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Thistle (RefID: FExxx881)
Location Alchemist's Shack
Species Rabbit Soul
Level 1 Type Animals
RefID FExxx881 BaseID FExxx82F
Other Information
Carrying Weight 5
Essential Yes
Follower Yes
Faction(s) BanditFriendFaction, Blood-Kin of the Orcs, Faction that is friends with all Creatures, Friends with PredatorFaction, PetFramework_PetFaction, PetFramework_PetFollowingFaction, Vampire Thrall

Thistle is a trained rabbit found at the abandoned Alchemist's Shack in the mountain pass south of Ivarstead. You can feed it carrots to make it your pet. Unlike normal rabbits, it is a soft beige color. It can be equipped with an Animal Collar but cannot wear an Animal Pack. It is essential and will not engage in combat.

Thistle can be summoned using a teleportation spell. It can be instructed to follow you even if you already have another pet following you. You can instruct it to wait at a city, wait at its current location (either temporarily or permanently), wait at your house, or to carry items. It can also be instructed to "go find an ingredient", which will cause Thistle to run to the nearest harvestable ingredient plant. If there are no plants nearby, you will receive a message stating that Thistle couldn't find anything.

Thistle has a dialogue option that gives you one random ingredient. This option takes a full day to reset.

The Notes on Tamed Rabbit contains background information on Thistle.

Related Quests[edit]


  • Among the random ingredients Thistle gives you, it is possible to receive a Crimson Nirnroot which automatically starts the quest A Return to Your Roots.