Skyrim:Wulf Wild-Blood's House

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Wulf Wild-Blood's House
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Console Location Code(s)
Skaal Village
Special Features
# of Cooking Pots/Spits 1
Wulf Wild-Blood's House

Wulf Wild-Blood's House is the home of Wulf Wild-Blood in Skaal Village.

Wulf Wild-Blood's House is on the west side of the central square in the village. It is between Oslaf's house on the left and Edla's house on the right.

NPCs Living Here[edit]

Wulf Wild-Blood Trainer (Master)Two-handed (Master)


There is a goat pen on the right side of the house containing one goat. Also in the pen are two crates against the side of the house and a straw bale. Behind the house is a blue mountain flower.

Wulf Wild-Blood's House[edit]

You enter into the main room of the two room home. On your left is a long table and bench against the south wall, there are chairs at either end as well. On the table is a mead barrel, a bowl containing three loaves of bread, there are two snow foxes pelt, a bottle of alto wine, a green apple, an eidar cheese wedge and a wooden bowl containing hawk feathers. Above the table is a wall shelf with animal skulls on it. There is also an open crate containing a deer pelt and a quiver of iron arrows against the south wall. In the southwest corner is a cupboard with a goat hide, a horker tusk and a wooden bowl containing a cabbage on the shelves. To the right against the west wall is a barrel with a mead barrel on top and a chair. To the right of these is a pair of wall shelves containing three fillets of horker meat, a bottle of ale, a horker tusk and two sacks.

Wulf's home

In the northwest corner is a doorway to a storeroom and to the right of this along the north wall is a fire pit complete with cooking spit. In the fire is a cast iron pot containing a horker loaf and a portion of clam meat. Around the fire is a kettle containing a joint of venison, a cabbage and a potato. To the right of the entrance is a stack of four barrels and a sack. On one of the barrels is a basket containing two cabbages. A set of shelves are to the left containing a leg of goat, a fillet of horker meat, two bottles of ale and one bottle of alto wine. On the left of the shelves is a sack and between this and the fire pit is the doorway to the bedroom.

Walking into the bedroom, there is a single bed on the left against the wall with a pair of boots underneath. Beside the bed is a dresser with a set of clothes and a bowl containing a gourd on top. There is also a chair in the northeast corner. Entering the storeroom, there is a narrow table against the west wall on your left with a pair of iron boots underneath and a hunting bow on the floor. There is a chair beside it. Against the north wall is an end table with a wooden plate containing a loaf of bread on top. Against the east wall that separates this room from the bedroom is a shelf containing a horker tusk and underneath a pile of firewood, two of them loose with a bucket containing six large pieces of charcoal with one more piece on the floor.