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Find trained pets around Skyrim.
Quest Giver: Reading the For Sale notice
Location(s): Alchemist's Shack, Cronvangr Cave, Rorikstead, The Bannered Mare, The Ratway
Reward: Arachnia, Hilda, Skritch, Sweet Roll, Thistle
ID: ccVSVSSE002_MainQuest
Added by: Pets of Skyrim
A farmhand's journal reveals a multitude of animals waiting to be rescued

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Read the For Sale notice at The Bannered Mare.
  2. Purchase a goat in Rorikstead for 200 gold and read Halvar's Journal.
  3. Locate the tame fox south of Half-Moon Mill and feed it a sweet roll.
  4. Locate the rabbit at the Alchemist's Shack and feed it a carrot.
  5. Kill the Vampire Naturalist in Cronvangr Cave and rescue the tame spider.
  6. Find the tame skeever within the Ratway and the key to unlock its cage.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A trained goat is for sale in Whiterun Hold

Goat for Sale[edit]

In The Bannered Mare in Whiterun, a For Sale notice can be found at the counter. It is advertising for the sale of Hilda, a trained pack goat in Rorikstead.

Journey to Rorikstead and locate Halvar in order to purchase the goat. Halvar is a farmhand who can be found working the field beside Cowflop Farmhouse. He will sell Hilda for 200 gold, at which point it will act as your follower and can be given various orders such as instructions to wait at a specified city or player house.

Upon purchasing Hilda, you will be prompted to read Halvar's Journal to find out more about the goat. It can be found on Halvar's bedroll next to the field. Reading it will reveal that Halvar had come across many other tame animals in his travels, and your journal will update with objectives to track down each of them. They can be found and rescued in any order you wish.

Sweet Roll stands over the body of its former master

A Bosmer and His Fox[edit]

In the forest south-southwest of Half-Moon Mill, you will come across a collared fox named Sweet Roll standing over the body of a Bosmer thief. If you are having trouble finding it, stand beside the pile of rocks (the cairn) at the north end of the bridge and walk south; cross over the stream on foot; he is located right over the hill at about a total of 37 running steps from the cairn. A detect dead spell will show one blue and two red bodies. The thief was probably killed by wolves, as evidenced by the scattered arrows and the two wolf carcasses surrounding him. His body can be looted for some ill-gotten treasure as well as the Thief's Journal.

Reading the journal will reveal that the fox has a penchant for sweet rolls (thus the name). It will refuse to interact with you until you have a sweet roll in your inventory, at which point you can feed and tame it. Fortunately, the thief has five sweet rolls on his body.

Alchemist Bunny[edit]

A tame rabbit named Thistle can be found at the abandoned Alchemist's Shack in the mountain pass south of Ivarstead. The nearby Notes on Tamed Rabbit will reveal that Thistle enjoys carrots. A trough of carrots can be found right next to the rabbit, making it a simple matter to feed and tame it.

Some vampires prefer the taste of fear, others the taste of pain

The Taste of Pain[edit]

You will be led to the hidden vampire lair within the spider-infested Cronvangr Cave in order to obtain a pet frostbite spider named Arachnia. It has been tamed by a Vampire Naturalist, who is using it to harvest vast amounts of venom for the purpose of torturing her victims before she drinks their blood.

Kill the vampire and loot the Spider Cage Key from her corpse in order to free Arachnia from its cage. You can also loot the Vampire Naturalist's Journal for some background information on her experiments. Once the cage is opened, Arachnia is yours.

Free Skritch from a grisly fate

A Skooma-Sucker's Dinner[edit]

Within the Ratway beneath Riften, you will come across a tame skeever named Skritch found locked in a cage. You can find the body of its owner just across from the entrance to The Ragged Flagon: a failed pickpocket who planned to catch skeevers for food but decided to train one instead for use as a distraction. Loot the Skeever Cage Key from his corpse and open the cage in order to rescue Skritch and claim the animal as your own. You can also read the Pickpocket's Journal for optional background information.

Pets of Skyrim[edit]

Once you've obtained the last of the 5 pets, the quest concludes. Like other Creation Club pets, each one can obey a range of orders and each also has its own distinct attribute. Arachnia can place paralysis web traps and provide Potent Frostbite Venom; Hilda can provide Jugs of Milk; Skritch can locate or provide food items; Sweet Roll can locate or provide loot; and Thistle can locate plants which can be harvested for ingredients. Some of the pets can also be equipped with an Animal Collar or an Animal Pack, two items added by Pets of Skyrim; indeed, Hilda is already wearing a pack, and Sweet Roll a collar. The collar is simply aesthetic, but the pack provides a real benefit by increasing the pet's carrying capacity by 40.

Each time you get a pet a new "Teleport: <Pet's Name>" appears. This can be used to retrieve your lost pet if it ever gets "misplaced".


  • The For Sale note, Halvar's Journal, the Notes on Tamed Rabbit, and the Thief's Journal all remain marked as quest items even after the quest ends, resulting in them being stuck in your inventory permanently.
    • The Official Skyrim Special Edition Patch, version 1.6.318, fixes this bug.
    • On PC This can be fixed with the console commands player.dropitem <ID> or player.removeitem <ID> where <ID> is the ID of the item you want to drop from your inventory.
  • If you purchase the goat from Halvar in Rorikstead before reading the For Sale note, the marker directing the player to purchase the goat from Halvar may not be able to be marked as cleared.

Quest Stages[edit]

Pets of Skyrim (ccVSVSSE002_MainQuest)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective : Find the tamed rabbit
Objective : Find the tamed skeever
Objective : Find the tamed spider
Objective : Find the tamed fox
Objective : Find Hilda the goat
Objective : Find a treat for the rabbit
Objective : Feed Thistle a carrot
Objective : Find a key to the skeever cage
Objective : Free Skritch from its cage
Objective : Find a key to the spider cage
Objective : Free Arachnia from its cage
Objective : Find out more about the fox
Objective : Feed Sweet Roll a sweet roll
Objective : Find out more about the goat
Objective : Buy Hilda from Halvar
1000 The journey through Skyrim can be hard and long, and I could use the companionship of a loyal animal. I should inquire in town to see if there are any tamed animals for sale.
Objective : Check the notices at the Bannered Mare
1010 I found a notice in the Bannered Mare offering a tamed goat for sale. I need to talk to Halvar in Rorikstead to purchase it.
Objective : Purchase a tamed goat from Halvar
Objective : Greet Hilda the goat
Objective : Find out more about Hilda
1050 Finishes quest☑ After reading Halvar's journal on his adventures throughout Skyrim, I've discovered that there are many other tame animal companions out there in the wild. I should set out to find them.
Objective : Find the tamed rabbit
Objective : Find the tamed skeever
Objective : Find the tamed spider
Objective : Find the tamed fox
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