring.

  • Loot Delivery Services - The EEC will carry your extra load out of dungeons and back to town or even back to your home.
  • Sell Your Wares - Give your extra items to an EEC Merchant, and they’ll sell your items for you over time.
  • Claim Dungeons - Claim dungeons in the name of the EEC and receive a cut of their mining operations, then watch them take over the locations with guards and mining teams.

As you engage in their services, claim locations in their name, and convince the Jarls to allow them to do business, you’ll witness the East Empire’s presence grow as they set up outposts in the 9 holds and Raven Rock. Eventually those outposts will improve and grant even more services and benefits to you for helping them!

Features a professionally voice-acted questline, and dynamic systems that will allow these new services to work with base game content, other creations, and even community mod added locations!

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  • Outposts will establish 24 hours after you convince a Jarl, though you must leave the area the outpost will exist at at least once for it to occur. If you are struggling to find an outpost, head to an outpost you know about and activate the EEC Ledger; map markers for those you haven't visited yet will be added.
  • Upgrading outposts requires using relics in cleared dungeons/mines to claim them, as well as sending or giving items to the EEC merchant for selling. Upgrades increase the daily sell rate (that is, higher level will sell more items each day) as well as impact the number of EEC NPCs you will see in the world and of course the visual upgrade to the actual outpost. The requirements are as follows:
    • Upgrade 1: 5000 gold worth of items given for sale
    • Upgrade 2: 5000 additional gold worth of items, and 5 locations claimed within that hold
    • Upgrade 3: 10000 additional gold worth of items, and 5 additional locations claimed within that hold
  • Player cut of the mining operation begins after 3 outposts have been established and the player speaks to Sha'khar—he will ask if you want to keep the items or get some amount of gold instead (you can change your mind later).
    • Mining production happens once every 3 days after this conversation.
    • Miners will only start appearing in dungeons that have ore nodes and only after this conversation.
    • You can individually choose to receive items or gold on a per outpost basis. A new dialogue option will become available from the East Empire Merchant at each outpost to change which you receive for that particular location.
  • The next unlock after this happens at 20 claimed locations (they can be within any hold with an EEC outpost; they don't have to be all in the same hold) and speaking to Sha'khar again—this is where you gain access to deliveries to player homes.
  • The automatic looting is a final unlock! It happens after convincing all of the Jarls and having at least 7 EEC outposts upgraded to level 2. After you finish that quest, talk to Sha'khar and he will unlock this final reward.


  • Buildings
  • Gameplay
  • Immersion
  • Lore Friendly
  • Quests









  • The creation was originally published to the website on Oct 6, 2022, but it was hidden for over a year until its official release. It received an update during this period as well, with patch 1.00 on Aug 8, 2023.
  • The creation's original summary read "Help the East Empire Company establish a presence in Skyrim by convincing the Jarls, claiming dungeons in their name, and bringing riches to the East Empire Company. In exchange you'll gain access to powerful services, such as Loot Delivery Services and Automatic Item Selling. Featuring a voiced questline to bring the East Empire Company to the nine holds of Skyrim and beyond."